We are celebrating the 19th year of helping our grads to REALLY connect!

Monthly Lunches

As we head into the New Year, even with the vaccine being rolled out, we do look forward to meeting in person for lunch, but we just not quite ready yet!  January lunch will be back on the normal schedule on January 18 at 11:30am ET.
Mini Classes 

Mini classes for 2021 have been scheduled.  They list is below, with the days alternating between Wednesday and Friday and will be a virtual offering on Zoom.  This is a great place to find out why referral relationships are not working and then how to fix them.  We would love your referrals. The link you can share to register is  


 Fri 1/15 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Wed 2/17 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Wed 3/10 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Fri 4/16 ​11-1:30 am ET
 Wed 5/26 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Fri 6/18 ​11-1:30 am ET
 Wed 7/21 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Fri 8/20 ​11-1:30 am ET
 Fri 9/10 ​9-11:30 am ET
 Fri 10/15 ​11-1:30 am ET

Did You Know?

Connext Nation is nationally certified to provide CPEs credits for CPAs including the virtual class. For the mini class CPAs get 2 credits and for the ten week class they get 24.  


This new offering is going strong and building in participation.  All attendees have mentioned how much they like the short format. Some of our students are purchasing session-by-session and others have taken advantage of the subscription for all 21 topics.  With the subscription it means that their training is even less than $21 per session!   We are pulling from all over the nation so if you have friends in other states, they will find a warm welcome when they join us.


The next two sessions are:  Jan 8, Determining Referral Categories and Feb 5, Identifying Your Target Prospect.  All sessions begin at 8:30 and end 21 minutes later.  These are helpful review topics for CN grads. Additionally, your friends who need training in networking and referral-based selling can get small doses in an affordable format.  If you have someone that would like to register, please send them to  


Also, if you have a topics that you would like to have us address, please send a request to

Have You Checked Out The Third Generation Podcast?
Debby & Greg Peters are bring you all the networking tips and tricks in their weekly podcast episodes. Listen in as they share their stories and experiences that have made some of the most successful networkers. 

Check out the latest episode here! You can also find it on your favorite podcast app like Apple Podcasts, Google Play & Spotify! 

Leave us your thoughts over on the Connext Nation Facebook page! 

Jeff LaCourse, Affinity Advisory Network, LLC, recently published a booklet about a unique children’s insurance plan that they offer as a way for parents and grandparents to give children a head start on preparing for the future. He has printedcopies as well as an eBook.   He is also in the process of writing another short book which will be about why I do what I do, how I got to this point in my career, and some of the planning we work with our clients on. Jeff, we can’t wait to read that one too!

Sarah Krafty of Krafty Travel participated in the STAR (Select Travel Advisor Recognition) Program during its annual CruiseWorld event. STAR participants must meet strict qualifying criteria and demonstrate what it means to be a qualified professional in the travel industry. This year’s CruiseWorld, held virtually November 11-13, 2020, connected 1,300 travel industry professionals. Advisor attendees participated in educational workshops, heard from c-level industry executives, partook in discussion-based peer-to-peer sessions, and engaged in one-on-one video meetings with supplier representatives. 

In December Debby Peters, Third Generation Networking, was asked to be interviewed on Yolanda Albergotti’s podcast called Five Easy Things Podcast.  Debby discussed, Five Easy Ways to Make Connections.

Diane DiFrancesco, Chief Joy Officer and Owner of Connect to Your Joy has recently launched and facilitated her first offering of the Joyful Remix Master Class. The mission of Joyful Remix is to overcome the negative voice of your inner critic so that you can take confident and empowered actions in the direction of your goals or dreams and begin to live the life you’ve always imagined. New offerings will be coming soon or contact Diane at 440.221.4716 or for your own private group offering of the course.

Member Spotlight – Debby Peters,
by Arlene Gerig,

In a few words, describe your journey from the early days of CNP to Connext Nation today.

“In the early days my original company was Sales and More.  I was approached by John Meyer, Victoria Meyer and Kevin Carmony to be part of Certified Networker Program.  I was not necessarily looking but joining them was more a reaction than anything else. I decided it would be a nice addition to my business.  CNP was owned by Ivan Misner of BNI fame. After CNP became Referral Institute I decided to try developing my own program, Connext Nation, which was launched in 2010 and is now almost 900 hundred grads strong!”


What is your favorite holiday?

“Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It is my occasion to use Grandma Dickinson’s 50thAnniversary china.  My grandparent’s old New England home had burned to the ground in 1948 and she lost everything.  My grandparents rebuilt a home from a farm shed.  It was adequate but eventually they added what Grandma called a “proper parlor” that was completed in time for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Of course this called for new china, a Lenox pine pattern, which now over 60 years old is still being used for special occasions by my family.”


What is your idea of relaxation?

“I really enjoy working in my strawberry bed which is fenced in and the crazy yellow dog is not invited to join me.  I will then have my lunch in one of the twig rockers on my front porch and take a little time to read.”


Describe a typical Sunday at your house.

“Sunday is my catch-up day.  I work on the CN newsletter, plan my outline for the Board of Action meeting, do research for investment club, try out a new recipe and do laundry.  I love when I can hang my sheets out to dry because that smell is so special!”​


How did you become the “Master of the Kitchen” that you are? 

“Well I’m not sure that I have that title. I guess I’m self-taught even though Aunt Mary who lived with us was quite the cook.  I could have cared less about learning then.  In my early cooking experiences, I wasn’t very good and we had some pretty awful dinners.   I was given the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, the red plaid version, and also the Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook.  I still use them today and I love to try new things.  Right now I’m trying my hand at making different types of yeast bread and experimenting with scones!”


If you were fixing dinner for the President, what would you fix?

“Well, when we have the first female President I will fix her Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs, Salad with lots of garden vegetables and Italian Bread (assuming I have bread making perfected by then) and for dessert, apple pie.  My mother-In-law loved my apple pie because she said that my crust was so good.  She gave me high compliments by saying it was better than “Granny’s”!  During dinner I would also ask the president if she could go back to her younger self, what would she tell her to help her understand her role in life.”


What will you do on your first day of Retirement?

“Probably work!  I’m still going to be involved in the business transition and I will still be working on our new course offering, 212121.  After that, I’m not sure but I know I will stay busy and active!”

Looking Back,
Looking Forward 

By: Elizabeth H. Peters, Managing Executive Member, TriNet360, LLC (Third Generation Networking),


What will the New Year bring us? What gifts did last year leave behind? As we transition into January once again, now is a good time to take stock of how far we’ve come in the last twelve months and to look forward (with excitement?) at the possibilities yet to come.

We can’t look back without acknowledging the global pandemic and the changes it has wrought upon our lives, our businesses, and our world. Of course, it is a human tragedy on many levels, but we did find our silver linings where we could. We all learned to Zoom along the virtual highway, connecting with our old friends and networking partners in new ways. Suddenly travel time to our next virtual coffee became the time it took to walk from the kitchen to our office. Our clothes shopping suddenly cost half as much as we all discovered that sweat pants and slippers go with almost any business attire.

For Third Generation Networking, we made a few changes, too. Our in-person courses converted to virtual almost overnight. Our monthly mini training shifted online as well (and may never return). The wonderful side effect of this transformation is the possibility to extend our community beyond the boundaries of northwest Ohio. Now we have attendees from Michigan and Kansas, South Africa and England gracing our virtual classroom.

We’ve added new training options, including the new monthly 212121 program. Now those with a little less time or a little less budget have 21 chances to absorb 21 networking concepts (a different one at each session) that the alumni of Connext Nation have employed since we started our programs nineteen years ago. For those looking for a little more insight  or simply to pass the time while out on a walk or a drive across town, Debby and Greg started their new podcast, “Third Generation Networking” and have released their 43rd episode as of the end of this year.

Reaching Out Personally
Debby Peters,

This past week I reached out personally to several contacts to invite them to the December CN lunch.  While it was with an email instead of a phone call, each message was a brand new message, not a form letter.  For each person I asked about specific events or opportunities in their lives.  It didn’t take much time, but the result was worth 10 times the effort that I put into it.  Several got back to me and updated what was happening in their lives; whether it was a case of COVID, death of a parent or just saying, “Good to hear from you.”


It got me to thinking about how we stay connected and what those connections mean to others.  I’m sure you’ve all have that classic bad day, only to have it change around when someone reached out to you.  During COVID, so many people found that they were starving for human contact.  Even without a global pandemic we can tend to become isolated in our lives, moving from place to place or appointment to appointment with our heads down. Wouldn’t it be life-changing for all of us if we embraced the concept of reaching out to at least one person per week?  I know you can do more, but let’s make it doable.  Who wants to commit to actively and personally reaching out to people in their network on a regular basis?  I’m in.  You’ll probably be hearing from me!

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