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By Debby Peters,

Next Toledo Breakfast

DON’T MISS THIS ONE! The next Toledo Breakfast networking event is March 8, at 8:30am at Pam’s Corner Restaurant.  Very busy speaker, Greg Peters, has cleared a spot on his schedule and will be making a return appearance at the request of the BOA members.  Mary Bryant, Melaleuca, is the chair of the event.  Can you help her to reach her goal of at least 30 in attendance? Please go to the FB event page at and indicate that you will attend this free event.  You can purchase breakfast from the restaurant if you wish.

April Toledo Fantastic Four Lunch
Already people are registering for this April lunch event.  It is where (as best we can) seat you with three other people who have the same of similar target market.  The conversations are facilitated by BOA members so that no one person dominates and everyone gets to engage.  This event is planned for April 18, with the earlier start time of 11am.  It’s on the website right now if you want to register, but be sure to have your specific target market ready as that is a step in the registration process. Go here to register  If you want to be sure to have your table full with those who are going after the same or similar prospects, why don’t you invite those friends to attend with you?  

Next Graduation

With our winter classes having just begun, it seems crazy to have to talk about graduation, but we know that you like to get events on your calendar in advance.  In Toledo, the graduation is scheduled for May 16, from 5:30-7:30 PM.

Social Media

As part of International Networking Week, we will be asking you to post about your out-of-network one-to-ones on our Facebook page using the hash tag of #INW.  We want to get at least 100 comments during this five day period.  Also, if you see a comment that speaks to you, please like and also share it.  To find our page, either key in Connext Nation in the search bar of FB or use this link Barb Wilson keeps the page updated and you’ll be able to keep abreast of all that’s happening in your community. Plus you might see your face there if you attend one of our events.

Member Spotlight:

Kyle Mossbarger
by Kerri Brimmer

If you see a CNer flying in a fighter jet, it will be Kyle Mossbarger. Or at least it’s on his bucket list. 

Kyle is a recent CN grad who specializes in branding and graphic design, and his target market is businesses that have been in business 10+ years and need an identity refresh. He finds this type of design work most rewarding. Kyle related that he enjoys most working with customers who “know the value of marketing and being different, and know that being different sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone.  He says, ”I appreciate it when they understand that branding and marketing is an investment and not just an expense.”

Kyle is from the small town of Wayne, just southeast of Bowling Green. “I’m not of the analytical mind. (Numbers and I don’t get along.) I have always loved art and knew from a young age I would do something with art. Originally my dream was to be a chef, train and live in Italy. After graduating high school, I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in product design,” says Kyle.  When he got there, he found he was out of his element: a boy from a country town wearing blue jeans and t-shirt thrown into a group of city-kid artists. “It was a culture shock!” relates Kyle. “I needed to go back to something that was normal to me. My hair wasn’t 10 different colors, and I didn’t have 10 lbs. of stainless steel in my face, so I was considered odd! I was there for a year and decided it was not for me.” He was going to give up the art thing and go to the Culinary Institute but decided it was best to just move home. Kyle attended Owens Community College, where he earned an Associates in Digital Media Technology before moving onto Bowling Green State University to earn his Bachelors in Visual Communications Technology. After receiving his degree, he took a job at Therma-Tru as lead graphic designer. 
Kyle’s favorite things are his family (of course!) which includes his lovely wife, Erin whom he has been with for 19 years, and his two children Gavin (age 6) and Mackenzie (19 months). He enjoys taking Gavin to ice skate and play hockey, and hopes someday to make a tradition of an annual hiking trip with him. His daughter, whom he predicts will be a little athlete, also has attitude to spare and is giving Mom and Dad a bit more of a challenge than Gavin did as a baby. Kyle imagines she will be a force on the hockey ice as well. 
Kyle loves the outdoors, camping and running in the woods. One of his favorite places is Oak Openings, where he goes to de-stress. He is an eager adventurer; with skydiving (with his mother) and flying a fighter jet on is bucket list for the near future. He has already done bungee jumping and flew with the Red Barons.
His most memorable moment was the birth of his kids. As cliché as this sounds, it overrides his most memorable moment from a career standpoint: telling his previous boss to “pound sand.”  Leaving that job after a lengthy period of… incompatibility… was the turning point for starting his own business. The flexibility and freedom of running his own business is a great fit while his kids are young.
Kyle is new to the world of networking, belonging to BNI and CN. He is re-launching himself right now and planning to get more involved in local marketing clubs and associations. He also hopes to attend more creative workshops to keep current and build new skills.
Be sure to call him for a 1-2-1! Share your bucket lists to see where they overlap.


CN Horn Tooting


Nick Nigro, Davis College, was presented the Certificate of Recognition as the 2015 Outstanding Career Services Award by The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools.  He received it also in 2004. He is both honored and humbled by this acknowledgment.

Michael Temple, Temple Development Corporation, was recently recognized at the Toledo Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting for distinguished service to the Chamber and as the retiring chair of the TASBA (Toledo Area Small Business Association) chairman. This year Michael was appointed to a full 3 year term on the Chamber’s board of directors.

Recently, Mary Ann Mills, ReMax Masters, was installed as WCR Ohio Chapter President.  She will also be serving as WCR Region II recording secretary at national conferences in Washington D.C. in May and Orlando, Florida in November. Five states make up WCR Region II, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Mary Ann says that it is both an honor and a privilege to be serving in these capacities.

Kathy Pigott, a financial advisor with Financial Design Group (FDG), a financial services firm headquartered in Toledo, OH recently earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification

Deb Olejownik, DJC Core Consulting, won first place in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest at the club level. The title of her speech, Overcoming Obstacles, is about the challenging lessons she learned during a 17 day stay in the hospital after breaking her back.
What Does a Target Market Have To Do With Networking?
by Sandy Pirwitz, CN Trainer,
One of the first things Connext Nation teaches our students is an understanding why a target market is crucial to business success… then assisting them to select the best target market for them.

Students often resist, thinking “I can sell to anybody or everybody.”

Your target market is your ideal prospect for your business or a product or service that you provide or create and it’s often because a. You’re good at it, or b. You’re the best at it or c. You’re an expert on it.

But what does that have to do with business networking?  

Knowing your target market…

1. Is key to deciding which organization(s) or event(s) you want to evaluate or attend.  
    Is your target market likely to be there?  
    Will other business professionals who associate or do business with your           target market likely be there?
    How likely is it that the efforts will be worth your time and money?

2. Will help you determine what to say and/or what to ask for at these events should you get the opportunity.

3. Will help you in setting goals for each event/meeting.

4. Last but not least, knowing your target market helps you to decide who the best people to develop relationships with are.  And that’s what business networking is all about.

Answering “Reach outs”
by Debby Peters,

From time to time, I’ll bet you get an email or text from someone wanting to meet with you.  It may come out of the blue and even though you wrack your brain, you don’t think you know this person.  While I generally encourage savvy networkers to make the best use of their time and meet with those who can be helpful and that can easily be helped in return, I also want you to encourage to meet with those who may not (yet) fit that category.

A concentrated thrust of CN is to help others.  If someone is reaching out to you, they probably need some of that!  They may be trying to sell you their product or service or they may just need a connection.  If when you meet, they try to sell (and you don’t need or want it), you’re enough of a networking professional to defray that approach.  You can explain that while you probably won’t buy from them that depending on the conversation, you might be able to help that person in some way in the future.  If they are reaching out to connect, ya’ just never know, maybe this person will be the referral partner you’ve been searching for.

Recently I reached out to a new chamber member to see if we could meet.  His company sounded interesting, but I wasn’t sure exactly what he did.  And I said that much in the email I sent to him.  His reply was something like this, “My company does (boring paragraph). Do you want a quote?”  I replied saying that I did not want a quote, but that I might know someone in the future that would, but that I like to know who I am referring, hence the request for a meeting. So far, I have received no response to the second communication.  

You all probably know that my attitude about this situation is “Next”.....move on!  But the most important question is, “Am I willing to help someone who is asking for help or am I too busy to find out how wonderful they are?”


International Networking Week (INW)
by Debby Peters,

Officially, International Networking Week was over on February 5, but we can still feel the ripple effect of this casual event. The teal-colored ribbons we wore on our name tags were a reminder that one-to-ones are a central cog in the networking machine.  We asked that you reach out to someone during that span of time that you might not normally feel comfortable asking for a meeting.  Many have posted their results on our FB page at It was fun to read about connections, both planned and unplanned.  One member got a speaking engagement as a result of her meeting and another found out about another networking meeting that will be perfect for a family member.  Let’s keep this movement going all year long, posting our results on the page.  It’s a great way for others to see how CN helps with the success of businesses.

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