We are celebrating the 19th year of helping our grads to REALLY connect!

Monthly Lunches

As we continue our monthly lunch time meetings, our December lunch is:


We decide to move this event to the second Monday instead of trying to meet during the holiday week.  We will have a combo of both just fun and some community networking.  Arlene Gerig and April Sorah and putting together some interesting networking exercises and in addition we have invited three non-profits to join us so they can tell us about the volunteer situations they need and want in the coming year.  So far we have a confirmation from Tonya Scherf, Food for Thought. Virtual lunches are free to attend and guests are welcome.  Register by sending an email to to receive the zoom link.

Mini Classes 

Mini classes for 2021 have been tentatively scheduled.  They list is below, with the days alternating between Wednesday and Friday.


  Fri 1/15         9-11:30
  Wed 2/17         9-11:30
  Wed 3/10         9-11:30
  Fri 4/16         11-1:30
  Wed 5/26         9-11:30
  Fri 6/18         11-1:30
  Wed 7/21         9-11:30
  Fri 8/20         11-1:30
  Fri 9/10         9-11:30
  Fri 10/15         11-1:30

Did You Know?

Connext Nation is nationally certified to provide CPEs credits for CPAs including the virtual class. For the mini class CPAs get 2 credits and for the ten week class they get 24.  


It looks and sounds like a zip code, doesn’t it???  Well, you could say that it is a destination –a place for great training delivered in short bursts.  21212 is named because it is 21 networking topics, delivered in 21 minutes each for only $21.  Our first session was November 6th and attendee, Arlene Gerig, Re/Max Masters said, “Based on this first session, it is going to be a smashing success.”  


The next two sessions are:  December 4, Selecting Your Niche and Jan 8, Determining Referral Categories.  All sessions begin at 8:30 and end 21 minutes later.  These are helpful review topics for CN grads. Additionally, your friends who need training in networking and referral based selling can get small doses in an affordable format.  If you have someone that would like to register, please send them to  


Also, if you have a topics that you would like to have us address, please send a request to

Have You Checked Out The Third Generation Podcast?
Debby & Greg Peters are bring you all the networking tips and tricks in their weekly podcast episodes. Listen in as they share their stories and experiences that have made some of the most successful networkers. 

Check out the latest episode here! You can also find it on your favorite podcast app like Apple Podcasts, Google Play & Spotify! 

Leave us your thoughts over on the Connext Nation Facebook page! 

On Nov 8, 2020, Laura's Framing Place celebrated their 29th anniversary in business.  All those years and Laura Osborne STILL has a shop dog by her side....Stop by and visit dog #3, Tori. (oh, and Laura, too).

Karla Lewis, just returned from the Top Producers incentive trip to Cabo San Jose. In order to be awarded this trip as a Southwestern Consulting Elite Sales and Leadership Coach she was top in the company for production for the previous year. Twenty producers out of 125 were awarded this trip from their 2019 production. They spent a week in the hot sun and sand relaxing before returning home to finish 2020 strong. 

Member Spotlight – Cherie Sears,
by Debby Peters,

If you’re ever having a bad day, you might want to have a cup of coffee or a zoom call with Cherie Sears. We met many years ago, even before she took the CN class in 2006.  We think we probably met through Women’s Council of Realtors as early as 2003.  She remembers that we had lunch at Peppercorns, a restaurant in Perrysburg that has changed names at least three times since then.  Until she mentioned it I couldn’t even remember it! 


When we chatted most recently, Cherie was recovering and quarantining at home with a mild case of COVID.  Always one to look on the bright side, she said, “I can work and then take a nap when I get tired.”


We recently convened again for lunch, this time at Clara J’s in Maumee.  She shared that she had embraced gardening for the first time ever and even took up canning.  Laughingly she said that she found out that she probably didn’t need 4 zucchini plants and that 18 tomato plants were a few more than needed!  Sears said, “Our next door neighbor is intro all this stuff so we had a good mentor for both the gardening and canning.  In fact, we would go down to their house and set up an organized system when we were canning.  Each of us had our job to do and it was fun.”  Next year she wants to try green beans, more different types of peppers and even more herbs.  She says, “Gardening is my stress relief, just getting my hands into the dirt.


This young-looking woman has been in the real estate world for forty-five years.  She says, “I usually say, over thirty, but yes, it is over forty.”  She started at First Federal of Toledo literally in the basement.  “I was in the file room and would pull documents and then run them to the courthouse.  I finally worked myself out of the basement and began to work in the mortgage lending department. The joke was that I didn’t have to call upstairs anymore to find out if it was raining! Then 7 years ago a gentleman from Chicago Title offered me a position and I put him off.  Two days later he called and the rest is history.  And I love what I do and especially the people I work with, not only in my company, but everyone in the real estate world.”


Cherie has been married to Hunt Sears for 15 years and between them they share four sons who are all in their mid thirties and also she excitedly mentions three grandchildren who she will see at Christmas time.  She has already been out buying presents for them because it is so much fun!  Her mom is 90 and still going strong.  Cherie says that she is awesome.  


A little joke that Cherie told about herself is that she has become very skilled at Clicklist, but not at unClickedlist! She had already selected a turkey for their Thanksgiving and then changed her mind to a smaller one when the realized that they would be in quarantine for that holiday.  Now she has two turkeys, because she forgot to unclick the larger one from her order!!  True to her attitude, it’s not a big deal, just something to laugh about.


When asked what she was looking forward to, she immediately said that she can’t wait for things to get back to normal.  She wants to be outside.  They live on the water and have a boat.  She says, “While we are isolating, if it were warmer we could go for a boat ride, but with the cold that is not feasible.”  Cherie also mentioned that her boss had told her that her goals are increasing for 2021, so she mentioned that she will be out the connecting and developing new relationships no matter what the conditions.


I recommend that you reach out the Cherie and book time, so you can walk away with a feel good feeling just like I did!

Networking + Politics = NOPE! 
By: Andrew Stainbrook, 


I was taught that there are three topics of conversation that should be avoided at all costs when networking, sex, religion, and politics. Very few topics can turn a conversation sour faster than the three horsemen of business networking. The political heat was turned way up this year, and the political conversation was inevitable and almost unavoidable. Many people found themselves in the awkward position of having to engage in an unsolicited political conversation. When communicating with others, whether it be face to face or online, it is essential to reflect on how this conversation might impact your relationship with those involved. What am I gaining or losing by engaging in this conversation? Is this topic relevant to the conversation, or am I putting my personal feelings/beliefs ahead of everyone else's? Is this helping me achieve my goals, or is it making it harder? These are some simple questions you can ask yourself to align your intentions. 


When I was a young smart-mouth kid, my mother would always say to me, "think before you speak, son." It only took me 32 years and writing this article to admit that my mother's advice was pure gold. Think of the possibilities if we all take a step back, reflect, and think before we speak because we might miss out on some genuinely incredible relationships if we don't. 

3 Steps on the Path to Our Future
Elizabeth H. Peters, Executive Managing Member, TriNet360, LLC (Third Generation Networking),

In my life, I’ve experienced distinct moments of what I describe as “on-demand mentorship” – at the exact moment I’m grappling with a decision, the exact right person has crossed my path with insight that moved me to act. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself.


Debra Quade, Supplier Diversity Manager at Kellogg Company, was one of those mentors. I heard her message over 10 years ago, and continue to hear it –

“Our success is based on your success and that supplier diversity takes a community with great support from our certified suppliers.”


Our family business wants to work with larger corporations.  

Our family business wants to support other diverse small business owners. 

Our family business wants to commit to economic inclusion.


So, what does Debra’s message ask of our family business today in 2020?  


First, Greg, Debby, and I renew our company’s lifelong commitment to support diverse business owners with opportunities to network and grow. To that end, we have launched our new 212121 series, our bite-sized, interactive networking education program.  We stage networking lunches – currently virtual -- with key presenters. Our weekly podcast addresses the questions that you, our community, face with respect to networking in your real world working environment.


Second, we are happy to announce that our family business is now a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This certification is accepted by more than 1,000 corporations, in addition to many states, cities and other entities. Also, this certification is recognized by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program.


What does this mean to you? It means that we will be potentially be welcoming more amazing networkers into the Connext Nation family, expanding your potential reach and influence into communities across the region and across the country.


Third, we are committed to tracking our own diversity spend as we continue to partner with vendors who are Small Businesses; WBEs; Minority Business Enterprises (MBE); Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE); Veteran-owned Small Business (VOSB); and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB).


By using the networking values, systems, and structures that Debby and Greg have taught us, we journey together when working with small and large business enterprises.


Our success is based on your success.

Which Side of the Road Are You?
Debby Peters,

I was on a zoom meeting the other night where everyone on the call mentioned that they were not having a very good time of it right now.  Some had creditable reasons for this attitude, but most were just tired of COVID, especially now with the new rise in cases.  I felt a bit awkward when I had to share that actually this has been a good time for me, a creative time.  Yes, our most recent class was a lot smaller than normal, but the students really embraced the concept of the Referral Pursuit course. I feel good that we helped another group gain the skills that will help them to obtain the referrals they want and deserve in the future.

This pushed  me to thinking a bit about human nature.  Why are some people more likely to see the dark side of the world where others are just the opposite?  And by the way, I am not making light of real worries that some friends have about whether their businesses will survive.  I get that.  You have every right to those dark thoughts right now.  But in general (and I know that it is not good to generalize) I hear many people who are really having a difficult time because they have to isolate or wear a mask.  Why is this?

I did a little research and basically found that they are three primary ingredients to neurotic conditions.  The first is temperament, the second is the stressors (COVID-19) and the third, the one that most don’t realize, is negative reactions to negative feelings.

Examples of positive temperament are:

  1. People who look at failure as a part of learning.

  2. People who are challenged to do the hard things!

  3. People who always give of their best.

  4. People who are inspired by others.

  5. People who embrace feedback so they can get better.

We can’t always control the stressors (COVID-19, business not doing well, medical issues), but we can control our response to each situation.  As a powerful networker, what can you do to put positive vibes out into the world?  How can you react to make someone else’s life easier right now?  It could be a small as sending a card, having a zoom call with a contact, making an introduction that will help two business people by knowing each other or sharing a great series that you are binging on!  It doesn’t take much to send out positive vibes.  The energy that others receive from you will add to their day.  And then guess what?  They can then do the same for others.

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