REACH Newsletter - August - 2018
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Conference Events 
August 16, 2018 

Greetings to all our BC Conference Members. We would like to share the events that are happening around the BC Conference during the month of August. 

If you would like your Church event to be featured here please contact the Communications Department at the Conference office:
Phone: 604 853-5451. ext 402

Click on the images / e-mail address / another website that is provided below the description to see more information for the event. 
The BC Conference Welcomes

Administrative Assistant for Secretariat and Planned Giving

  Sheila Macaraig started working at the BC Conference Office, July 3, 2018 as an Administrative Assistant to Secretariat and Planned Giving departments.
     Sheila hails from the Philippines and is married to Pastor Leomar Macaraig. They started their pastoral ministry in British Columbia in 2013 in the West Kootenays District where Sheila worked as the International Admissions Officer for Selkirk College for two years. After relocating back to the lower mainland in 2015, Sheila worked as an Admissions Officer at British Columbia Institute of Technology.
     She completed her Masters degree in Business Administration at the Adventist University of the Philippines, March, 2005, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 1998. 

     Sheila and Leomar have two daughters, Shekinah Patience Faith and Shiloh Blessing Praise. We welcome Sheila to the BC Conference office!
Camp Meeting 2018


     We would like to congratulate the pastors Aaron Sikhosana and Alrick Watson on being ordained in our beautiful Camp Hope Camp Meeting 2018 on July 28, 2018.
     Aaron Sikhosana has been with the BC Conference serving in the Richmond/New Life church district since 2015. He is supported in ministry by his wife, Eden and their son, Matthew.
     Alrick Watson is currently serving the Williams Lake and Quesnel Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the British Columbia Conference. He is married to Tara and has two children, Shovonna and Malachi.
     This simple act of ordination is done to represent God appointing His people to be His instruments, dedicating His representatives to Him. As said in the Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus personally calls all of us to have faith in Him and to act and share the Good News of salvation throughout the world. Let us all continue to support and take heed to this Great Commission as these pastors continue to do.

Ministries of Compassion Projects Receive Grant Funding

     Approximately $34,000 - our record so far! - was distributed to BC churches to support community outreach projects throughout British Columbia. These projects, which minister to the less fortunate among us, are the outworking of one of our core values, Community Outreach & Evangelism, represented by the C in REACH. Thank you for your generosity last December 9 when you gave to this worthy cause. As you see below, it made a real difference.
      Nineteen churches in British Columbia received funding in support of their Ministries of Compassion. The recipients of Ministries of Compassion funding for 2018 are:
     The BC Conference churches may apply for Ministries of Compassion Funds by requesting a form from Sheila Macaraig by email:
Returning it by February 28, 2019.

~Ern Brake
Survival Against All Earthly Odds Leads to Professions of Faith

     On July 4, 2018, Campbell River Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed a new member through Profession of Faith in a ceremony held at the North Island Hospital in Campbell River.
     Warren Assu, having been baptized by another denomination, by immersion, made aloud his vows of acceptance to become a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as he was unable to raise his hand in the traditional manner of acceptance.
     The ceremony and celebration were held in a room especially dedicated for the use of patients and their families. Well-appointed with kitchen alcove, comfortable chairs and settees, and a fireplace, the room accommodated well all the church members, guests from Comox Valley Church, and the nurses who brought Warren down from his ward.

Pastor Mario Di Lione administering the Profession of Faith to Warren Assu
     The atmosphere of love and warmth, perhaps even awe, was palpable as we contemplated how only the hand of God could have prevailed against Warren’s certain death several times over in the previous five months.
     A degenerative disease resulted in Warren’s collapse and immediate airlift to Vancouver General Hospital, for serious emergency surgery. Corey and Carmen, Warren’s church sisters, were with him the night he collapsed. His church family kept a prayer vigil and were in constant close contact thereafter with the medical staff. The surgeons cautioned that the odds of Warren making it alive to the operating table were but 50/50, and that his chances of surviving the surgery were even more grim. Further, in the unlikely event Warren should survive the surgery, both legs would need to be amputated as soon as he was stable.
     To the doctors’ astonishment and against all earthly odds, Warren not only survived the flight and the surgery, but with his legs intact! Though Warren’s hold on life was tenuous he was alive—and clearly it only could have been by the grace of Almighty God!

Warren Assu with Profession of Faith Certificate

     At the behest of the medical staff, a church delegation led by Pastor Di Lione and accompanied by Warren’s 87-year old father, hastened to Vancouver to lend support and to pray over Warren. Several more times over the following months we were called to attend Warren’s side as quickly as possible. And every time Warren rallied. It was a wondrous thing to behold! Again, clearly God had a reason for keeping Warren alive.
      Warren eventually was transferred to Nanaimo General, then to North Island Hospital in Campbell River. Finally, he was back home, where all his church family could visit and look after him. His hospital room quickly filled with the fourteen sisters and brothers in attendance to celebrate his 57th birthday, complete with cake and candles, on June 10th. Throughout his ordeal, and despite his serious medical condition, Warren’s message to all of us consistently was, “Be strong.”
      God answered our prayers. Warren’s condition improved sufficiently to enable him to understand the spiritual guidance of Pastor Di Lione, First Elder Tim Miller, and his close friend Rick Williams as they prepared Warren to take this commitment to God by pledging his willing adherence to the Seventh-day Adventist church. Praise the Lord!

Sister Lucilia Silva in a demonstration of love to Warren, felt by all in attendance.
     Following the official ceremony, Pastor Di Lione invited all members to address Warren individually and share with him a moment / an occasion / a memory of our time with him. Several were overcome by emotion while sharing.
     This wonderful celebration of a new member still with us no doubt by divine intervention concluded with singing and refreshments. It was a most memorable occasion.

Submitted by: Carmen Laurin, Member, Campbell River Seventh-day Adventist Church

Church News


     God’s kingdom is comprised of people from all nations, and the Penticton SDA church celebrated this with an international supper held on May 19. Attendees feasted on cuisine from Russia, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Israel.
     They also recited their favorite Bible verses in their native language and gave the English translation. One family brought a collection of Bibles from many different countries and in different scripts. One man sang a song from his childhood and homeland.
     People were encouraged to wear the traditional dress of their native land, but in the case of mixed parentage, this resulted in mixed attires, such as the lady dressed in a German Dirndl wearing Dutch wooden shoes.


     July 7 was a high day in the Penticton Seventh-day Adventist church as seven precious souls were baptized and joined God’s family. Patrick and Zerlynn Martel, in reading their Bible, found the 7th day Sabbath, and wondered why most Christians did not celebrate it. In searching for more information on the internet, they found David Asscherick’s Discover Prophecy series and watched all of it. On his first visit to the Penticton church, Patrick said, “We have found our church home.”
     Unable to attend the synagogue in Kelowna, Jean, a Jewish lady, asked her friend Bonnie Vandergriend to go with her as she checked out the only Sabbath-keeping church in town. Jean liked what she saw, was baptized, and now had the thrill of seeing Bonnie and her husband Tony baptized too.
     Pieter and Anabelle Schouten met Adventists while visiting the United States, and studied the Bible with them. They accepted the Sabbath before returning to Canada and continued studying, leading to baptism.
     Stephen Chisholm, a born-again Christian, attended many different churches in Halifax, looking for a church home. In personal study, he discovered the truth of the Sabbath, and after moving to Penticton, looked for a church that kept God’s day. On learning about the controversy between Christ and Satan and the behind-the-scenes events that shape earth’s history, he asked to be baptized.


     There is relief from intense heat and smoky skies at the Sea of Miracles, a VBS program currently held at the Penticton SDA church. Attendance is small, but enthusiasm is great. The mother of one youngster, who had never been inside a church before, said her daughter would not quit talking about what she had heard and seen and done. There is hope that next year her younger siblings will be attending too.


     Besides volunteering at the soup kitchen every Sunday, Penticton SDA church members help feed the homeless every Monday evening. Besides food, sanitary and personal care supplies are also provided, as are Bibles and other literature. This has led to at least one Bible study.

Submitted by: Elfriede Volk, Communications Director, Penticton Seventh-day Adventist Church

Camp Meeting 2018


A number of items were found and turned into the lodge office during Camp Meeting 2018. Items include phones, glasses, and vehicle keys etc.

If any of these items might be yours, please call the Conference Office at 604 853 5451 to identify and claim before September 30.


July 21, 2018
The Joys and Blessings of Camp Meeting!
     Greetings! Today, I will share God’s Word with our small but lovely congregation in Ashcroft. Last year, they were hit hard by the wildfires which destroyed the homes of some of our beloved members here. However, they remained faithful to God and He has blessed them in their commitment to love, serve, and represent Him. Please keep them in your prayers!
     Tomorrow afternoon our pastors and most of our office staff and their respective families will be going to Camp Hope as our Camp Pitch will begin on Monday morning. It is an amazing experience to enjoy the spirit of camaraderie and mutual support as we gather together to prepare Camp Hope, BC Conference Sanctuary, for Camp Meeting. It is our privilege to work unitedly as a team to serve our constituent members and folks from far and near to celebrate God’s love for us! Camp Meeting is a prelude and foretaste of heaven… The time spent there is for the study of God’s Word, to get trained to share Christ’s free salvation with others, and to be of service to humanity.
     I kindly request all of us to dedicate sometime in prayer for our Camp Meeting during this Sabbath day. Let’s ask for God’s protection for our travelling and during Camp Pitch as we complete the tasks and for the safety of the saints who will be making their way to Camp Hope with high spiritual expectations. Please, pray with me for the speakers and seminar presenters, for all division leaders, musicians, technicians, those who will be on stage and “behind the scenes” personnel, Camp Hope staff, volunteers, and all participants and attendees. Let’s thank the Lord in advance for the blessings He has already reserved for us. Camp Meeting is like the special yearly gathering in Jerusalem for the ancient Jewish nation - it is looked forward to with great delight and hopes!
     “Properly conducted, the camp-meeting is a school where pastors, elders, and deacons can learn to do more perfect work for the Master. It should be a school where the members of the church, old and young, are given an opportunity to learn the way of the Lord more perfectly, a place where believers can receive an education that will help them to help others.” (EGW, 6T, 49)
     Please, let’s pray for the spiritual success of our 2018 Camp Meeting, Reflecting God’s Glory, for all of us to come humbly to the foot of the cross, where God’s throne of grace begins!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


August 11, 2018
It is Time To Reflect God’s Glory!

     Greetings from Courtenay! Today, I will be of service to the Comox Valley Church. I am happy to share God’s Word with our brothers and sisters here. Please keep the Comox Valley and Campbell River churches as well as their Pastor, Mario Di Lione (he had a small surgery this week) in your prayers.
     This morning, I want to say a big Thank You to all of you who worked so hard and tirelessly to make our 2018 BC Conference Camp Meeting (CM), Reflecting God’s Glory, to be a spiritual uplifting event. While I was still at Camp Hope and then during this week, I received many encouraging messages from our members about the blessings they received during our CM, the largest spiritual gathering in our Conference. Indeed, all our meeting places (auditoriums) and children’s divisions were in full capacity and I could witness the excitement and happiness in the smiling faces of our members. The speakers were truly inspired in presenting and delivering God’s messages to us - powerful. The seminars were Christ-centered and very practical. The camp grounds were (are) in great shape. The volunteers… amazing as usual. Thank you to all our workers and volunteers for their commitment in helping CM to continue to be so special and spiritually focused. Thank you to all of those who came to Camp Hope and were blessed and to those who watched CM on livestreaming and prayed for it.
     We had a debriefing with our pastors after completing all our tasks on Sunday, purposing to identify how we can improve the services to our members and make CM even more spiritual, inspiring, organized, and practical, by God’s grace. Please, feel free to send your suggestions to help us achieve those goals, together.
     Yes, after that “Mountain Top” experience, it is time for us to return to the “roads and valleys” - our normal activities - but never neglecting the calling to Reflect God’s Glory in our homes, churches, schools, neighborhoods, and communities where the Lord wants us to shine for Him. Yes, as we reflect His glory, we will grow spiritually, individually and corporately, and become His vessels to share His glory with others.
     We are already making plans for our 2019 BC Conference CM, Reflecting Christ’s Character. However, this will only become possible when we are first “spiritually filled” to represent our Savior in everything that we do and say.
     Thank you! It is a pleasure and an honor to work together, as a family team, with all of you!
     Enjoy the rest of your summer. Let’s stay safe in the hands of the Lord and connected with Him in our hearts! “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” Isa. 30:21 ESV.

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.
Testimonial Videos

Month to month we are presenting inspirational testimonies that highlight the blessings of serving the Lord faithfully. In case you missed them, here are the video links for the months of December - August.

Click on the links below to view the videos:

September 14-16, 2018

SAGE BC is hosting a weekend retreat for all ages at Camp Hope featuring speaker Lewis Walton.

Join us for a time of fellowship and spiritual enrichment in the beautiful surroundings of the camp, located near Hope, British Columbia.  This weekend will include walks, discussions and social times in addition to inspiring talks by the featured speaker, Lewis Walton.

An Amateur Hour is planned for Saturday night and all retreat attendees are invited to participate in this activity.  

More information or register: 
Telephone: Donna Hodgins:
Home: 604 796 5262 or Cel: 604 750 8696

For further information please contact Ed or Shirley Oakley:
Telephone: 250 656 6944 or 250 208 4200

Register before September 2, 2018 to take advantage of the early bird discount.
Camp Hope, September 21-23

SINGLES RETREAT – Plan now to attend the annual Singles Retreat at beautiful Camp Hope, BC September 21-23. Come enjoy great speakers, activities and meals in the beautiful surroundings of Camp Hope!

To register, please go to:

For additional information please call:
Jana Bislin at (604) 309-4823
September 28-30, 2018


Women's Ministry Fall Retreat
Healing for the Sealing
September 28-30, 2018 - Camp Hope, BC

Guest Speaker: Esmie G. Branner, Ph.D


  • Living in a Toxic World
  • Beyond the Veil of Darkness
  • His Mind or Your Mind
  • Looking to Be Changed? (The DNA of God)
  • The Power of Thought (Healing for the Sealing)
Online registration at:

For more information on the retreat, visit online:
or call the Conference Office for Mary: 604 853-5451 ext 105
October 12-13, 2018


Men's Ministry Fall Retreat
Becoming a Man of God
October 12-13, 2018 - Camp Hope, BC

Our annual Men's Retreats are great powerful weekends of men joining together to worship, learn and experience the power and grace of God in new and fresh ways.

Guest Speakers:

Pastor Kevin Wilfley and Keith Wilifey


  • Becoming a Man of Prayer
  • Becoming a Man of Service Becoming a Man of Integrity
  • Becoming a Man of Generosity
  • Becoming a Man of Faith
  • Becoming a Special Forces Man  
1 Person per room package: $195 per person
2 People per room package: $150 per person
3 People per room package: $135 per person
Day Tripper Rate: $35 per person (includes two meals)

ONLINE Registration
For more information on the Retreat, visit or call Greg Wellman at 250-493-2741

October 14-18, 2018

Silver Hills-Coming to Hope
October 14-18, 2018

Come and Discover How Lifestyle Can Reverse Disease

Phil Brewer, lifestyle makeover coach and founder of Silver Hills Guest House  will be leading the lifestyle team.
Cameron Johnston, stress management and burnout coach.

4 Days of Lifestyle Training to Maximize Health and Longevity

  • Prevent, arrest and reverse major lifestyle diseases
  • Diabetes, explore a natural way out
  • Simple lifestyle answers for reversing heart disease
  • Discover stress solutions and how to take control  
  • Enjoy refreshing SPA treatments
  • Take a time out to unwind in a beautiful mountain setting
  • Eat delicious healthy plant-based meals
Register Before September 14, 2018 For a 33% Discount.

For complete info and how to register:
or call/text: 250-267-1660
October 26-28, 2018

Health Share Weekend
Benefits of a Plant-Focused Diet and Healthy Living: Equipping Leaders for Healthy Living

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marcus Trayer and the BC Conference Health Ministry Team

Topics include:

  • Weighty Matters and Diets Exposed
  • Longevity and Protecting Your Arteries
  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Other Benefits of Healthy Living
  • Plus Cooking Demonstrations
To Register:  
Or call Donna Hodgins:
250-796-5262 or cell: 604-750-8696 (no calls from the US to the cell please).

Admission & Costs: 
  • Single Room: $255
  • Shared Room, per person: $210
  • Couple: $415
  • RV, 30 amp hook up including meals, first guest: $205, extra guests $135 each
  • Meals only, no accommodations: $135
  • Individual meal pricing: Breakfast $16, Noon $18, Evening $16
  • Extra Night in Room: Single $60, Shared $75
  • RV per night: $40

Note:  Sign in and Health Testing starts at 9am Friday October 26th.  Please be sure you sign in AND have the health test done by noon so you can par-ticipate in the afternoon seminar.

Space in the Lodge is VERY limited, register early! Last day to register or cancel registration is September 25, 2018.  Payment due at time of registration. Two nights - Friday, Saturday, if you need accommodations for Thursday night please let Donna know.

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