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June 2016 Newsletter

Asteroid Day Special Edition

Asteroid Day is almost here!
B612 is a Founding Partner to Asteroid Day, celebrated on June 30th with asteroid experts, astronomers, astronauts and the general public participating in events across the globe to talk about asteroid discoveries, science and Planetary Defense. Each of these events is independently organized by a local group. Last year there were more than 150 events around the world from San Francisco and London to Kathmandu and Seoul. Click on the Asteroid Day Event Map below to find one happening near you!
In San Francisco, B612 is teaming up with another Asteroid Day Founding Partner, the California Academy of Sciences, for the second year. At our locally organized event there will be activities all day and into the evening. Activities will include showings of Incoming! at the Morrison Planetarium, presentations by asteroid experts including some B612 folks, and interactive asteroid exhibits!
If you can come by Cal Academy at 3:30pm, bring your laptop to the 2nd Floor Forum Gallery and save the world from an asteroid through a live KERBAL demo with the Astronogamer and B612 supporter, Scott Manley. 
There are so many events happening around the world. Make sure you use #AsteroidDay to share your experience. Or enjoy the day from the comfort of your home as the Discovery Science Channel (the Science Channel in the US) will be showing programs on asteroid science and Planetary Defense all week long. Check out the listing of their Asteroid Day programming here.

Asteroid Day Premier Event Highlight: San Francisco

On June 30th, B612, Asteroid Day, and the California Academy of Sciences are teaming up for one of the world's premier Asteroid Day events.

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If Asteroid Day had a dance, it would be this one! In Mexico City, Compañía Athosgarabathos recently put on a performance for children called Asteroide B-612.

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You may know what the acronym LSST stands for, but do you know why those four letters are so exciting for Planetary Defense? Join Lynne Jones, LSST Performance Scientist on June 30th for Asteroid Day at Cal Academy to learn more. 

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