Aloha ‘oe, until we meet again
Tide Report from Upwell
Greetings, and welcome to something of a transitional Tide Report.

We have officially been upwelling for ten months now, and as we look back on what we’ve been up to over that time, it’s quite the list. We have created infographics that have been factually depressing and others that have been depressing only if you don’t like looking at David Beckham wearing a plate of seafood. We made a video that Leonardo DiCaprio loved; hosted a sharkinar; campaigned for the re-oysterization of New York; found out how many microplastics are in a tube of facewash; compiled a list of our favorite ocean blogs and a sustainable seafood Twitter list; made cookies; learned how to pronouce Papahānaumokuākea; and produced 85 Tide Reports and High Tide Alerts. And yes, this happened.

But, as fun and challenging and interesting as it has all been so far, it’s all been because of you.

Our focus - our very mission - has been to follow, share and amplify the research, information and campaigns that all of you have been conducting, creating and waging on behalf of the ocean. And that’s something we want to continue to do. We have left the keys in the Internet, so it’s still humming along, and our goal is still to surf and protect; we’ll be posting tweeting and retweeting and sharing, and conversing with all of you online.

But, at least for the next six weeks or so, we won’t be Tide Reporting. As our anniversary approaches, we need to dive deeply into the ocean of data, graphs, social media mentions and big listening that has risen all around us since March.

“No Tide Reports? Noooooo ….”  Paws and flippers crossed, we will be back.

To this point at least we’ve been a pilot project rather than a permanent entity, and so we’re devoting our resources to feeding numbers and information into a very clever machine that will give us the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything - and, perhaps more relevantly, enable us to figure out what has worked, what hasn’t, and where we go from here.

Needless to say, we need your help for that too. What do you think has worked best? How have we helped (and how have we not)? What we can do better? What do you need the most? What issues do you think we really need to rally around in the days and years to come? We’ll be sending you a survey soon, but if you have any thoughts you’re itching to share, our tips line remains open and eager for your ideas. We’ll see you online (or come find us here or here), so we can keep that conversation going, to take us through this period of transition and into our next one.

Thank you for everything so far, for all you’ve done for us and what you do for the ocean.

Until we meet again ...

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