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Connext Nation


By Debby Peters,

Celebrating Our 18th Year of Helping Our Grads to REALLY Connect!

September Lunch
CNer, Chris Kapelski, has made arrangements for us to go back downtown for our September lunch. It will be at Table 44 at 610 Monroe St.  They are reserving the patio for us.  We have asked for a limited menu to order from so that everyone can get what meets their needs.  Parking meters are free during this time and there is also a parking lot next door.  The cost to park there is $5.  The date of the lunch is September 17, from 11:30-1.  Arlene Gerig will have a fun networking exercise and Debby might bring a educational tidbit to us.   As always we love having grads and their guests at our events including this lunch.

Corn Maze
Last year we started a new tradition, trying to find our way through a corn maze.  Again this year we are booked at the same location as last year at the Wheeler Farms Butterfly House at 11455 Obee Rd, Whitehouse.  Barb Wilson,SM3, who handled all the details, picked October 20th  because that evening will be close to a full moon.  There is a bonfire and if you want, hot dogs to purchase.  We hope to have an even larger crowd than last year. Be there by 6:30 so we can begin promptly at 6:45. 

Future Calendar Dates
As we enter the fourth quarter (already!) we are still going strong with events.  Along with our classes starting, the downtown Toledo lunch, we also have other fun times that you can attend and bring other fun people.  Guests are always welcome at all our events.

Sept 7        Toledo class starts
Sept 12      Cleveland class starts
Oct 20th     Corn Maze (A HUG E success last hear)
Nov 19th    Toledo Graduation, 5:30 PM

Social Media
Stay in the Know!!
Never miss out on a networking event again!  As CN confirms an event, it is set up under the Events tab on our Facebook page with all of the info and links to register if applicable.  While on our Facebook page, simply click on the Events tab and you will see the Subscribe button on the right just above the list of events. Click on it and you are set to go! You can also invite people to the events and share them to your Facebook page as well! Visit our page at today!

Member Spotlight:

Dee Sabo
by Kevin Webb,

Allow me to introduce you to Damaris (Dee) Sabo, the commercial lines insurance agent in the office of David Gluckle, Nationwide Insurance, whose personal tagline is, “I want to be your best friend on your worst day.”  

While Dee is originally from Fremont, Ohio, her parents hail from Puerto Rico.  Dee is bilingual, natively speaking Spanish and English.  She has been married to Timothy Sabo for ten years and has one son (age 29) and one “bonus” son, as she refers to her step-son.  He is 36.  When she discusses her family, she absolutely glows when you mention her ten-year old “bonus” granddaughter, Kira.

Dee is all about family and events that encompass family.  Her time from March to September is occupied by going to dirt track racing each weekend as Timothy is a dirt track race driver.  She also spends a lot of time at open-air concerts at parks and other venues where she finds live music.  While Timothy is an avid country music fan, she is most interested in contemporary Christian music and rock.  Regardless of the genre, Dee states that music is HUGE to her and her family.  Aside from music and racing, Dee loves cooking and dancing.  Her son, from whom she has learned a lot, is a certified ballroom dance instructor.  She is also very active in her church, serving the Lord as a Praise and Worship singer.

Dee started her career off strong as a single mother who wanted to show her son that, despite obstacles in the way, success can be earned by all those who try.  She says she was older when she started a “real” career, not just a “job.”  Initially, she replied to an ad seeking bilingual office experience, though the ad did not disclose the job.  At the time, she was telemarketing, but found her calling with a Nationwide agent in Port Clinton.  Ten years ago, she relocated from Fremont to Toledo and took up employment here.  She is very appreciative of the four years that she has been of service to the clients of the Gluckle Agency.  

You may find Dee at any number of networking events.  She is a member of the Referrals to Riches chapter of BNI, NWO Hispanic Chamber, Sylvania Chamber, WEN, So Now (Stone Oak Network of Women), and the Womens’ Council of Realtors.  If you do not catch her at any of these events, please call her at 419-741-4051 and set up a meeting today!



CN Horn Tooting


On Saturday, August 4th, KC Allen of KC Allen Film & Video, Ltd., “dropped” a lip sync challenge video they produced for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, and in less than 24 hours they’d garnered over 25,000 views.  It’s being covered on local media and has been shared online over 1,000 times.  Add a little fun to your day by viewing it at

Bill McConnell, President of Dunright Building Services, Inc., shares that Dunright was inducted into Remodeling Magazine Class of 2018 Big50.  This distinction puts them in the top 2% of remodelers nationwide.

David Bodner is celebrating an anniversary!  He has been a Financial Planner with Skylight Financial Group for twenty years. His office changed its name from Mass Mutual Ohio to Skylight Financial Group in 2017. Dave credits his success and longevity to patience and listening to client’s needs. “There is no silver bullet, just a lot of hard work.”  Dave was in the inaugural class of the Certified Networker course (now known as Connext Nation) in 2002. “CN really taught me that I was doing networking the wrong way. When I focused on giving instead of receiving, my whole perception of networking changed.” Dave admits that he didn’t catch on right away and had to go through the course a second time to really put into practice what he learned. Dave enjoys helping people and is a teacher at heart.        

Additionally, Dave, finished third place overall in the Sylvania Triathlon Aqua Bike competition.  This event is like an Olympic distance Triathlon minus the running. This was David’s first Aqua Bike race: .9 miles of open water swimming and 26 miles of cycling.  Dave’s next event is the Swim to The Moon 5k (3.1 miles) open water swim in Dexter Michigan.

Liz Thees reports that their Pinnacle staff team loves to give back to the community whenever they can. In August, some of their team participated in the Pack for Impact event hosted by United Way. Along with other volunteers, they helped to pack 5000 backpacks for students in need at our local schools!

Leo Idraikh, CCTronic, LLC, just published his personal website showcasing some of his design work and other things that face him as a startup owner.  They also have acquired their first 3D printer, and they are offering 3D design printing services. 

Patti Slupecki, has a book coming out September 8, 2018, and she is hosting a public book launch event with proceeds benefiting the Toledo chapter of Ride of Silence. This date is significant because it will be the 16th anniversary of her husband, Mark’s death.  The book is a memoir that begins the day her husband was killed on his bicycle and moves forward through the first year of her survival. The proceeds from book sales at the event will be donated to Ride of Silence, an organization that brings awareness of bikers on the road and honors those who have been injured or killed while riding.
Are Networking Events Seasonal?
by Chris Kapelski,
Awhile back in You Should Network Offline More, (June 18 archive), I discussed the benefits of networking more often. Then just recently in Don’t NetWORK Too Hard, (July 18 archive), I mentioned there should be a cap to networking because you can overdo it and cause more harm than good. As a result of those articles I received an email so important I knew I had to share it with you. In the email the person asked. “How do I evaluate my networking groups so I can add or subtract activities or groups to hit the sweet spot?”

Start With Goals
Whenever I am problem solving, either in business or in life, I like to start with a baseline question. What are you hoping to achieve through your efforts? Are you looking to grow your business? Build your contact sphere? Make new friends? Perhaps you are looking to improve your speaking or networking skills to grow professionally. Regardless of the goals themselves, mapping out what you want to accomplish is a great starting point because it gives you a measuring stick. Once you have your goals laid out, you should put them in order of importance. I like to order my specific goals based on how much they move me toward my bigger picture goals. Then, in general, I choose to participate in groups and activities that bring me closer to my goals and reconsider those that don’t.

Consider Your Time Commitment
Once you have established your goals and you have determined which activities and groups are helping your progress, you’re ready for the next element. Time. Most people agree time is their most valuable commodity. We can’t get more of it, yet it seems we always need more. With that being said, I think the evaluation of your time commitment is a critical factor to get the best networking evaluation. For example, if participating in a particular group is taking up a large percentage of your time and it is only accomplishing one or two small goals, that group may not be a great choice. However, if the same group is helping you accomplish a large number and/or one of your most important goals then it’s likely worth your participation.

If you take into consideration your goals and the time involved in your networking activities, I bet it will quickly become apparent which ones you should continue and which ones you should quit. Now I know it’s not always that simple. There are some groups you can’t just walk away from, but that is discussion for another time.


What Do I Do With All Those Cards?
Debby Peters,

 Many times I get asked by networkers of all levels of experience, “How do you keep track of all the business cards you get?”  I will share how I do that, but this is a warning before you read – my method does NOT make for a tidy desk!

Before we get to the part about organizing my cards, I want to explain that I don’t get or save everyone’s card.  If it was just a very brief meeting and I really don’t want to include that person’s contact info in my data base, I don’t ask for his or her card.  If I am offered one, of course I graciously take it, but do not make any notes on it.  Ones that I do want to react to usually get a least one word written on the card to tell me what to do for this person.

When I arrive back at my office, I empty the spot in my purse that I have set aside for important business cards.  I then quickly sort through to see what I have to do with them.  Those that require me to do some follow up work such as making a connection with someone else in my network, get reacted to immediately.  That usually takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the number of cards and/or connections.  After that, the cards go to a special spot on my desk that signifies that they need to be entered into my data base.  (By the way, my son, Greg Peters, TriNet360, has found a new Customer Relations Management app called Less Annoying CRM that seems to be fairly easy to use and is only $10/month/user.  His next challenge is teaching me how to use it.)

I manually type in the information from the business cards. I have tried various scanning apps to do that work, but I always have to edit and it ends up taking just as much time.  Also the actual act of typing the info helps me to think of other ways I might be able to help this person.  Right now I use the Gmail/Contacts app for the contacts, but hope the new app will provide a more robust system for follow-up.

After entering the cards, I still take one more step.  I connect with each person on LinkedIn. After that, in an attempt to maintain some sort of control over my desk, I throw the card away.

There you have it.  Accept cards you want; do what you said you’re going to do; enter them into your system and LinkedIn and the best part, toss them out!  My system may not work for you, but perhaps a part of it can make a difference.

Networking Tidbit

Again from Bob Werner, Re/Max Masters!  Bob is basically a shy person and is out of his comfort zone at networking events.  He has figured out how to make these situations workable for him.  For example he always volunteers to be the bartender at our graduations in Toledo.  And being the ever generous person he is, he also brings the beer!  Asked why he wants to be the bartender he says, “It gives me the opportunity to talk with everyone at the event, because they have to come to me to get a drink and then we talk!”  He also comes to all the mini classes for the same reason.  He always tells the attendees to chat with him at the end where he will answer their questions about the course from the student point of view.  And after the class is done, there are usually one or two people chatting with him.  Again, they initiate which makes it more comfortable for him.  So take a lesson from Bob and put yourself where people have to talk with you!

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