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Connext Nation


By Debby Peters,

March is NOT a regular lunch month! Instead we are having an after-hours event that Andrew Stainbrook, DotNet Technologies is chairing.  Andrew has secured the front room area of Max and Erma’s restaurant in Maumee on Dussel.  This is a slightly different area of the restaurant than when we met there last summer.  The date for the event is Thursday, March 26, from 5-7 PM. There will be plenty of yummy appetizers.  Andrew probably has something else up his sleeve, so come rub elbows with the other grads and bring your friends too, as it is a great way for them to find out about CN!
April is also NOT a lunch month, but instead, a breakfast that Mary Bryant, Melaleuca is chairing.  We will be meeting at Pam’s Corner on April 14, from 7:30-8:45 AM where you will be able to purchase the breakfast of your choice.  Instead of one speaker, this time we are going to have a panel of three:  Debra Greeley Gorman, The Chocolate Shoppe, Jason Madasz, BNI and Tony Szczechowski, ProEdge Lawn Care, Ltd., who will answer questions posed by both the BOA, CN Facebook followers and the audience that morning.  All three of these CN grads have transitioned their business in some way and we will want to hear the reasoning and planning behind this transition.  We can all benefit from their knowledge because our businesses or careers are always in transition.  Again, guests are welcome at this event.

Facebook Page
If you haven’t yet found our Facebook page, go to Facebook and in the search window at the top key in the words Connext Nation.  You will see the logo and the name appear.  Click on it and then click on “Like” to continue to be in the Facebook know!

Member Spotlight:

Simony Silva, Designs by Simony, LLC

by Chris Kapelski, Interactive Design Solutions,


Photo credit: C. Julie Photography

Simony Silva, the fantastic and creative women who brings you Designs by Simony, LLC, loves her two kids and traveling above all else.
Simony's life has been full of memorable experiences and adventures. From a young age Simony began travelling the world and creating a life for herself. 
At 17, she left Brazil and became an American exchange student in Bluffton, Ohio.  Moving to Ohio was a big change for her, but she embraced it.  After graduating and moving back to Brazil, Simony began college to pursue her passion of architecture (with a full scholarship). After school she was presented with an amazing job offer to be an architect back in Bluffton.  Eventually Bluffton was just too small to contain her creativity and drive, so she packed once again and headed straight for Toledo, Ohio.  In Toledo, she began her new life and a new job. 
Today, Simony absolutely loves the work that she does and has developed a happy balance in her life which includes traveling, art, architecture, and her two amazing kids Cecilia and Lucas.  Doing what she loves is what keeps her going. 
As a single mother, Simony is short on free time but when she does catch a break she loves to read and travel the world with her children. "Reading always help me to relax, no matter how hard life gets, I can always find peace when I read."  With hobbies ranging from baking to scuba-diving, Simony can do it all. Although baking and cooking was not always something Simony was good at, when she first started out she did not know how to cook at all. "Today, I can cook food from almost any nationality and I have a huge library on cuisine from all over the world."
Simony has so many memorable moments in her life. The ones that really stick out to her are becoming an American exchange student, giving birth to her two children, gaining her American citizenship, and watching her two children grow and flourish.  She says, "To create life and see them flourish is one of the most inspiring things I have experienced."
Learning is an everyday part of her life. When she travels she learns about the places she visits, including the cultures, food, languages, and most importantly herself. At work, Simony loves to learn about her clients. From residential remodeling to interior designing for residential and commercial projects, Simony can provide exactly what her clients want.  Owning her own business has been her dream because it meets the necessities that she must have in life. She is able to make her own hours, has the freedom to travel, and can be there for her children. 

Simony loves to network, so you can expect to see her at So Now meetings, CN Events, and at BNI functions. She is even a part of the CN Board of Action. Because of her appetite for travel, you are sure to see Simony around, maybe even on your next vacation.


CN Horn Tooting


Barb Wilson, owner of SM3, is excited to celebrate the four year anniversary of SM3. She says that without the networking community, she wouldn't be where she is today! 
Deb Olejownik, DJC Consulting, will be speaking at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on April 17, 2015. The topic: The 3R’s of Burnout: Recruitment, Retention, and Repair.  Additionally, she competed in the Toastmasters Club Level International Speech Contest at her club, Westgate Toastmasters and took third place which means she is in position to speak as the alternate at the District Level Competition in March. The title of her speech: The Metamorphosis of My Wings.
Jessica Smith has a new job!  She is now the Arcadia Director at Heartland of Waterville. Arcadia is the 46 bed dementia unit within Heartland of Waterville.
Karla Lewis, Southwestern Consulting, just had her best week ever in sales. She provided workshops and enrolled more people than she ever has into the coaching program. Karla is looking forward to changing their lives and empowering them to take their sales career to a new level. 
Mary Nyitray, Optical Arts, is so excited that once again she will be attending the International Vision Expo to bring back amazing frames! Every year she attends and gets to see thousands of frames from designers all over the world!  
Michael Temple, Temple Development Company, was the designer and architect of the Carruth Studio web site and has managed it for the last seven years. He was recently asked to redesign the site to be fully responsive to mobile devices and to completely update the design in the process. This site sells the beloved work of internationally known sculptor George Carruth and his whimsical designs of animals and fairies sculptures and plaques for interior decoration and gardens all over North America. Michael looks forward to another long run of assisting Carruth with the technical management of their eCommerce property as well as offering marketing expertise and assistance. (Ed. note: while shopping in Port Townsend, WA, a Victorian Seaport & Arts Community across Puget Sound from Seattle, I often see Carruth's works in galleries and shops.)
Nick Nigro, Davis College, shares that Davis announced that it is offering State Tested Nursing Aide (STNA) training. This 5-week course meets twice a week allowing participants to balance school with their jobs, family lives, and other activities. It also includes a free test prep leading up to the exam and the program is approved by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. 
Tony Szczechowski, ProEdge Lawn Care, Ltd, was in Memphis all week for The Land Opt principles meeting and success celebration. Pro Edge took third place for Rookie Contractor of the Year. 
Jeff Pettit, Artistic Memorials, in Perrysburg and Northwood celebrated thirteen years in business on February 14, 2015.

Melonie Dickey, Affinity Merchant Solutions, and employee Leah Lanius are excited to announce that they've secured speaking engagements in the local community to share the upcoming chip card technology rolling out in the United States in 2014. This is a new payment technology that will impact the way consumers pay at the point of sale. They presented at the Women's Entrepreneurial Network's Lunch Bunch and a local community bank in February.  Upcoming engagements are at both the Holland Springfield and the Perrysburg Chambers of Commerce.

He Listened!

by Debby Peters, Connext Nation,

As a networker, I always keep a bunch of pens in my purse.  Or maybe it is just better said that I keep a bunch of pens in my purse!  They are ones that I collect along the way from various businesses that use them for promotional purposes.
I was using one such pen at my Board of Action meeting.  For those of you reading this who are saying what the heck is a Board of Action (BOA), it is a group of grads of Connext Nation that want to help the grad community to grow and be prosperous.  Sort of like a Board of Advisers on steroids.  One of my very loyal members, Rick Reichow, a newly independent insurance agent, noticed that I was using a pen of his competitor.  Being the smart aleck that I am I told him that the pen he had given me would not work.  He said that he would take care of it!
Being even more of a brat, I said that I liked blue ink, too!  (With me you don't need enemies!)
So yesterday, Rick came up to me at our BNI meeting and gave me a Martin Lark Insurance Agency pen. And it wasn't your old run of the mill pen.  It is a gorgeous green; with a little penlight feature AND IT HAS BLUE INK!  That pen is not your 89 cent variety, but probably didn't cost $10 either.  All I know is that it was not about the pen, but about the thoughtfulness of Rick.  He made my day.
Who has made your day recently? Or even more important, who have you listened to and then made their day???  Tell us about it at our Facebook page!

New Website

We recently launched an updated version of our website.  Thanks to CN Grad, Chris Kapelski, Interactive Solutions, the site now seems to be a lot easier to navigate.  The BOA has viewed it and agreed that the update is a very positive step forward.  Also, the security of the site is now tighter, which is a good thing in today’s hacking world.  The student section is now password protected and we will send that password out to all of you. The address to reach the home page remains the same,  Please go to the site and take a look.  Then post a comment on our Facebook page at this link.  From those comments about the site during the month of March, one will be chosen the winner and will receive a gift card from CN.


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