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A trip throughout three great Italian native grapes: Timorasso, Nosiola and Grechetto!

9th October 2019  19h00-21h30 -  Iosono Winebar - Rue du Trône 62, 1050 Bruxelles

Dear Sommeliers, friends and wine lovers, 

In partnership with the prestigious Weinakademiker network, we are glad to organise a fascinating comparative tasting focused on three Italian grapes, TimorassoNosiola and Grechetto, which are enjoying a Renaissance among connoisseurs.

As you know, we love deepening our knowledge at 360°, and this time we are targeting wines, which witness – it is never enough   – the richness of the list of great Italian indigenous grapes! 

Timorasso is a native grape from the province of Alessandria, in the Piedmont region, of a very limited production, inconstant productivity, but of high quality. Produced since ancient times, after the Second World War due to massive abandoning of agricultural areas, it faced a serious decline. Then, luckily, in the 1990s a group of young local winemakers, headed by Walter Massa from Monleale rediscovered it.

Nosiola is an ancient grape variety native to Trentino and cultivated mainly in the Valle dei Laghi and hills above Trento. It is able to express its character in local poor soils, giving rise to wines of great delicacy and longevity. We’ll have the chance to also taste the rare Vino Santo, from dried grapes under of the combined action of time, air and Botrytis causing an exceptional concentration of its typical intense fruitiness and hazelnut notes (which may explain its name Nosiola for nocciola, hazelnut)!

Grechetto grape is low yielding grape able to produce wine of intense floral and fruity flavors and high acidity. Formerly used mainly as a blending grape to add structure to wines, nowadays is fortunately valorised in varietal ones. It is planted throughout central Italy, particularly in the Umbria and north Latium regions.

We will get an insight of the key viticultural and winemaking aspects influencing the features and styles of the wines through a lively tasting of several wines selected from some of the best producers:


  • Foradori, Fontanasanta Nosiola, 2018
  • Pisoni IGT “Vigneti delle Dolomiti” 2018
  • Pisoni, Vino Santo Trentino DOC 2004


  • Brecceto, 2016 
  • Brugnoli, Grechetto 2018
  • Umbria Grechetto IGT 2018, Perticaia


  • W. Massa, Timorasso Derthona, 2016
  • La Colombera, Il Montino "Timorasso" 2016
  • C. Mariotto, Derthona, 2016

Who will win, the Timorasso’s Riesling-like minerality, Nosiola's intense fruitiness or Grechetto's freshness? 

Come, discover and... Enjoy!

The tasting will be held in English by Massimo Serpieri, sommeliers AIS.

The participation fees are 40,00 € (30,00 € members Sommelitaly) per person.

Limited number of participants (30 persons), first come, first served.

Massimo Serpieri
President  SOMMELITALY – Brussels Wine Society

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