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Weekly Wellness Tip: Leading with Empathy

How are you managing your team during this pandemic?

This is an unprecedented crisis; and managing your team, responsibilities, and expectations (yours and theirs), is no easy task. Most organizations have struggled to adjust to working through COVID-19, as there are many things to deal with from supply chain disruptions to reevaluating cash runway and changes in one’s specific industry. What can’t get lost is how to lead your team during this time. Here a few things to consider: 

  1. Everyone has different personal circumstances. Some people are financial or physical caregivers for others, and their caregiving responsibilities may have significantly increased as a result of the pandemic. 

  2. Ask your staff what they need. Since people have different circumstances they'll have different needs. Rather than guess, ask what they need and how you can support them. 

  3. Show empathy for your employee's situations. Simply saying. "it must be really hard to juggle work while also trying to homeschool your children” goes a long way. 

  4. Don't expect 100% from your staff right now. They don't have it to give. Talk with them about what they can realistically do right now and, as much as possible, agree to that for a period of time.

Remember that just as you are told to be gentle with yourself, you have got to be gentle with your staff. 

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Remember: We're In this Together 

There are two more ways for us to connect with you, and we're hoping you'll take us up on one of them (if not both!)

  • Therapy at Home. What we are experiencing right now is not a 'new normal'; it's traumatic and we have to address it head-on. Don't worry if the tools you are used to, don't apply right now. We're here to help. Consider making your first Therapy at Home appointment now. 
  • Online, weekly Anxiety & Stress Management Group. Every Monday, noon-1pm and Wednesday, 6-7pm, our team guides you through a FREE hour of mindfulness meditation, self-care techniques, and managing stress during this troubling time. Learn more here.
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