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March Issue 2014

Pakuranga / Bucklands Beach


Committee members
Chair - Ayleen De Vilder
Deputy Chair – Lyn Blaker
Min Secretary – Janita Isaacs
Treasurer – Pat Horner

Karen Lusis
David Gordon
Ho Young Hoh
Louise Morley
David Thorpe

Our Objectives

- Promoting neighbourliness
- Encouraging Crime Prevention
- Supporting civil
  emergency services


Police news

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Happening shortly

Childrens' Day (Free Council Event)
Got young children?  They will love this activity. Click this link to view the poster and see what will appeal to them.
Where: Howick Leisure Centre, 563 Pakuranga Road, Howick
When: Sunday 2 March 2014 10am – 12pm
Cost: FREE

Neighbours Day 29th or 30th March (Supported by the Council)
This event is getting bigger each year and it’s now happening right across the country. Here is a challenge for the Street Coordinators or interested householders. There’s still time to plan and hold a modest gathering in your neighbourhood to celebrate Neighbours Day and get to meet your neighbours. Here are some ideas:
  1. Meet in the street or on the footpath outside your place for morning tea. Nothing flash. Bring your own cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit.
  2. Meet on the nearest reserve if there is one, and have picnic lunch and some simple games for the families. Is there a School teacher, Scout or Guide leader or other youth leader among your neighbours?  They are skilled at running games etc for kids, Ask them to help.
  3.  Here is a poster you could use as an invitation.  Just print the time, place and date on the back and pop it in 10 or 12 letterboxes close by.
Here is a link to our website that gives you more information and ideas.  If you get organised now you might just get a grant for some sausages and bread from the council.  Check it out now  We are aware of street parties planned for Reelick Ave, Birman Close and Burswood so far.  
The Howick Local Board Newsletter
The Howick Local Board wants to hear from you as they develop the local board plan! The plan will set priorities for Howick for the next three years and beyond. You can tell them your views online here before 20 March or pop along to one of the events below to talk to them in person.
 Visit their stand at Botany Community Day, Botany Town Centre, Chapel Road, Botany between 10am – 3pm on Saturday 8 March. You can also pick up information and feedback forms at local libraries. Read the whole newsletter here. 

Street Coordinators
While we have a good number of streets involved with Neighbourhood Support, we believe it would be beneficial to have more.  Existing street and potential new coordinators will be invited to a short meeting soon where we will share some interesting (we think it's exciting) new tools and developments that we believe will increase our citizens’ ability to keep their local community safer. Pencil April 6th on your calendar at 2:30pm for now.  More about this in a few weeks.
Meanwhile, if you believe your street needs to be more involved in its own safety and well being, ask about becoming a street coordinator.  This means passing on messages by phone or email to 10 or 12 of your neighbours' from time to time, and keeping them informed of issues affecting your little part of the community.  Your will also be invited to attend 2 or 3 communications meetings each year.  To learn more, email Ayleen at
Newsletters and Reports

Safer Plates
In an earlier newsletter you might recall we mentioned the epidemic of car registration plates being stolen off cars on private property and then fixed to stolen cars.  These cars are driven to Petrol Stations and filled and driven away without paying.  It can be an unpleasant surprise when you receive the charge for the stolen petrol.

The Howick Community Patrols team have been holding open days at the local supermarkets and for $4 replace the screws holding the number plates on your car with screws that require special tools to remove. Makes it much more difficult, if not impossible to steal the plates.  So far the Patrol team have added new screws to 250 cars at the Pakuranga Plaza, and 200 cars at the Highland Park car park.  

On the 18th March they will be at the Meadowlands car park.  How can you spot them?  Look for the Blue topped sun shelters , several Police Uniforms, and for about 4 Countdown staff who are supporting the project by supplying the team with  muffins and entering the car owners in a free raffle for two hampers of food.  Several Neighbourhood Support team members are also on hand to answer queries as well. Our thanks also go to the Highland Park Management team who supplied the team with free coffee.  It was appreciated very much on what was a hot day.

Hot Spots
In each newsletter we highlight where the burglaries have been happening lately. Here is the list from the 17th until 25th February 2014.   The following information was received by Neighbourhood Support Pakuranga/ Bucklands Beach from the NZ Police at the Ormiston Police Station.

Priority Areas - Pakuranga/Pakuranga Heights and Burswood continue to be priority areas for burglary and car theft. Schools continue to be a target across our area for this last reporting period. Priority commodities are the CRAVED ones. (Concealable, Removable, Accessible, Valued, Enjoyable, Disposable) Examples are TVs, laptops, jewellery, cash, bank cards, small electronic equipment, tools and garden equipment. The information that is given above is in general terms and is intended to keep you informed of what is happening in our area.

Priority Locations: Vacant properties, including those under construction, continue to be targeted. Priority commodities being stolen are white‐ware, and fittings etc.
Priority Commodities: easily usable/disposable products, such as TVs, laptops, small electronic equipment, cell phones, jewelry, cash, clothing, food and tools; as well as outdoor equipment
We can be positive and proactive in our communities and put things in place to stop these criminals. For more safety tips please visit our website.  A safe community is a happy community.  Remember that safety starts with YOU!
Crime Prevention 101  14th Feb 2014
This is a newsletter from Superintendent John Tims , District Commander , COUNTIES MANUKAU POLICE.  Included are articles on:
  • Back to school and truancy issues
  • Train safety, road safety and beach safety
  • Burglary prevention
  • Stolen property
  • Drug trafficking
  • Crimestoppers call line 0800 555 111 
Click here to read all or part of the report
I often ponder on how lucky we are to live in this area. On the whole, our East Auckland surroundings are pleasant with attractive beaches, well appointed shopping centres, and a number of both static and active parks. Most residents take pride in their homes, putting many hours into ensuring their properties are appealing and tidy. Some have gardens which are simply stunning…..   Read more of this article by Senior Constable Adele White.
Vehicle crime
Priority Locations 
Burswood, Botany, Flatbush/Dannemora, Otara and Clover Park are priority locations or vehicle crime.
Four instances of registration plates being stolen have been reported during this period
Suspicious Vehicle
A white, 2002, Toyota Hiace, EKQ164, sometimes accompanied by a white Ute has come to Police attention twice during the past reporting period for offering services such as house painting and water blasting. They have left a long trail of very unhappy citizens in their wake. If you see these people in the area please report it to the Police.  Phone 111
Good news work story
The Botany Crime Watch Patrol while on patrol on the 04.02.14 in Diorella Drive at 1:26pm they saw a man in the bus stop who looked suspicious. As they went to take another look, he was approached by another male and it looked like a drug deal took place. They called the Police who came and arrested the Maori/Polynesian male. The Indian male had already been picked up in a vehicle a short time before. 

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