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1. A lovely film of Lightweight in Sunderland
2. 'Bridge after Bridge': Kirklees HMD
3. For the Love Of It 13: Bristol
4. Six million buttons
5. Folkstone Cheriton Lights
6. Lightweight: more dates

A lovely film of Lightweight in Sunderland

Image from video of LW in Mowbray Park, Sunderland
Watch this two-minute film about one of our visits to the lovely Mowbray Park in December. This shows our wireless face recognition camera taking a series of face capture images of participants that appear a few minutes later on the globe. We see their images animated as cherubs fluttering amidst a range of different video background, or on a Carousel of seasonal images.

Bridge After Bridge: Kirklees HMD

Bridge After Bridge
7.15 pm on Tuesday 29th January 2013: Presenting imagery at the Holocaust Memorial Day event in Dewsbury Town Hall, showing pupils creative work exploring history and hope

For the Love Of It 13: Bristol

FLOI-13: For the Love Of It
48 hours of inspiration, creation & fun - a cross between a weekend long party and workshops and skill sharing and inspiration, artists led and working best with a broad mixture of people attending. It isn't free but the costs (£34) cover food and venue hire. Last year many who came found it really inspiring and encouraging to be around other artists. We try to change the format and venue every year so it's always a bit of a surprise. Part of the Street Arts world? then it would be great if you could come to Bristol. From 6pm Friday 8th Feb - 6pm Sunday 10th Feb 2013 at the College Project, Bristol, BS3 5JJ - ArtSpaceLifeSpace

6 million buttons

6 million + Buttons at Rippon Catherdral
A Grants for Arts funded R&D project exploring how an existing installation made by artist Antonia Stowe from over six million buttons might become a permanent out door memorial to those who died in the Holocaust. Part of the team exploring user engagement through workshops with young people in Kirklees finding ways to integrate technology and poetry..

Folkstone Cheriton Lights

Cheriton Lights
Saturday 23rd February 2013: A participatory projection piece for Folkstone Cheriton Artland light Festival based on some of the face-recognition technology used in Lightweight. See more about the event, organised by Strange Cargo here:

Lightweight Wingface


more dates

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Lightweight Wingface
Wed 13th Feb:
Twilight at the Museums
Downing St
5 - 7.30pm part of this special museum late night opening event
Lightweight Wingface
Sat 23rd Feb :

Moon Raking
Town Centre
Lightweight part of the brilliant Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival where we'll also be helping create some of the other visual effects.
Lightweight eye
Each event, a different show

A 4-metre diameter, 360 degree video and animation sphere, full of colour and hidden music.
Designed for outdoor events from twilight it provides a stunning centrepiece - and now is interactive!

See more, including video of the interactive mode, here on our website:
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