Bill Steele, HIREarchi, recently finished an architectural course
on studying building design for hurricanes and floods.  He intends on using this
knowledge to benefit potential
homeowners  of East Coast seaside designs.

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Member Spotlight

Jennifer Antonini

by Jenn Wenzke, So Now Coaching,

Jennifer’s smile is only interrupted between occasional sips of her healthy smoothie.  When asked to share a little bit about herself – she immediately walked down the path of a “sit on the edge of your seat” story.   Jennifer is known in many networking circles as an energetic story-teller!  She has a talent for turning mere facts into a lively account of real-life events. 
Written by Jennifer Antonini……"Years ago, when I was a teenager, my older sister randomly stated, “Jenny, when you have kids they are going to be all boys.”

Weird, but ultimately true.  With the birth of each of my children, I had to smile at her prediction.  Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

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CN Review

Chapter 4

by Deb Olejoenik
DJC Consulting
The A.R.T. of Connecting is all about relationships. Relationships are important yet many times, we forget the value each relationship level brings. 

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What's ya' readin'?

We have moved our regular feature of Don Kardux's
book report to the blog. It
will be posted on the 2nd
day of the month.  To read Don's January report go to

Each month we will ask our community
what they are reading by featuring 2
or 3 that reply.

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Life After CN

by Sandy Pirwitz, BNI

(Ed.note.  As the suggestion of
your BOA, we are highlighting a
new graduate of the CN course
as that person ventures through
the next twelve months.  You'll
hear from her in this issue, July
and December.)

Have you ever noticed
that often when you first
meet someone who's new
to the "networking
community," that you
sometimes then see them

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