Stay The Trail Newsletter: End of Year Edition 2015
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2015 Program Accomplishments 

Since 2003, the Stay The Trail (STT) Off Highway Vehicle  (OHV) educational program has been focused on encouraging responsible recreation on public lands within the State of Colorado on the roads and trails that are open to motorized use.  In 2015, STT continued to offer educational outreach and stewardship projects over the course of the season in a variety of ways.

2015 Events
OHV event attendance by staff has become the keystone method in our Stay The Trail educational outreach.  Outreach methods can include a small tabletop booth set-up at indoor venues, a pop-up tent and table at smaller events, and all the way up to full set-up with one of two STT educational trailers. We also make outreach contacts on the trail using a program ATV and motorcycle.  Event venues include, but are not limited to, trailheads, trails, expos, and open houses, along with organized club and motorsports dealer events.

Event Summary
  • 65 staffed events
  • Over 9,700 direct contacts
  • Estimated 488,000 exposed to program through events
  • Estimated 5,870,0000 exposed to program through mixed-media messaging, including billboards
  • Over 16,000 miles traveled to and from events by STT trucks
  • Over 1,200 miles traveled on public trails by Dirtbike/ATV
  • 577 volunteer hours for outreach events
  • 161 hours spent on Bureau of Land Management lands
  • 322 hours spent on US Forest Service lands
  • 220 sound tests
  • 29 new events/areas visited this year
2015 Stewardship Projects
The Stay the Trail Stewardship program is a way to get out on the ground and improve, maintain and build the trails we all love. With the help of volunteers, OHV clubs, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management, we continued to give back to trails for long term sustainability. Keep an eye out for more great projects scheduled for 2016. 
Project Summary
 12 stewardship projects completed
 584 volunteer hours for projects
  • Rabbit Valley BLM Kids Track, west of Grand Junction
  • Hartman Rocks BLM trail building and clean up day, near Gunnison
  • Desert Clean Up, Grand Junction
  • Badger Flats Bog Signage, Pike National Forest
  • FJ Summit Work Project, Ouray
  • Badger Flats Kiosks, Part 1, South of Fairplay
  • Camp Hale Buck & Rail, White River National Forest
  • Mt Antero Kiosk Rehab, near Salida
  • Blanca Peak Trail signage/ maintenance, NE of Alamosa
  • Badger Flats Kiosks, Part 2, South of Fairplay
  • Holy Cross Signage, White River National Forest
  • Red Cone Signage to block off user created illegal routes, Pike National Forest
Stay The Trail utilized eight static outdoor billboards and two mobile billboards during the 2015 season. These billboards were located along critical access routes designed to grab drivers’ attention and quickly and effectively convey the Stay The Trail message. The static billboards ran from late May through early September and helped promote the Stay The Trail website and bring attention to CPW's OHV Program.
The Website
The Stay The Trail website is a vital resource for OHV enthusiasts and interested parties for important information and resources. The website is constantly changing, with updates and improvements made throughout the season to provide visitors with reliable and relevant information. In an age where more and more people rely on electronic media for their information, it is vital for the Stay The Trail website to maintain a fresh look and continue to adapt to the needs of our audience.
Stay The Trail Youth Activity Book
Developed in 2013, the activity book has become one of our most requested and popular printed items. The Stay The Trail Kids Activity Book, “The Adventures of ROHVER, the Stay The Trail Dog,” is designed to target and educate young OHV users about the importance of responsible trail ethics, etiquette, rules, and behaviors import to motorized trail use. The activity book includes; coloring pages, a trail maze, and a word search all in the efforts to engage youth.  
Smart Phone APP for MVUM and BLM Trails in Colorado
This free app is one of the best tools you can have for making sure you are on a  road or trail open to your type of OHV. It uses the GPS function on your phone or tablet and shows your current GPS location on the map! Used by the general OHV enthusiast, trail crews, and hunters,  it's been shown to be a great tool!  Find out how to access the app on the STT website.
For information on downloading it, please visit:
Where 2016 Will Take Us:
As was seen in the transition from the beginning of the program through the 2015 season, demand for the Responsible Recreation Campaign’s Stay The Trail outreach efforts have been steadily increasing year-to-year.  The Board of Directors and staff of the Responsible Recreation Foundation have answered this challenge, with a limited budget, by carefully focusing our capabilities on the prioritized use of resources, which include a growing group of volunteers and supporters.
The Stay the Trail Stewardship program will continue to grow in 2016, with some big projects already scheduled early in the season.  We will continue to work with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and OHV clubs to find new and important trail projects in 2016.

For more information about Stay The Trail please visit the website at:
The OHV Grant Program, administered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), seeks to improve and enhance motorized recreation opportunities in Colorado while promoting safe, responsible use of OHVs. The grant program combines OHV registration dollars to fund the annual OHV trail grant process. OHV Grants are available for projects related to recreational use of OHVs on lands open to the public.


A Few of Many Events
7/15 - 18/2015
All 4 Fun
RV Sports Boat & Travel Show

Our mascot ROHVER (Responsible Off Highway Vehicle Education Respect) made numerous appearances at our events this season, as seen here with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Hug an Angler Campaign at the National Get Outdoors Day event.
Badger Flats Kiosk Project
This is number 1 of the 3 we installed
Holy Cross Signage Replacement & Installation
Mt Antero Kiosk Maintenance 
We work hard each year to educate the hunting community that uses OHV's as another tool for hunting. We set up at trail heads and patrolled trails during hunting season in 2015, speaking with as many hunters as we could about the rules and ethics of using OHVs while hunting on public lands.

Please Remember
Being a respectful hunter and trail user is one of the most important things we can do when out on public lands.... IF YOU'RE STALKING YOU'RE WALKING!

North Sand Hills 
Memorial Day Weekend
Stay The Trail Printed Materials
In 2015 over 34,000 Stay The Trail printed
educational materials were distributed for free to:
  • Ranger District Offices
  • Field Offices
  • Visitor Centers
  • OHV Shops & dealerships
  • OHV rental companies 
OHV Opportunists Map
OHV Guildline Brochures
  • Motorized Vehicles
  • Courteous Use OF Motorized Trails
  • 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles
  • All-Terrain Vehicles and Side-by-Sides
  • Motorcycles 
  • 10 in total

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