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Dec Issue 2014

Pakuranga / Bucklands Beach


Committee members
Chair - Ho Yoong Hoh
Dep Chair – Louise Morley
Min Secretary – Lyn Blaker
Ayleen de Vilder

Janita Issacs
Jenny Cunningham
David Thorpe

Our Objectives

- Promoting neighbourliness
- Encouraging Crime 
- Supporting civil
  emergency services


Police news

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All the best for Christmas

The Pakuranga and Bucklands Beach Neighbourhood Support Committee wish you and your family all the best for Christmas, and for a happy New Year.  If you celebrate Christmas or are taking a break, keep safe and make sure your property and possessions are secure before you leave. A friendly hint: It may pay to let trusted neighbours know you will be away and how they can contact you if needed. Here is a link to the Waitakere Neighbourhood Support web site with some good holiday safety tips.

BBQ for the Police

Neighbourhood Support Committee recently received a grant from the Howick Local Board to purchase a Gazebo and BBQ for use at promotional events. The committee christened the BBQ by preparing a BBQ for the Howick Police before Midnight Madness started recently. Ten people sat down and enjoyed a light meal and socialised before starting work at 7pm.
And on the same theme, we are also joining the Pakuranga Community Patrols NZ team on Dec 6th for a BBQ.  It’s a chance for us to meet their volunteers who patrol the streets in cars during the afternoons and evenings and report any observations and concerns to the Police for action.

Safer Plates

The next ‘Safer Plates’ day is at the Pakuranga Plaza Car Park on Tuesday the 9th December from 10am to 2pm.  Run by Pakuranga Community Patrols NZ members, this involves replacing the screws holding the registration plates on your car with special screws that are not easy to remove.  The aim is to stop thieves stealing your car’s plates and using them on another vehicle when committing a crime.  The cost of replacing the screws?  About $4.00 per car for the screws.  The patrol members volunteer their time to make the change for you while you are shopping. Look for their sign at the ‘Countdown’ car park on the 9th December. They secure plates to about 200 cars on each occasion.

Neighbours Day

Put a ring around the 28th or 29th March on your calendar and consider getting together with your neighbours for a short period and getting to know them. Safer neighbourhoods come from getting to know your neighbours a little and helping each other keep the neighbourhood safer.  You can find out more about what you can do by visiting the Neighbours Day website here.  Your event could be any one of the following:
  • Morning or afternoon tea on your front lawn (BYO - Bring your own drink)
  • A BBQ and socialising on your back lawn or deck
  • A few of your neighbours organising a family afternoon at a local park or beach
Whatever you choose to do will undoubtedly help make your street a safer and more social place. Neighbours in Reelick Ave, Hope Farm Ave, Studfall St, Birman Close and Burswood Drive all held street parties last year, so why not give it a try in your street. All it needs is one person to start it. If you are interested click  About this organisation ver 2  It may be helpful

Midnight Madness

Our committee set up a table in Picton Street on the Friday evening and over several hours inflated 200 yellow balloons and handed them out to youngsters in the crowd.  And what a crowd it was. A highly successful event and well supported by the local community and businesses. We also handled many enquiries from residents wanting to start street groups or to be kept informed of developments in the community. And by the way, welcome to the new group that is starting in Walworth Ave this week.

Santa Parade hits the spot

Along with 61 other organisations in the Howick/Pakuranga community, Neighbourhood Support joined in the Santa Parade and helped make it a special event for the children in our families.  The level of support this event attracts is a good indicator of the ‘health’ of the community and we should all be very grateful to the volunteers who organise the event. Did you know that the Universities measures the ‘health’ of a community by the number and size of the active voluntary organisations it has? Well done Howick.

NS Street Signs

We have recently received a carton of new Neighbourhood Support street signs that can be fixed to street light standards in the streets where Neighbourhood Support groups are located.  If you want to erect new signs for your street group, or replace existing but faded versions, contact  .  All you need to put the signs up is a tallish ladder and four white or clear plastic cable ties. Oh, and maybe someone to hold the ladder for you.  We have approval to fix the signs to street light standards within Auckland.  If climbing ladders is no longer an option for you and you need help putting the sign up,  ask for help when you contact us for a sign.

Here’s a free offer….

The local Community Constables have offered to be guest speakers at any gathering of Neighbourhood Support Groups, or groups of neighbours wanting to start such a group in their street.  The gathering can be on your front lawn, (bring your own drink), in someone’s lounge, on their deck, or in a neighbouring hall or park.
The Constables will inform the members as to what is happening in your part of the community and also remind people about the aim of Neighbourhood Support and how it works.  How about starting the new year off with something really positive. Get constables Merv, Julia, Darren or Stuart along as your guest one evening (Mon to Thurs), get to know them and learn more about the suburb and any issues. Contact to book a time.

‘On the Beat’ articles

While on the subject of Community Constables, we have copies of their regular column from the ‘Eastern Courier’ newspaper listed on our website.  The articles are always topical and helpful. Missed some of them?  Here is a list of links to the more recent articles which also appear on our website each month. Some apply to the younger members of our families, especially those new to driving. You can also search for the title on our website .

Inorganic collections

These are a great Auckland Council initiative aimed at helping keep our suburbs relatively free of rubbish and potential health hazards.  However, the collections also bring with them a hazard people may not realise until too late.  The burglary and theft statistics soar in the week of the inorganic collection in each neighbourhood.
Sad isn’t it, but we suggest the answer isn’t to ban the collections, but rather to increase your awareness of what is happening in your street and report any unusual incidents or concerns immediately.  Ring 111 and let the operator know what is concerning you.  They will determine what action to take and if enough people call there is a very good chance of apprehending the miscreants or at the very least help make your street untenable as a target.

Emergency warnings

We have recently starting passing on civil defence warnings about violent storms, spring tides, earthquakes and other events with a potential local impact.  Thank you to those who have responded and thanked us.  One recent warning to just over 100 readers of our Facebook page reached over 4000 residents within several hours. Another about a burglary risk in one suburb went out to 118 neighbours initially and ended up with over 1200 recipients.
Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, ‘like’ our Facebook page or regularly visit our website for current information.  We also use the Neighbourly website for these types of notices.

Street co-ordinators information days

Each year Neighbourhood support hold training / information meetings for street co-ordinators. The meetings in 2015 will be held on:

 Saturday 21st March
Saturday 19th Sept

They start at 1pm with a BBQ and drinks (BYO food – we will do the cooking) and end about 3:30pm ish. Spot prizes and fun guaranteed.

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