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Conference Events 
May 31, 2019  

Greetings to all our BC Conference Members. We would like to share the events that are happening around the BC Conference during the month of May. 

If you would like your Church event to be featured here please contact the Communications Department at the Conference office:
Phone: 604 853-5451. ext 402

Click on the images / e-mail address / another website that is provided below the description to see more information for the event. 
Congratulations Graduates!

The British Columbia Conference would like to Congratulate all the Graduates at Cariboo Adventist Academy.

REACHing Across the Globe!

One of the strengths of the Discover Bible School that we discovered this year at the Westminster SDA Church is in the global impact of having Bible studies available online. The Voice of Prophecy has set up a website where seekers may choose the language of their choice or from any remote area as long as there is a WiFi signal. The Westminster SDA church is a proud sponsor of this program and has setup a satellite school. The past year we have experienced our school reaching a new level.  

One day, I received an email alerting me that our site had a new student. When I began the dialogue, I saw that the new student was from Kenya, Africa. I wasn’t that surprised as I have received alerts from all over the world. However, that all changed when a personal question was asked concerning their opinion of the lessons and what impact it has made. What shocked me was to learn that our new student was doing these lessons from a refuge camp 150km away from Nairobi City in Kenya!  


Buay Kapduel, was one of the unfortunate people that had to flee the civil war in Sudan leaving everything behind.  He was fortunate to still be alive, but not so fortunate for the others he had to witness. Buay was using his cell phone to locate Bible studies and came to VOP site. He was getting his power from a solar panel that had been rigged to supply power to his cell phone. We communicated regularly and he would show me pictures of the camp through email.   Buay compares the camp to a prison cell and the studies were giving him Hope and strengthening his faith.
Buay completed the lessons with such enthusiasm. His answers showed he had wisdom and leadership skills. He responded with authority of his love and commitment to Jesus. He wanted to change things at the camp and bring hope to his people. I began to write messages to the church he had established there in the camp. He told me that when he began to read the messages, he would announce that this was from someone in Canada. Suddenly, the people gathered would stop moving and talking. Everyone was so focused even the children stopped rustling. He told me this never happens in this church. A message from Canada made them feel someone was there concerned and caring for their situation. It was a message from far away from someone who cared. I thought about how the message of God through the Bible has reached us and saw the connection. There was hope in the camp and more people came.

As the church grew, he asked me for help with Bibles and as they accepted the Sabbath asked for quarterly lessons. However, Postal Canada would not send anything to this area due to terrorist activity and also the fact the address was not recognized. Who delivers to a refuge camp?  I thought I was done until someone from our congregation approached me after I presented this in church.  Laura had just moved to Canada from Kenya and told me the closest SDA church to that area was the very church she attended!  My eyes testified God was present and doing something I could not do without him. I knew Jesus was in the House! She gave me the contact info of the Head Elder of the Nairobi SDA Church in Kenya. Through social media, we were able to connect and the next thing I knew, a supply of Bibles and Sabbath School supplies were being delivered to Kakuma!  Buay took a picture of the supply arriving and the people of the church holding their new Bibles and quarterly lessons. 

The church began to grow so Buay got the idea of setting up a Pathfinder club. He had at this point over 50 kids! It was obvious the Holy Spirit was moving on everyones’ hearts. Buay contacted me asking if I could find some way to have the kids outfitted in pathfinder shirts. I struggled with this request as every avenue I tried led to a dead end. Sending to a refuge camp in the middle of nowhere is not an easy task. Therefore I talked to Elder David and he said he knew a person that does shirts but it would cost over $600 to outfit that many kids with customized polo shirts. I canvassed the church and found some volunteers to help with the cost. We had to wire the money to David. As everyone knows, wiring money to Africa sounds like a scam and I sure got that feeling from the Canada Post workers. I reassured them this was legitimate and realized the Lord had given me an opportunity to witness for his glory and took advantage. 

It took a months for everything to occur as the camp is 150km away on rough roads from Nairobi City. I learned a lot of spiritual lessons along the way concerning the “delay” aspect of our faith in God and what it means to wait upon the Lord. Even in Kakuma, people were getting discouraged, but then it happened. The shipment arrived! The gratitude expressed cannot be described but I was surprised by what David had printed on the shirts. Not only were all the logos there, and a header of the Kakuma 4 Pathfinder club, but also a compliment on the back of the shirt stating “Donated by the Westminster SDA Church, Burnaby BC CANADA”. Talk about a surprise from the Nairobi church.
When we work together through alignment, God will bring blessings to those giving and receiving. It is in God’s will that everyone be saved, and it is God’s desire that we all care about His will. The Kakuma church continues to grow, because of one person searching the web for Bible studies. The Lord made sure of that, To God be the Glory.
Submitted by Nick DiTomaso
Westminster SDA Church
Burnaby, BC
AOK Extreme Home Repair

xtreme Home Repair (EHR) is a program launched 16 years ago by the Acts of Kindness (AOK) ministry, a community outreach of Church in the Valley. This year, Ledell Kendall, a single mother had been chosen as the Acts of Kindness recipient for Extreme Home Repair 2019 and on May 20, the family and surround community celebrated the "Big Reveal." Click the following links to read articles by the local newspaper and the North American Division Headquarters (NAD):

Langley Advance Times:

North American Division Headquarters:
Welcome to the Family

Oakridge Adventist Church is delighted to welcome into membership Adriana, Joshua and Miere who made their commitment to Jesus public by baptism and profession of faith as part of the Easter Sabbath service April 20th 

Click below to view their testimony:

Submitted by Kid Kettner
Celebrating Baptisms

Derek Desaulniers, May 18, 2019
I grew up in a family where both my parents didn’t take us to church except for the odd family event where someone was being christened or baptized. It wasn’t until I had my son Callum that I began to find Jesus in my life, I was so hurt and grieved over things outside my control, I began to ask all manners of people for understanding and to help, but it wasn’t until I addressed God that I found his answer. He brought my wife into my life and helped to guide me to Him through His Word. Slowly I felt the changes in my life as I would continue to grow closer to Jesus, I know I have been married for three years, and studying with both Ben Boyd and Pastor Glatts for the past year, and honestly it has been eye opening, I feel the Heavenly Father’s presence in all things we do since His plan has helped me come closer to Him so that I can be here, looking to start my next life through Him. 

Gregory Jerome was baptized on May 18, 2019.
In August of 2018, Pastor Luc met Gregory at Walmart in Abbotsford and hit it off with speaking French. At the end of the conversation the pastor invited him to come to church the next Sabbath. Gregory has attended the church ever since the invitation and also attended the Prophecy Encounter with Pastor Doug Bachelor in Langley, BC in November 2018. He then joined the Prophecy Encounter Follow-up Study every Tuesday evening at the Abbotsford Adventist Church. He asked to be baptized and we are happy he joined our church.
Written by Luc Sabot
Abbotsford SDA Church
Abbotsford Community Table

Abbotsford Community Table May 7, 2019

In our most recent event, The Community Table put on "Dinner with the Doctor," which had our highest attendance so far of 90 people, including our health team. We estimate that about 1/3 or so of attendees were from the community, and we were thrilled with the turnout! We served dinner-in-a-bowl, with an assortment of delicious sauces for people to try. Attendees were given all the recipes to take home highlighting many different bowl themes:  Mediterranean,Thai, Mexican, etc. Dr. Jonathan Fish presented "Lifestyle as Medicine," and he spoke about the importance of nutrition, exercise, water...NEWSTART! He presented the facts backed by compelling research and shared testimonies and stories which made it practical and interesting. Everyone enjoyed his presentation immensely, and we hardly had time for a cooking class at the end! He ended the talk by sharing they "why" behind it all:  when we are healthy and fit, we are better able to serve our Creator and fellow human beings, and thus we are fulfilling our purpose in life. Having a slim waist and being healthy isn't just about looks or feeling good, it's about being able to live our lives in service to those around us just as Jesus did.  


Written by Rebecca Stonecypher
Abbotsford SDA Church
Curry Cooking Classes Held in Creston

Magda Ciocazan, an Adventist from Sandpoint, Idaho, who is both an advanced massage therapist and a lifestyle cooking coach from Fresh Air Health, presented this seminar to packed tables in the Fellowship Hall—a group of about 35 women and men with the help of 10 staff. It featured authentic Asian plant-based and very delicious food. Facts on the nutritious ingredients were also presented. 


Recipes for Palak Chana, Cauliflower Riceout to the participants and their preps were demonstrated with the overhead mirror. Platefuls of the finished products were served. What a great community service. We thank her for her time and her talent. Biryasni,Dhal Tadka,Dried Fruit and Nut Ladsoo (healthy dessert) and lemon rice were given.
Gathering Together

The Fellowship Hall was packed with over 175 people and the remaining 25 plus had to be re-located in the sanctuary to watch the services by remote video.

This annual gathering of members from various Adventist churches in the East and West Kootenays, Bonner’s Ferry, Sandpoint, Idaho and from Northern Alberta, was the largest in the 40 year history of the event.

They enjoyed encouraging thoughts from our BC Conference President, Pastor Torres and from Pastor Jean Ross from the Amazing Facts Television Ministry headquarters in Sacramento. He delivered four inspiring and Christ-centered sermons on Revelation 14. So positive, so reassuring, yet so challenging. Both are pictured above. 

The music was wonderful, with solos, a ladies’ trio, choir  and orchestra renditions plus lively praise songs with the Strummer’s band.

The food was amazing and the unity of fellowship was inspiring. God blessed in a mighty way.


Submitted by Kid Kettner
Parkview Adventist Academy
PAA Days
June 2-3, 2019

Parkview Adventist Academy (PAA) will hold its annual "PAA Days", starting Sunday, June 2, until Monday, June 3, on the PAA / Burman University campus in Lacombe, Alberta

PAA Days offers an exciting opportunity for academy students to see what life is like at Parkview Adventist Academy while making new friends.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in sports, the arts, a treasure hunt (to acquaint students with the campus) and a "Western Picnic" during their visit.  Visitors from out of town will stay in Maple Hall, the academy dorm, on Sunday night, June 2.  Groups may extend their stay by special arrangement with PAA administration.  A travel subsidy is available to groups traveling more than 300 kilometres to this event 
There is no charge for participating in PAA Days.  A pre-registration form is available when you visit our website at
ADRA Emergency
Response Training

June 7-9, 2019

Join ADRA's Emergency Response Training, led by Alain and Nicole Normand, to learn how to prepare for and respond to emergencies within Canada.

To register or for more info, please contact:
Erroll Palipane
Telephone: 250-556-4293
Living a Better Life
June 8, 2019

NEWSTART +1 Howard Steinhilbert presents "Living a Better Life"

DATE: June 8, Saturday 3-4:15pm
LOCATION: Cornerstone SDA Church
1415 Noons Creek Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3E 2T7

Click on the link below to read 
Archived messages

May 18, 2019
The Power of Sharing!

May 25, 2019
A Tender Spirit of Gratitude!


BC Stewardship Stories
Month to month we are presenting inspirational stories that highlight the blessings of serving the Lord faithfully. In case you missed them, you can watch them in the links below.

Click on the links below to view the videos:



InFocus is an ongoing collection of stories of our God alive and working in real people’s lives today. In a world filled with doubt and uncertainty, may these inspirational shorts bring you hope and encouragement one story at a time. 


Click on the links below to view the videos:

Reflecting God's Glory
 Video Collection

Sermons and seminars that were recorded in the main pavilion during the BC Camp Meeting 2018 - Reflecting God's Glory session are now posted in a collection page. Each video is viewable as well as downloadable.

Click on the links below to view the videos:

Mountain View
Summer Camp

Seniors Camp 2019
June 23-28, 2019

Office: 778-769-5890
Mountain View
Summer Camp

Blind Camp 2019
June 30-July 5, 2019

Office: 778-769-5890
Mountain View Summer Camp
Search & Rescue 2019

Mountain View Summer Camp: If you are between the age of 7 – 18, we invite you to come and enjoy time with Friends, Nature, your Faith, and God at Summer Camp this year!! When you apply before May 31 you will save $100.00 on your camp fees! Apply now at Then call Shelley at 604.853.5451 ext 304 to make your Visa/MasterCard Payment any time on Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Cash or Debit payments are accepted at the office. We look forward to serving you in 2019. 
If you have any questions please contact Shelley:
Call: 604.853.5451 ext 304
The regular cost to attend Camp is $509.25. Apply and pay in full by May 31, 2019 and your cost is just $404.25! 
Camp Dates:
Kid’s Camp 1          July 7 – 14 (Age 7 – 12)
Kid’s Camp 2          July 14 – 21 (Age 7 – 12)
Teen Camp            August 4 – 11 (Age 12 – 14)
Youth camp           August 11 – 18 (Age 14 – 18)
Creator Unknown
September 19-22, 2019

For more information:
Visit or contact Brian Wahl.  
Weekend Retreat
October 18-20, 2019

Seniors in Action for God with Excellence (SAGE)
Camp Hope October 18-20, 2019
ONLINE Registration at
Or call Tanya at 604-853-5451 X 300. 

Central Africa Mission Trip
Dec 11, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020

Central Africa Mission Trip
December 11, 2019 - January 3, 2020
Ages 16-35

Registration Deadline - March 30, 2019
Children's Divisions
Staff Needed

Children’s Divisions STAFF NEEDED
For Campmeeting at Camp Hope
Friday, July 26, 2019 through Sabbath, August 3, 2019
Paid Positions to fill:
  • Registration Assistants
  • Bouncey Castle Attendants
  • Field Activities/Games Leader 
If you are interested, please email your resume by June 15, 2019 to
Sonja Buchanan at:
If you have any questions, call Sonja at 778-977-4644
Children's Divisions
Volunteers Needed

Volunteers NEEDED
For Camp Meeting at Camp Hope 2019
Friday, July 26, 2019 through Sabbath, August 3, 2019
Children’s Divisions
Especially during CRAFTS time😊

If you are interested, please contact
Sonja Buchanan at:
If you have any questions, call Sonja at 778-977-4644

Mountain View Summer Camp
Summer Camp Staff Applications

Summer Camp Staff application forms are here 2019. Fill in appropriate new staff or returning staff form. (links below)

New Staff online application
Previous Staff online application

Bookmobile Driver


Position available: The Adventist Book Center is looking for a Bookmobile driver.  A Class 1 licence is required

Contact: David Haluska at 604-859-2566 or email for details.

Junior Accountant

Deer Lake School is presently seeking a full-time Junior Accountant. Individuals interested in the position must be familiar with full cycle bookkeeping and accounting, bank reconciliations, financial reporting, journal entries and general ledger accounts, preparing monthly financial reports and supporting year-end file preparation for external auditors.  Applicants should have an accounting degree or an appropriate combination of accounting courses and relevant experience. This is a permanent, full-time position, with benefits. 

Please visit under employment opportunities, for a full job description and how to apply.
Position available: Full-time Junior Accountant
Contact: visit

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