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Sept Issue 2013

Pakuranga / Bucklands Beach


Committee members
Chair - Ayleen De Vilder
Deputy Chair – Sue Christie
Secretary – Karen Lusis
Treasurer – Pat Horner
Janita Isaacs
Louise Morley


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About this newsletter
This newsletter is published every two months. Contributions and comments are welcome.
Neighbourhood Support’s objectives are to promote:
 - Personal safety
 - Crime prevention
 - Building great communities
 - Preparedness for civil
23 - 29 September 2013

The tagline for Get Ready Week in 2013 is "Know your neighbours, know your community". It's a great opportunity for all New Zealanders to - if you don't already - get to know your neighbours, and make a plan to help one another
Christchurch got caught out and so did Wellington and Blenheim. Visit the ‘Civil Defence Get Ready’ website and learn how we can all be involved and prepared….
The site includes
  • Colouring in posters for your children to complete.
  • Double sided Post Cards you can use to introduce yourselves to the neighbours.
  • Posters for promoting ‘Get Ready Week’ at work or in your street.
Civil Defence Newsletter
Here is a link to the Civil Defence newsletter for the week of 23rd September. The topics are:

 - Upcoming Auckland Civil Defence Forum
 - Public Alert Notification System test
 - Emergency Response Group news
 - ITM training Information System
Pakuranga Area Meeting 26th Sept
All coordinators and members of the public are invited to a public meeting in Pakuranga as the first steps to starting a number of new Neighbourhood Support Groups. The meeting details are:
Pakuranga Christian Fellowship Church,
96 Udy’s Road
Opposite Pakuranga Heights Primary School

7:30 pm 26th September.
Speakers will be discussing the following:
  • Personal safety in our neighbourhood
  • Property protection in our neighbourhood
  • Community Patrols – an explanation of their roles
At a recent youth forum in Manukau, 60% of the youth present said that personal safety in their local community was their number one concern.  Here is a chance for us all to learn how we can help address their concerns. At the conclusion of the meeting, people in the neighbourhood will be invited to start new street groups and add to the 90 groups already in existence.
Neighbours Day is coming
Calling all coordinators and supporters, March 23rd or 24th 2014 is Neighbours day. Let’s show the city that we are good neighbours and get together for an hour or two in the nearest reserve and hold a BBQ or street party.  In fact, how about all the groups surrounding the various reserves cooperating and holding their street party on the same reserve but perhaps in different parts? Hold inter-street sports? It’s a great way to meet your neighbours. We look forwards to hearing what you all have planned. More details here 

Resident surprised and threatened
A Pakuranga Resident came home to find what she thought was her son and his girlfriend in the house. It turned out to be someone taking all her gear. She confronted the male and grabbed his clothing telling him to leave. Read about what happened next….

Air Guns can be lethal
An old English friend of mine with a shotgun and a Labrador dog once stated “a shotgun is the only gun that was designed without the purpose of killing people in mind”. However, it’s quite effective at doing so. And then he knocked a clay pigeon out of the sky, which would be extremely difficult with any other weapon. I thought for a moment and fired a shot of my own.
“What about air rifles?”  Read more about the requirements for using or owning an air gun and imitation guns and pistols….
  Local Hot Spots
There has been an increase in vehicle crime in the Pakuranga/Howick areas recently. A number of vehicles have had the registration plates removed with no other property stolen (Pakuranga/ Lloyd Elsmore Park and Howick). There were also a number of burglaries. Read about them here…
 Get the boat checked
With summer just around the corner it’s a timely reminder to get the boat checked before you go out.
Use this one minute check list’ and invest some time in ensuring the safety of your family members and fishing friends.

TENONE Police online magazine
This excellent online magazine contains 12 items relating to Police work Nationally and locally, plus a heartwarming article on the Police Dog 'Gage' ,who has been awarded the equivalent of the George Cross for actions that saved his handlers life but cost him his own. Follow this link for more.....
We’re are now registered!
Yes, Bucklands Beach and Pakuranga Neighbourhood Support are now registered as a Charity, one of 26,626 in New Zealand which means it’s a little easier to fund the organisation and requires sound management disciplines which is always a benefit.
Howick Local Board Newsletter
Click here to read the August issue of the newsletter. Included are the following articles:
William Green sports field opened, free Wi Fi at all the local Libraries, Kowhai Walk opened at the Mangemangeroa Valley walkway, new parking arrangements at Half Moon Bay.
What is Rhamnus? We didn’t know either, but we do now.
“What a great facility the William Green Sports ground is. My family have trudged around in the mud for the last few years supporting junior soccer and some seasons the team missed half their games due to wet parks being closed. But this year they have often played at night at the new William Green sports field at Highland Park and missed only one game all season. Old codgers like me get great car parking, dry feet from standing on the concrete viewing areas, brilliant lighting for tired old eyes, and shelter from the wind most of the time as well. The youngsters of course feel like professionals.  Well done Council and the Board Members.  (Editor).
Next issue at the end of November 2013

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