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By Debby Peters,

April Toledo Fantastic Four Lunch
Already people are registering for this April lunch event.  It is where, as best we can, seat you with 3 other people who have the same or similar target market.  The conversations are facilitated by BOA members so that no one person dominates and everyone gets to engage.  This event is planned for April 18, with the earlier start time of 11 am.  It’s on the website right now if you want to register, but be sure to have your specific target market ready as that is a step 3 in the registration process. Please take a moment to register at:  If you want to be sure to have your table full with those who are going after the same or similar prospects, why don’t you invite those friends to attend with you?  

The three questions that will help to start the conversation at your table are:
1.    What do you wish you knew about networking before starting your        
2.    How do we know if someone we’re talking to is a good prospect for you?
3.    What challenges are you facing now and how can we help? 

Next Graduation
With our winter classes having just begun, it seems crazy to have to talk about graduation, but we know that you like to get events on your calendar in advance.  In Toledo, the graduation is scheduled for Monday, May 16, from 5:30-7:30 PM.  This is a date change so be sure to check your calendar.

Social Media
To find our page, either key in Connext Nation in the search bar of FB or use the link Barb Wilson keeps the page updated and you’ll be able to keep abreast of all that’s happening in your community. Plus you might see your face there if you attend one of our events.

Member Spotlight:

Patti Leupp
by Deb Olejownik

Patti Leupp grew up in Marblehead right on the lake. She recalls it was a fun area to grow up because there was so much to do. She went to BGSU, entered into medical records because she was told that job fit her profile.  When she earned the degree in medical records she never used the degree; she hated the intern work. 

She went to nursing school at St. V’s, and earned a biology degree from Lourdes College. While in nursing school, she bid on a scrub nurse position in the OR. She recalls having no idea what a scrub nurse did.  She thought they washed instruments!  She quickly found out that she would be handing instruments to the doctors in the OR. 

She really liked the job because she worked right alongside the doctors, could see in the wound and it was the best anatomy lesson she could have ever had. She worked this job until she graduated from nursing school. Afterwards she worked in trauma, recovery, and ICU for two years and then went to Anesthesia school. 

Patti worked at St. V’s for 18 years. Additionally, she earned her MS in Anesthesia at Wayne State University. She has been a CRNA for 20 years, the last six years at St. Lukes.

Patti married her husband Chris after she met him in a bar while on a double date at Fricker’s in Perrysburg. They both knew they were meant to be together at first sight. They have been married for 23 years. They have two daughters; Jordan is 19, who attends the University of Dayton and Erin, 17 who goes to Anthony Wayne High School. 

When asked how she got started with Essential Oil’s (EO), Patti said, “My dad had a problem with a nerve in his face. Due to his excruciating pain, he was unable to eat, brush his teeth, or shave. I sent him to an ENT and neurology specialists; dentists; the pain clinic; but nobody could figure out how to stop the pain. He was finally referred to The Cleveland Clinic where they found the cause for the pain and they scheduled brain surgery for six weeks out. However, because of the pain, he could not eat.  I was worried that his body would not be ready for surgery.” 

It was during this six-week, pre-surgery period, with her dad was rapidly declining, that she learned about EOs. She was afraid that because he was going into major brain surgery emaciated and not having the best nutrition, that he would not heal well. The person she talked to about EO said, “Let me make up some oils for him.” Patti adds, “If I could have rolled my eyes any further back in my head, I would have fallen over.”  I replied, “You have no idea, you don’t understand, he can’t do these things. He has been to doctor after doctor, he’s maxed out on all these neurological drugs; he’s on painkillers; nothing works for him. Your oils are not going to work.” Her friend said, “Well, it’s not going to hurt anything, just try them.” 

Patti reluctantly agreed to let her make up some oils for her dad, only because she felt like her hands were tied. Her dad was in so much pain and she didn’t know what else to do.   Patti recalls not feeling confident about giving the oils to her dad, she told him to spray them on his face, and it was supposed to make him feel better. Within 30-seconds, he was able to touch his face without pain. He realized that if he sprayed his face he could eat, shave, and brush his teeth. The oils were not a cure by any means, but they were a bridge. But as a result he had very successful surgery.

Patti decided she wanted to get some oils for herself. She contacted the person that gave her the oils for her dad.  This friend interviewed Patti to find out what was going on in her life. Other than occasional headaches and her husband’s sinus problems, they are healthy people. After some suggestions Patti purchased the smallest kit for $150, it was called the Family Physician Kit.  Within a matter of a month, she was kicking herself for not purchasing a larger kit. She found all kinds of uses for the oils. 

The first BIG health issue she had at home was with her daughter. She shaved her legs and then immediately went tubing down the Maumee River. She ended up with an infection.  But that’s a story for another time!

Patti has done a lot of research on EOs; she never intended to start a part-time business because she has a good job. However her goal has always been to educate people on complementary therapies and holistic nursing. 

As we finished the interview, I asked Patti, “What is something no one knows about you?” She said, “My ultimate goal is that my husband and I want to open up a bed & breakfast/wellness center, spa retreat center in Traverse City, Michigan. Another thing I want to do is more medical mission work and taking oils to third world countries for those who have no access to medical care.” 

To find out more about this very talented woman, email her for a chat!


CN Horn Tooting


Pam Weirauch is proud to announce that Pam's Corner recently received another violation free inspection from the Lucas County Health Department.

Dede Ruckman and her husband Bob will be on their way to another free trip soon. Dede has been this year’s point leader for Uppercase Living and in only seven months has earned their top award of a cruise for two to the Bahamas. Bob and Dede will be on the boat in September for 6 fun-filled days! Additionally, Dede has been asked to serve on the board for UpperCase Living.

Kari Ewersen would like to announce that Shadow Valley Tennis Club was the recipient of the Best of Toledo award for best tennis club! 

Tiffany Brunson Miracle, reports that Watchtower IT Services has achieved Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency.  This means they have what it takes to help you move your business to Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud solutions!

Cheryl NIckolaidis, W by Worth, is proud to announce that she has joined the Board of Inspiration
for So Now. 

Laura Osborne, Laura’s Framing and Kyle Mossbarger, Mossbarger Design, will now get to stand and be recognized at CN events at members of the CN board! (Not to be ignored are Patti Leupp, Kerri Brimmer, Ray Meiers and returning member, Sandy Pirwitz!

Lori Cannon, Edward Jones, just returned from the President Elect Training in Columbus for Sylvania Rotary.  She will be the club president July 2016 - June 2017

Megan Coyle Stamo, Coyle Funeral Home, was awarded 2 of the 4 major awards for preneed business in the country; Lowest Average and Payment Plans. The Leader’s Conference is put on by the Outlook Group and Physicians Mutual Preneed Insurance Company to honor and recognize top producers all over the country. 

Liz Thees reports that they purchased 500 brand new beautiful chairs at The Pinnacle.

Michelle Ansara is happy to announce that Women of Toledo is moving to a larger and more versatile office space.  They are moving from the 7th floor office suite in The Secor Building down to the 3rd floor which has a large area perfect for workshops along with several offices and additional spaces to hold their events.

Tony Szczechowski, owner and general manager, Pro Edge Lawn Care won the inaugural President's Award in the LandOpt network.  The CEO of LandOpt, Tim Smith, handpicked the winner for this award with some initial help from the 4 LandOpt success coaches.  The coaches nominated two of their licensees, then Smith chose from the field of 8.  The award was based on implementation of the LandOpt systems, company transformation, attitude, leadership, values, and much more.  The CEO and his wife will be traveling to the Pro Edge complex for a full day in April to address the entire team and, then spend half the day with Tony and his management team.  The second half of the day will be spent with Tony. All the management team and their significant others, along with Tony and his wife, Erica, will be treated to dinner.

Simony Silva, Designs by Simony, is proud of the great connections she has made in the last few months. A connection with her dream referral was accomplished when she met realtor, Kevin Warren, to work with. He has opened doors for her. After that, came the connection with the construction company, Woodland Custom Home Builders, where she is working as the solo designer for the company.  Professional success is all about networking with the right people.
The “Why” From a Different Slant
Nick Nigro, CN Grad and Career Service Director, also teaches the networking class for the lucky Davis College students.  Davis is one of just a very few (less than five) colleges in the US that does teach networking skills to their students.  Of course, Nick, being so very creative, added a new way for the students to express themselves when explaining their “why they do what they do.”  He decided to use the Haiku poetry format, an ancient Japanese form of poetry consisting of exactly 17 syllables.  Additionally, the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the third again has five. Below are some examples of what the students produced.
Lifelong dream to heal
Tough, smart, caring, hard-worker
How can I serve you?
Social Worker in Youth Program
Adolescents’ rock
I enjoy challenge and growth.
Hire me to change them.
Event Planner
Details. Beauty. Class.
Organized. Experienced.
Work wonders. Call me.
Investment Banker
Money. Money. Money.
Never stop working for you.
Bottom-line results.
If you had to distill your Why Story into these few important words, how would your poem read?

Forming a Group
by Debby Peters,

We all know the tried and true methods for getting closer to our prospects and referral sources.  We can invite those people to attend events with us; we can go to events that they have planned where there are more of them; we can ask for introductions, and the list goes on.

But have you ever thought of forming your own group?  Organize a group of people that you want to meet or even better, ones who you already know that may need to meet each other.  Let them know that they can also invite their friends to the future meetings. Before long you have a larger group that you can now get connected to more easily because you have the group in common.

When I first moved to NW Ohio in 1992 and still played the game of golf, I became involved with the Women’s Executive Golf League.  It had been formed by a young female attorney, who probably loved the game, but also realized that it would help her to meet women who might need her services in the future.  The golf course has long been the place where men cinch deals, so she figured, “Why not us?”  Obviously, that project took a bit of time to create and maintain, but within a year she had a group of volunteers that helped her to make it all happen.

Within the last year, I have formed a casual women’s lunch group in Rocky River, Ohio.  It started because there were several women that I wanted to introduce to each other and it just seemed more time efficient to have a group lunch to make that happen.  At the end of this very successful lunch, they all wanted to know when the next lunch would happen.  We have had several now with slowly increasing attendance.  In March however, our numbers jumped exponentially to 35.  What started in my mind as a one-time event has now become for me, a great way to meet new women because everyone is now inviting their contacts.  Already, from the March lunch I have 3 appointments and certainly there are other opportunities.

The exact opposite of the large group above is a very small group formed by four business friends who happen to all be CN grads. Andrew Stainbrook, shares, “I get together with three other friends, Jason Conklin, Chris Kapelski and Kyle Mossbarger on a monthly basis.  We want to keep the group small and focused because our monthly meetings are all about proactively helping each other to get in front of each other’s contacts with a “warmed up” introduction.  We do gather with each other socially outside this monthly meeting, but this meeting is all about helping others in the business sense.”

With all this in mind, how can you approach this to organize your group?  I think there are a couple things to keep in mind when brainstorming about this.


1.     While yes, this is to benefit you in the end, look at how a group can help  
        the participants as the foremost reason for being.

2.     Invite those to the first meeting that you know you can help immediately,
        either with introductions or information.

3.     Be clear about the reason for the group and then keep the format as
        simple as possible.  People seem to just like to converse and
        communicate, rather than be interrupted by a program.

4.     Communicate with the participants to thank them and also send a list of
        the group with up-to-date contact information if appropriate


If your way to find prospects is stagnant, maybe you can form you own group to enlarge the circle!

High Energy March Breakfast
by Debby Peters,

We know that not everyone is a morning person, but with our March “Madness” event, Mary Bryant, Melaleuca, chair of the event, decided that the goal for attendance would be 30 people.  And she achieved her goal!  Those 30 got to hear CN grad, Greg Peters, of The Reluctant Networker, talk about the small things that make a huge difference in our networking.  Read his post at this link, to find out more about his confetti story!
What small nuances can you add to someone else’s life?  You may not think it’s a big deal, but the ripple effect may leave that person thinking about your thoughtfulness decades from now.  Read Greg’s post and see how you can use the information.

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