It’s Friday, so this Tide Report is weekend-optimized.
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Happy Friday! We’ve been busy this week, between hiring for not one, but two! new contractor positions at Upwell, planning some exciting projects, and keeping our eyes on #RightsCon to make sure we have an Internet that values equality, freedom and security for all (because how would we do what we do if that weren’t the case?). 
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  1. Upwell Seeks An Analyst
  2. A River Otter and an Alligator Went Head to Head
  3. Dystopic Future Movie, Except Real
  4. San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

Upwell Seeks An Analyst

You’ve probably gotten the message by now that we’re hiring a Tide Report writer. We’ve got lots of very impressive applications and are moving into the next step in that process. (If you haven’t had a chance to send in an application or spread the word, time’s running out!)

But we’ve got even more news on the hiring front. That’s right, we’re looking for yet another narwhal (like unicorn, but real). This time we’re looking for someone who loves data and wants to dive into the Big Listening work that we do. Specifically, a Social Media Data Analyst.

Help us monitor the success of our distributed campaigns, measure the scale and volatility of issue-based conversations, track down social mentions all over the interwebs, and understand the character of conversations at the movement level. Comfort with statistical analysis is important, as is a knack for visualizing data.

Come play with us!

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A River Otter and an Alligator Went Head to Head. You'll never guess what happened next. (via @WhySharksMatter)
Dystopic Future Movie, Except Real The Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Liberty ‘'will be lost to sea level rise,” the Guardian reports. Scientists report that several UNESCO World Heritage Sites are at risk. #DrownYourTown, anyone?
San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival There are a couple days left! Check it out at the Bay Theater at the Aquarium of the Bay or at @OceanFilmFest

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