Bill Steele, HIREarchi, recently finished an architectural course
on studying building design for hurricanes and floods.  He intends on using this
knowledge to benefit potential
homeowners of East Coast seaside designs.

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Member Spotlight

Bill Steele, HIREarchi

by Simony Silva, Designs by Simony, LLC,

Bill is that soft spoken kind of person with a permanent smile on his face, which makes it all so easy to ask him a million questions if you want to.  He even said I had a lot of them, and he was right!  I have to agree I was taking advantage of his kindness. But the thing is, once I meet a creative mind, I always want to know more and more what’s inside!

 I first met Bill through his wife Cindy at a Mary Kay party.  While I stared in amazement watching him participate on the facial treatment, I asked myself: How many men would do that for their wives? So it’s true when he says that after 30 years of marriage it has not been enough time together yet. They met in high school and never left each other’s sight since.

 Bill started his career in Toledo after getting his Associate’s Degree in Architectural Technologies from Owens Community College. After that he tried for a short time some Civil Engineering at UT and soon realized there was too much calculus so Architecture was the next best choice.

He moved to Tucson, AZ, with Cindy where he continued his education and worked for six years.  Recession was taking over Arizona so they felt the need to move again; this time they picked Pasadena, CA. 

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CN Review

Chapter 5

by Andrew Stainbrook
DotNet Technologies

Lynsi Stonecipher Clinger
Clinger Chiropractic Center

Chapter five of the Connext Nation course is one of the most important chapters. This chapter is focused on selecting, training, measuring and maintaining a team mate.  

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What ya' readin'?

Jennifer Alford, Creative Financial Partners, is reading Secrets of Great Rainmakers by Jeffrey Fox. “I have read the book many times but it seems to always bring me back to making sure I am bringing in new business and not becoming complacent in my career.”

Jeff LaCourse, Symmetry Financial Group and Trupanian, is reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. “This is one of my all-time favorite books and one of the few I have read more than once (this is my 3rd time through it). It is loaded with great tips to condition your mind for success.” 


Connecting the Dots

by Simony Silva,
Designs by Simony, LLC

For me, life is like a starry night, full of bright dots... if I look too fast I only see dots, if I stop and think about it then I can connect those dots and make a picture. So that’s my story for today, how those dots from the past got connected to make this picture I’m living today and how CN was one of those bright important dots.

It was March of 2011 and I was just starting my business in partnership with a builder. 

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