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By Debby Peters,


Back to our normal format for the August lunch; join us at Smokey Bones on August 17.  We gather at around 11:30am and no registration is required. The cost of the lunch is $13, cash or check made out to CNP of Ohio, Ltd. It is a great time of casual social conversation with a bit of a structured format.  Bring your guests who are interested in finding out more about CN.
Social Media
We have made a concentrated effort to get more people to like the Connext Nation Facebook page.  We are in the process of inviting all our grads to be part of this page.  Don’t wait for your it now at  Barb Wilson keeps the page updated and you’ll be able to keep abreast of all that’s happening in your community.

Member Spotlight:

 Andrew Stainbrook, DotNet Technologies

By: Simony Silva, Designs-by-Simony
I think most networkers in Toledo already know Andrew, if not, they will in the next year or so. Why? Because Andrew is one of those people who are very active in many networking groups. He has served on the WEN Board in the past, currently he is on the Board of Action for CN and he recently became a Director Consultant with BNI. 
And on top of that, he’s busy running DotNet Technologies, a full service IT company providing businesses in Northwest Ohio with cutting edge IT solutions.
Once you have met Andrew, you will never forget him. His permanent smile stamped on his face and his relaxed easy going personality will make you want to be friends with him forever.
Andrew went to High School in Gibsonburg, OH. After that he went to Terra College in Fremont, OH where he studied Social Work and got his certification in Computer Technology. He is a “hands on” kind of guy who prefers to investigate and learn on his own and technology had always been his area of interest. After graduation and returning to Gibsonburg, Andrew connected with an old friend from high school, Nate Binder, who shared his interests and the desire to start a business together. DotNet Technologies was launched five years ago at his parents’ home, in his old bedroom where he had spent many hours of his teenage years playing video games. I guess this room was somehow inspiring, right?!
Andrew and Nate were in their early twenties, working hard and hardly sleeping, very typical of this type of business. Andrew recalls they would take any kind of work, any client, any size of a job, which later he learned (maybe thanks to Connext Nation classes?) that he had to redefine his target market and focus on what made more business sense. 
DotNet broke away from residential services about a year ago and now focuses on small businesses only. They offer project consulting, managed services and repair services, either in-house support or remote support. They also offer IT staff to supplement the small businesses’ needs. Andrew is the operation guy who does the book work, and paper work. Nate is the project manager, the business relations and networking guy. Together they are a winning team.
On a personal note, Andrew has also found his partner for life when he met Erin nine years ago. They have been together since then and a wedding is rapidly approaching when they will exchange vows on September 12. The party will be in Fremont and their future residence will be in Genoa. And from what I heard, Erin is this super energetic young lady who loves to travel and see the world! Andrew promised me he would try to be more adventurous and even said I should hold him accountable for an international trip in the next 12 months. I said I will have another one-to-one with him in six months to make sure he has a trip planned already. Or I will have to talk to Erin…


CN Horn Tooting


Organized Solutions is going strong as the area's premier professional organizing service.  Recently owner and sexy organizer, Angie Weid, was invited to become a designer for ShelfGenie, a custom Glide-Out shelving solution for all your existing cabinets.  Having referred to this company for years to help her clients with these smart renovations, adding ShelfGenie to her services was a natural fit.
Cindi Ring, is now working as an associate with Ben Anderson State Farm Insurance.  She sells property, casualty, and life insurance as well as provides exceptional service to the current clients.  Owner, Ben Anderson, is also a CN grad!
Greg Peters of The Reluctant Networker, LLC has just completed a major upgrade to his business website. In addition to all the features from the previous site, this new one is also viewable on phones and tablets. Check it out at
Jenn Wenzke, So Now Coaching and So Now Professional Network of Women, has announced that the So Now Professional Network for Women will have their first event in Findlay on September 24th at 5:15 pm at the Findlay Country Club. Visit for registration information. 
Kerri Brimmer, Brimming Design, is offering some new Creative Department packages for businesses who need a little help via a drip, trickle, or stream of design work or with their branding and marketing. You can see the new packages on
Lori Cannon, Edward Jones, just got back from a trip to South Africa which she earned last year.  It is based on the profitability of her office and the diversification of her business.  She spent 2 days on the Indian Ocean and 4 days at the Phinda Game Reserve.  The final night was on The Blue Train which took them to the Capital of South Africa where they saw the Memorial to Mandela.  Absolutely a trip of a lifetime and she is very grateful for the opportunity.
Also in June, Lori's office was recognized for being in the top 25% of the firm for Client Service Excellence.
Sarah Krafty, Krafty Travel, has accepted Jason Madasz’ offer for the job of grad assistant in his upcoming fall CN class.  She has also accepted the nomination to be the upcoming president of the Masters of Networking BNI chapter which meets on Tuesdays at noon at HBA.
Jessica Smith, CDP, Arcadia Unit Director, Heartland of Waterville, is now a Certified Dementia Practitioner!  She is also studying for the Nursing Home Administrator Licensing Exam.

Meet Toledo

How to Make the Meet Toledo Successful for You

Meet Toledo, the premier event, is fast approaching.  Networkers will gather on September 10, from 5-8 PM at the Pinnacle for fun, food, drinks and connections.  The cost of a ticket to get in the door is $5.  There will be free food and a cash bar.  Different from the usual networking event, this one stands apart because, yes, there will be booths with people exhibiting, but it won’t be the normal crowd at those booths.  You see, we have asked networking organizations that want to grow with new members to be the “vendors” that evening.
How can you take advantage of this evening?
Come with an open mind and be willing to talk with all the exhibitors.  Find out what each group is about including:
        their mission,
        what they do to support the mission?
        who is their target for membership?
        what other ways do they provide for the members to network?
        how many meetings per month do they have?
        how well attended are those meetings?
        what is the makeup of the group?
        what is the time commitment?
        what is the financial commitment?
        what are some of the initiatives they have done in the past?
        can you visit once or twice before joining?
       and anything else you can think of that would be pertinent to you.
For the first time, WEN, BNI, So Now and CN are collaborating on an event.  All but CN are networking groups, too, so they have some skin in the game!  Many committee members are selling these tickets in advance.  Debby has purchased 10 tickets which she is giving to people so that they can ask another person to join them at the event.  Contact her if you would like to do the same. To register online go to 
Help us to help you by attending and being an active participant.

And What Do You Charge?

by Greg Peters,

One of the biggest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is getting paid what we are worth. I don't know a single one of us who doesn't want to get paid more. I certainly feel that way. The funny thing is, no matter how many people told me I should raise my rates; I had a hard time selling that number to myself. If I couldn't do that, how was I to convince a potential client?

Then I had a short consultation with marketing genius Ford Saeks. He asked me about my business and very directly about how much I was charging. I had recently raised my rates and was more than a little proud that I had already secured an engagement at the new rate. Ford let me down easy:

"That's criminal."

He insisted that I should be getting three or four times that amount -- at least. I just nodded and smiled. Sure, I'm worth that much. Do you have a bridge you want to sell me as long as you’re at it?

But then he took me through a process that turned me into a believer. He asked me about the value I brought to my customer. For example, suppose I'm delivering a program on good networking to a group of thirty real estate agents. Further suppose each of them sells only one more house as a result of what I teach. What would the difference be to that group? $100,000? $200,000? $300,000? If I'm telling them that my program would make that much of a difference and I only ask what I was asking, they wouldn't even take me seriously.

The upshot of this is I immediately doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled my rates on my services. Three days later, I booked a new coaching client at those rates and a day after that booked a multi-session training program with a local company -- again with the new rates.

Take the time to do this for yourself. Ask yourself if you make a real monetary difference with your audience. Put a number on it. Then ask yourself, really, what should someone pay to gain that kind of value? It might just help you make that first sale to yourself.

And the second one to your paying clients.

Question of the Week
by Debby Peters

We have decided to have a little fun with our Facebook page by having a question of the week.  We have found that by posting a Question of the Week (or whatever event or situation)  that we all get to know each other better.  Many times we only get to see one another when a visit to a CN event coincides with another person’s attendance.

Not having that connection, not even a slim thread, can be detrimental to the group.  I experienced this with one group I am a member of.  In the past we always began our meetings with a question of the meeting until the last year or so when it disappeared from the agenda.  It may be a coincidence, but in the last year we have also lost several members.  Perhaps they weren’t feeling the “love.”

With this in mind, to keep our group connected and getting to know each other, we will post a question of the week, each week on Monday and hopefully we will read your answers via the comments section.  Let your other CN grads really get to know you!  Get creative with your answers!
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