Our Family is Gratetful for the opportunity and calling to serve on Guam and become an active part of the local community. 

Hodgins - Making Waves

Trans World Radio

Volume 4, Issue 5
December 2014
Greetings from Guam, where the rainy season is finally beginning to taper off and we have been blessed with more hot, sunny days recently!  It is strange to see pumpkins and Christmas trees when it feels like Fourth of July outside, but considering the alternative of unseasonably cold weather that many of you are experiencing in the States this month, we will take the summer weather!
If you have been following us on www.facebook.com/TWRHodgins, you know that Grant just returned from Sri Lanka where he and a fellow TWR worker labored to install an upgraded play out system.  This important project ensures that the people of Sri Lanka and India continue to hear broadcasts.
While in Sri Lanka, I (Grant) had an opportunity to meet with a local pastor. He was very excited to see and talk with me and Doug. Many years ago he left the military and was AWOL for several years, but because he was a Christian, he decided to return, even with the threat of consequences because he had initially deserted. God blessed this man’s decision and the military accepted him back.  As an added blessing, they also encouraged him to seek out more training to be a pastor, so he was able to witness to those in the military and still serve a local congregation! He has a weekly service of about 70 people.
Here are two listener responses from our programs in India:
 A 72 year old woman living with her son who was blind and unable to speak wrote: I accidently heard your radio program and it brought a great joy to me, it filled my heart with peace and I was very happy because the GOD Almighty provides our need.
A man called and said he learned some important things about death through today’s program. Also, he said that though he is a Buddhist person he likes to learn more about Christianity.
Projects like these are why God has sent us here.  This is the work we were sent to do and we feel so thankful that we have a small part in God’s plan to reach the people in this area with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It would not be possible for us to be here without the prayer and financial support from you.  Thank you to those who are faithful in their giving, praying, and encouraging!
Prayer requests:
  1. Praise for the successful installation of the Netia Play out system in Sri Lanka, and for protection of our whole family while we were apart from each other.
  2. Pray for us and for our families back home as we spend our first Christmas overseas.
  3. Praise God for the lives being changed through TWR’s broadcasts. Pray for more tender hearts around the world to hear the Good News!

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We leave you with a few pictures of our family from the past couple of months.  We miss seeing your smiling faces, too, and would love to hear from you via email or snail mail anytime!  Our mailing address and emails are on the front of this newsletter.






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