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Conference Events 
October 4, 2019  

Greetings to all our BC Conference Members. We would like to share the events that are happening around the BC Conference during the month of October. 

If you would like your Church event to be featured here please contact the Communications Department at the Conference office:
Phone: 604 853-5451. ext 402

Click on the images / e-mail address / another website that is provided below the description to see more information for the event. 
VBS Stories

Abbotsford Kids meet Jesus in the Jungle

Jambo” was the greeting as 60 + kids ages 4 - 12 scampered into the jungle of the 2019 Jamii Kingdom VBX at the Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Jamii means “community” or “togetherness” in the Swahili language and we focused on learning about the animals of Africa as well as its diverse and beautiful people.  VBX is the acronym for Vacation Bible Experience – lessening the use of the word “school” during the summer!
The kids gathered in Safari Groups based on age for Opening Assembly and sang favourite VBS songs with full voices, arm motions and huge energy.  Each day featured an Opening Assembly with theme specific and favourite VBS songs.  Another loved portion opening assembly was the daily skit presented by Neka and Nala Steenbergen ages 11 and 9 who were “animal trekkers” hunting for water to save their village!  In spite of quick sand, lions and other dangers, they trusted their God daily and discovered the water!

Craft time found our kids making “Batik” fabric patterns - one of the ways handmade African clothing is designed.  Kids came up with beautiful colors and designs.  They also made soap, candles and slime during the 5- day VBX.  Storytime was in Habaru Hut - where kids gathered around Pastor Melissa to hear the daily Bible story, to explore inside the hut and beat the authentic African drum.  In outdoor recreation our kids played games, enjoyed water balloons, explored their creativity with sidewalk chalk and learned teamwork.  Kids climbed up to the mountaintop (up the back stairs) to the upper room where they learned about quiet time with Jesus.  Family and individual prayer was modelled and experienced in many secret hideout places in the room.
The “Safari and Beyond” time was a favourite where kids enjoyed seeing real African outfits and learning about various parts of Africa from people who grew up there or have visited there.  The best was when Mike from Wild Education came with his piles of animals and let the kids touch the huge African turtle, the lizards, multiple snakes including a boa constrictor, and a chinchilla - the softest animal in the world!
The kids learned daily memory verses as well as take-home messages such as:
Jesus loves me - I am saved.
Jesus loves me - I am brave.
Jesus loves me - I am helpful.
Jesus loves me - I am free.
Jesus loves me - I am joyful.

And, of course, everyone was happy to take home their safari hats and a swinging monkey along with all their crafts at the end of the week.  

This annual activity has brought together multiple volunteers of every age (our valued teens our esteemed retirees) from the Abbotsford Church and has strengthened our commitment to providing our children (about 26), those from other churches (about 20), and those in our community (about 20) with positive experiences at church and with Jesus.
Submitted by Linda Glatts
Abbotsford Church
VBS Stories

Come to Jesus' Table

This year at Surrey SDA Church the title for our VBS 2019 was "Come to Jesus' Table". It was themed around healthy eating, cooking classes and prayer. Each days lesson had a different story from the Bible i.e. Monday was "Eating in the Garden of Eden", Tuesday was "Daniel's Special Diet", Wednesday was "Elijah Fed by Ravens" Thursday was "Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand" e.t.c.

We had a total of 42 children every day with 24 non-adventists visitors. In between our daily lessons of bible stories we had a cooking class every day. Our recipes included overnight Oatmeal breakfast with chia seeds, Whole Wheat bread and Blueberry jam, Apple crisp, kids soup and the kids got to make vegetable wraps.

God really blessed the program as the children learned, listened to bible stories daily and recited the Ten commandments. Each day the children brought a free-will offering and raised $130.86 for Adra. Indeed this was truly a huge blessing in preparing the children for Christ second coming. 
Celebrating Baptism

Lisa Ash Baptism

As I stood waiting in a seemingly endless potluck line, I recognized a familiar face from a former lifetime. “Jassmie… is that you?” “Dauncey, is that you?” 

Jassmie and I went to Canadian University College together. I hadn’t seen him since I walked off campus with a fresh diploma in 1998. He and his girlfriend, Lisa had both found new jobs in British Columbia and they found themselves worshipping at Church in the Valley. Church was a whole new experience for Lisa, and she thoroughly enjoyed it! Jassmie shared many Bible stories with Lisa and she found her love growing deeper for God. The next step seemed obvious. She wanted to publicly declare her love for God. In her words, “I have fallen in love with our Creator. The One who blessed us with the beauty of the earth, the forest, and the flowers. Our Lord and Savior who gave His only son to die for us for eternity. I am in love with God and I want to accept Him in my life, for the rest of my life!"

Lisa was baptized on August 24, 2019. 
By Pastor Dauncey
New Location

New Life SDA Church has a new meeting location.  If you are wanting to fellowship with the members of New Life SDA Church please note they are now meeting at 17400 60 Avenue, Surrey.  

If you need to get in contact with the church please e-mail their new Pastor, Alrick Watson, at

46th Anniversary & Homecoming
October 5

Surrey SDA  Church
8520-132nd Street, Surrey BC

Tel: 604-591-2922 

October 9- November 13

Get ready for some family fun! We have a TON of awesome FREE classes and activities for all ages! Join us for dinner and a fun night with other families.

Join us every Wednesday from October 9 to November 13 for dinner and a fun night with other families.

Dinner: 6:00 pm
$5/person or $15/family

(we define a family as parents/guardians and children)
Activities and Classes: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

See you there!
Typology Bible Seminar
October 11-12

Cornerstone Seventh-day Adventist Church will be hosting an exciting and interesting Typology Bible Seminar by Dr. Richard Davidson-PHD -Professor at Andrews University
Focus will be on the general principles of interpretation for biblical typology.
Case studies of various examples of various typological persons, events, and institutions such as Adam, the Flood, the Exodus, the Sanctuary, David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, etc.

  • Oct. 11, 7pm Friday night: "Biblical Typology: What is It and What are the Principles for Its Interpretation?"
  • Oct. 12, 11am Sabbath Morning Worship Service: "'Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son': The Exodus in Type and Antitype"
  • Oct. 12, 2pm Sabbath Afternoon: "'These Things Happened as Types'": Case Studies in Biblical Typology"

 A free Lunch will be provided for those staying for the Sabbath afternoon session

Location: Cornerstone Adventist Church - 1415 Noons Creek Dr. Coquitlam, BC

Weekend Retreat
October 18-20, 2019

Seniors in Action for God with Excellence (SAGE)

Camp Hope October 18-20, 2019
ONLINE Registration:
Call: Tanya at 604-853-5451 X 300. 

BC Conference Pathfinders and Adventurers Leadership Convention:
All Adventurer, Master Guide, Pathfinder and Teen Leaders are invited to attend the 2019 AMPT Leadership Convention on October 25 – 27, 2019. Please send your application forms to Shelley at, or apply online at

The cost is just $105.00 if received by October 21, 2019.
Late registration cost of $125.00 begins on October 22, 2019. 

Call to the Challenge
October 25-27

  • Up To Oct 20 – $20
  • After Oct 20 – $35
  • Day Trippers $50 Registering up to Oct 20 (includes Registration, Lunch, Supper and Sabbath Meetings)
  • Late Day Trippers $60 (Registering after October 20)


  • Single in room $203
  • Two in room $155
  • Three in room $139
For more info and registration:

Worship Academy Conference 2019
October 26, 2019

Worship Academy Conference 2019 is happening this fall and we are so excited to be hosting this impactful event!

Worship Academy Conference is a one day conference bringing together musicians, worship leaders, technicians and transformative thinkers. During this conference, you’ll be challenged to grow with action-driven sessions led by innovative leaders. We hope you will also leave refreshed as you pursue excellence in your ministry!

Worship Academy 2019 will take place October 26, 9am - 6pm at Church In The Valley.

To REGISTER & for more information on speakers and workshops go to:

[Click to view promo video]

The Last Empire: Back to the Future!
November 1-7

November 8-11

All Youth age 13 and up are invited to attend the BC Conference Annual Youth Retreat on November 8 – 11, 2019. Don’t miss the Early Bird Price of $104.00--Application and payment is required by October 31, 2019. Applications received on or after November 1, 2019 the price goes up to $134.00. See your Church office, Youth Leader for an application form, or call Shelley at 604.853.5451 ext 304:

Email Adult Leaders are also needed, please submit an application for approval by Brian Wahl, Youth Director.

Online registration is accepted at (click on "Youth Retreat")

[Click to download the PDF application form]

Minimum payment of $50.00 is required at the time your application is received. Please call Shelley to make your payment with Visa or MasterCard—Debit or cash payments are accepted if you come to our office.

Click on the link below to read 
Archived messages

September 28, 2019
Winning at it's Best!

Reflecting Christ's Character
Video Archives

Sermons and seminars that were recorded in the main pavilion, Fourteen6 & The Wave during the BC Camp Meeting 2019 - Reflecting Christ's Character session are being posted in collection pages. Each video is viewable as well as downloadable.

(Note: Some sessions are still in the process of being uploaded. Please check periodically for new updates.)

Main Pavilion



Young Adults - FOURTEEN6
(Note: Some sessions are still in the process of being uploaded)

The Wave

Sessions: coming soon

BC Stewardship Stories
Month to month we are presenting inspirational stories that highlight the blessings of serving the Lord faithfully. In case you missed them, you can watch them in the links below.

Click on the links below to view the videos:



InFocus is an ongoing collection of stories of our God alive and working in real people’s lives today. In a world filled with doubt and uncertainty, may these inspirational shorts bring you hope and encouragement one story at a time. 


Click on the links below to view the videos:

November 29 - December 1

Prices are as follows:   

  • Early registration $15/couple (Register until September 14) 
  • Regular registration $20/couple (Register from September 15-November 9) 
  • Late registration $25/couple (Register on or after November 10) 

Registration deadline is November 22 

Lodging based on double occupancy (base rate only; add registration fee on top, according to dates) 

$310 (includes 5 meals – Friday supper, Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper, Sunday brunch) – per couple rate 

$296 (includes 1 snack and 4 meals – Friday snack, Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper, Sunday brunch) – per couple rate 

Meals (couples that live close by. Base rate only’; add registration fee on top, according to dates)

$154 (includes 5 meals – Friday supper, Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper, Sunday brunch) – per couple rate 

$140 (includes 1 snack and 4 meals – Friday snack, Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper, Sunday brunch) – per couple rate 

Day droppers (Sabbath with meals. Base rate only; add registration fee on top, according to dates) 
$120 – per couple 

The first 30 couples to register will receive $50 off

Contact Tanya Avelar-Martinez to register
Call: 604-853-5451 X 300. 


 Guest Speaker Mira Djakov


Central Africa Mission Trip
Dec 11, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020

Central Africa Mission Trip
December 11, 2019 - January 3, 2020
Ages 16-35

Registration Deadline - March 30, 2019
Experience the Holy Land!
May 4-13, 2020

For more information contact Pr. Roger Esteves:
Cel Phone: (778) 821-3089

Bookmobile Driver


Full-Time Position available: The Adventist Book Center in Abbotsford is looking for someone to drive the Bookmobile and help in the store.  Applicant must be a Seventh-Day Adventist in good standing and have a Class 1 licence with 5 yrs. experience preferred.

Contact: David Haluska at 604-859-2566 or email for details.

Learning Centre Supervisor

Our Learning Centre in Duncan, British Columbia is seeking a full-time supervisor to provide support to students from grades 1 to 7. This position involves direct supervision and instruction of students in the classroom setting using an online curriculum.  

Responsibilities include academic instruction and classroom management, along with the ability to create a positive learning environment for all students. Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential, along with the ability to work efficiently under pressure. Proficiency in use of technology and strong organizational skills are necessities for this position. We are seeking a professional committed to Christian education who has training in this field and experience in a classroom setting. 

The Duncan Learning Centre offers a challenging work environment and opportunities for professional development. If you have the skills and passion to help students learn and grow, please send your resume to:
Inspirational Books & Music

Rob & Beth  Audio CD
$13.39 each

Husband-wife duo, Rob & Beth, crafts music together around voice, guitar, harp, cello and piano. Their first album, recorded at Overneath Creative Collective, is now released. It features original songs and hymn arrangements expressing their praises and perspectives as a couple thankful for the opportunity to live, sing, and share. 

Broken but Blessed by Eunice Kemunto Marube
$12.99 each
This is the incredible autobiography of a young lady who went from divorce, depression, and thoughts of suicide to restoration and a healed marriage. She shares her troubles so that you can see God’s leading and find blessings through your pain and brokenness. For every pain there’s a purpose.

God's Truth by George R. Knight
$2.69 each
God's Truth sets forth the idea that there is truth not only in the material world but also in the social and spiritual realms; truth that is foundational to personal and social health; truth that transforms lives. 
Bestselling author George R. Knight explains the Bible’s major themes in a manner that is both clear and brief.  As such, it not only provides a concise introduction to the teachings of history’s most influential and best-selling book, but it is also an invitation to further study. After all, there is nothing more important than understanding God’s ultimate truth about the world and our lives

The Appearing - 2nd Edition 
by Shawn Boonstra
$3.99 each
The ancients predicted it. Today it is one of the hottest topics around. Millions are talking about it, but few people agree on exactly what will happen. Pastor Boonstra presents what the Bible really says about the Second Coming. This book is the perfect companion to The Appearing series, though you don't have to have seen the series to enjoy the book.

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Friday 10 am – 2 pm
Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm
Telephone number 
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