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January 31, 2020  

Greetings to all our BC Conference Members. We would like to share news and events that are happening around the BC Conference during the month of January. 

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January 25, 2020
A Night to Remember!

January 18, 2020
Becoming a Friend of God!
the British Columbia Conference
Uganda Calls

Rachel's Story
What I first got the information about the Mission Trip I thought, “This is something I don’t want to miss out on!” I have always wanted to on a big Mission Trip and now that it’s over, I have no regrets! The reason is that in Chapel every year, we watched Operation Christmas Child, and I wondered “how do volunteers get to do this?”

Finally, it was time to go on one. The Mission Trip impacted me mentally and physically. My luggage was missing for three weeks, and it was a challenge to ask others for help; clothes, water, malaria tablets, chargers/adapters, bug spray and sunscreen were some things I needed help with. I got through it by thinking about it as a learning experience. Maybe later in life I will lose my luggage again, but now I have learned how to pack extra clothes in my carry-ons, and also to remember to put my adapters in my suit case. I know how to go through the procedures to find my missing luggage. When I heard my luggage wasn’t coming during the trip, I was still happy to help with whatever task anyone gave me, because I came on the trip for a reason. What I did on the project was clean out classrooms, remove posters, make new posters and painted inside and outside walls, and painted blackboards for the Victorious School. I hope the BATWA people remember us and know how much we care about them. 

This is a once in a life time opportunity and I had a lot of fun. I am forever thankful for Brian and Pam for letting me come on this trip and being a part of an amazing team.

What I like about Uganda:
  1. Has the friendliest strangers that I have encountered.
  2. Is a slow paced, easy going, relaxing place to live.
  3. Most people there have a business
  4. It’s sunny, then it pours in the afternoon.
  5. People walk a lot to get around
Written by Rachel Cote
Uganda Calls

Nadia's Story
This trip, to me, was an exhibition of God's power. Raw, unchanging power, that no force can bend, break or challenge. As we worked and witnessed in Uganda, I saw examples of strength that I personally thought were impossible:
·       I saw people smiling every day even though their lives and their situations caused them to have to labour and toil for their livelihoods and basic needs.
·       I saw our group hike a mountain every day just to reach the top to work several long hours under the African sun. 
·       I saw children carrying their siblings on their backs, and then pick up our supplies from our weak fingers to reach the goal God intended for us. 
What we did for the Batwa was a very small piece in the operation God has planned for them. We helped restore the school that was put in place to educate the people who were deprived of the courtesies owed them by those who took them from their homes. It is through education that we find the beauty and purpose of the lives God has given us and ADRA and the Conference made it their goal to support the education of the Batwa. 

Working with the locals on this project, we saw the dirt and the darkness stripped away from their school and hopefully God's light will remain in its place. They still need plenty of support from us because God is not finished protecting and uplifting His people in Kisoro or the Batwa.
My take away from this trip is that anything is possible with God on your side. ADRA is proving that every day they work, to better the lives of others. The Batwa prove that as they overcome their challenges and the small handful that have graduated, work for a brighter future for their people. The families of Uganda prove it as they strive to send their kids to school and hike long distances to be in God's house every Sabbath. 

I am going to prove it in my life because I have been inspired. At my local church I am the only youth. I often feel alone, unwanted and unheard. But the children of Uganda have inspired me to plant my feet and grow up strong. Because if they can work through the hot sun, the tough roads, the little food and the near hopeless fight every day to better their lives, then I can take a stand in my local church. I know that I need my voice to be heard because my God is awesome, powerful and prepared with big plans for me and for you. 
So, don't hesitate to do the same. Take the steps in your life to be the person God plans for you. And when you're weak, God shines brighter. When you don't feel comfortable, God shows His presence in the darkness. When you think you can't do it, remember that if God can take a group of mismatched Adventists to Uganda and cause good, God can do anything as long as we are vessels to show His glory.
Written by Nadia Gifford 
Celebrating Baptism

On the 19th of October 2019, a dear friend of mine gave me the privilege of saying a few, precious words on her very special day of baptism.

Ann Frederikson chose the theme of love to commemorate the moment with the understanding that God is love.

I first met Ann in April of 1988 at the hospital in Langley, BC where she was working as an ICU nurse and I a Physiotherapist. At that time we were just colleagues with a common background, that of having both been raised in the UK.  

A nurse lives love every moment of every shift. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God, but Ann's time to know God was yet to come.

After she retired Ann and I lost touch but Love had a plan. Love brought her onto my ward at the end of my shift on a Friday afternoon when her dear husband was critically ill. I had a visit with them both that evening and Ann and I exchanged phone numbers. Sadly her husband fell asleep that very Sunday and that's when our friendship began in earnest.

Ann and I praise God for His timing bringing her support at exactly the moment she needed it most. This is love, not that we love God but that He first loved us. Since He loved us we also ought to love one another for love comes from God.  

Love first planted His seed in Ann many years ago when she was a young Methodist attending Youth Fellowship in the old country. At that time she had a desire to know God better but as so often happens that seed would take many decades to grow and blossom.

We know that we live in Him and He in us because He has given us of His Spirit.

In the last three years, Love opened Ann's heart and has gently encouraged her to study His word. Ann began to attend Church In the Valley, Langley, BC on a regular basis from early 2017 and she has joined a Sabbath School bible class and is enjoying learning truths that are new to her. She relates that she is very grateful for the "extensive knowledge" of the members of that class all of whom really enjoyed celebrating her baptism with her and afterwards an afternoon of food and gifts!! In addition, she enjoyed an evangelistic series and was faithful in attending every one of the follow up weekly meetings that Pastor David Jamieson held afterwards. She also enjoys her own personal Bible study and doesn't hesitate to ask myself or another member of the group when she has a question.
Love gave her courage (to take the plunge - of baptism!!) and drove out fear because there is no fear in love.

Love gave her the wisdom to recognize who He is and what He wants for her life.

In Ephesians, Paul prays for power for us to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge.
Love led her to the moment of baptism and to make a decision to follow her Creator, the God of heaven and earth.

Ann praises God and thanks Him from the bottom of her heart for bringing her back to Him after 55 years!! 
 Submitted by Bea Pardo
Celebrating Baptism

It had been in my mind for awhile that I would like to be baptized.

Finally the day had come; I had finished all of my studies with Pastor Dave, and now here I was in the baptistry at Church in the Valley.

With the warm water surrounding me, and the song “So Will I” being sung all around, I couldn’t stop smiling, I was just so happy! I knew that the God of Creation was with me and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Him.

Some of my closest friends and family were gathered around and standing by my side while Pastor Dave baptized me. Born again through Jesus Christ, I came out of the water, hugged by joy and peace. If the stars were made to worship, so will I. All of heaven celebrated with me that day.
That was the most special day of my life, by far!

By Ava Maffei
(11 years old)
How Happiness Happens
Saturday mornings beginning January 25 at 11am
Happiness - we all want it! But it doesn't just happen. 

We think we'll be happy if...
or we'll be happy when...
or we'll be happy because...

But what are the secret ingredients to happiness? How does happiness happen? 
Come find out! You'll be happy you did!  
Saturday mornings at 11:00 am - Beginning this Saturday, January 25 at 11:00 am.

Church in the Valley | 23589 Old Yale Rd. Langley 
(Free refreshments from 10:00 - 11:00 am)
Lunar New Year Festival
February 1, 6:30pm
Lunar New Year is a popular event in our city. And what better place to celebrate the season than at Deer Lake School’s Lunar New Year Festival on Sat. Feb. 1,  6:30 pm at Deer Lake School.

This multicultural party with a Lunar New Year theme will offer delicious food booths from Asia and around the world, craft and gift shops, carnival games, a Lion Dance, and so much more!

Admission is free, with various vendors selling their foods and crafts. This is a great event for the entire family  - and why not bring a friend?

COST: Free
WHEN: February 1, 6:30pm
LOCATION: Deer Lake School
5550 Gilpin St, Burnaby, BC
South Asia Outreach Sabbath
February 1, 2020
WHEN: February 1,
10:35am, 10:50am & 2:00pm
Church Officers Training
February 8, 3pm


  • CHILDREN MINISTRIES (Including children Sabbath School Teachers) Presenter: Sonja Buchanan 
  • YOUTH MINISTRIES Presenter: Grant Misseghers
  • FAMILY LIFE, MEN & WOMEN MINISTRIES Presenter: Wesley Torres
  • HEALTH MINISTRIES Presenter: Ken Naidoo & Kelber Mazur
  • SABBATH SCHOOL (Including Superintendents/Adult teachers) Presenters: Ern Brake & Don Anderson
  • EVANGELISM / PERSONAL MINISTRIES "The Church as an Evangelistic Center" Presenter: Tom Glatts
  • PRAYER MINISTRIES Presenters: Norman Cote & Leomar Macaraig
  • DEACON / DEACONESS / HOSPITALITY Presenters: Wedson Devil, Rhoda Miller & Moses Haynes
  • TREASURY / STEWARDSHIP Presenter: Jordan Gallant
  • CHURCH CLERKS Presenter: Avelar-Martinez
  • COMMUNICATIONS Presenters: Joey Aguilar & Jorge Cruz
  • WORSHIP & MUSIC Presenters: Alrick Watson & Collin MacLaughlin
  • ELDERS Presenters: Milenko Tanurdzic & Levi Estores

To sign up for a workshop:
Telephone: 778-961-0166



Film & Mini Health Expo
February 2, 1-3:30pm


Call: 250-864-0450

See all our Let's Move Kelowna healthy lifestyle events on Facebook! 

Counteracting Cults
A Seminar Exposing Delusions & Deceptions

February 28, 7pm

WHEN: February 28
TIME: 7pm
Sabbath Day of Prayer
March 7, 2020

WHEN: March 7
TIME: Beginning at 9:30am
LOCATION: Victoria Seventh-day Adventist Church 983 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3P4

5pm Evening of tea & praise
(at Lakeview Christian School)
RSVP to Cecilia Sagaste 
Excellence in Education Awards 2020 Nominations
April 15 Deadline 

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Excellence in Education Awards. Nominate your Adventist school principal or teacher!

Nomination Form:
or contact the SDACC Office of Education at:
(905) 433-0011
European Reformation Tour

You don't have to be 55 or better to join SAGE Seniors from Washington (and beyond) for a European Reformation Tour from August 6-17, 2020! One of the most memorable parts of the tour: attending Oberammergau, a once-a-decade, 400-year-old passion play! ONLY 8 SEATS REMAIN! $3,400 + airfare.

Contact SAGE assistant, Ana Hernandez, to claim your seat!
Call: (253) 681-6008.

If you are 7 years old to 18 years old, we invite you to join us at Mountain View Summer Camp for a week of fun and make new friends! Each day is packed with excitement, activity, energy and opportunity. Come and enjoy the atmosphere that we offer! From a creative flag raising in the morning to the relaxation and fun in the evening, each camper will have a chance to experience something new! Our Camp Staff is looking forward to spending time with you, teaching new skills and building positive friendships.

We are offering each camper a $150.00 discount when they register by March 31, 2020! Don’t miss this great deal. Early registration will also help to ensure that you get the activities you want to do the most!!

Apply online at or contact Shelley at 604.853.5451 ext 304 or email me at 

See your church office for an application form! 

Make note of these dates:
Kid’s Camp I       July 5 – 12
Kid’s Camp II      July 12 – 19
Teen Camp         August 2 – 9
Youth Camp        August 9 – 16
Click buttons to download registration forms and savings coupon:
Camper Registration Form
$150 Savings Coupon

BC Stewardship Stories
Month to month we are presenting inspirational stories that highlight the blessings of serving the Lord faithfully. 

In case you missed them, click on the link below to view the video library:

Watch the latest video:

Izabella - Valeishka - Maria Elena - Jorge
“God Listens When We Pray"

InFocus is an ongoing collection of stories of our God alive and working in real people’s lives today. In a world filled with doubt and uncertainty, may these inspirational shorts bring you hope and encouragement one story at a time. 

In case you missed them, click on the link below to view the video library:

Watch the latest video:

Abraham Samudio
“The Ravine”
Click link below to listen using WinAmp or iTunes:


School: Lakeview Christian School 
Posted: October 28, 2019

Job Title: Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

Deadline: Until Filled

Description: Lakeview Christian School, located in beautiful Victoria, BC, is looking for a committed, caring Early Childhood Educator for our Daycare/Preschool. LCS is a fast growing diverse community with vibrant staff and a supportive volunteer network. We have a very supportive, positive environment with a mission to encourage children to love Jesus, love others and love learning.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, located on Vancouver Island. We have temperate weather year round allowing for many outdoor sports and activities. Lakeview Christian School overlooks scenic Elk Lake about 10 minutes from the downtown core and 15 minutes from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal. 

The ideal candidate has current BC certification in Early Childhood Education or is qualified to obtain their certification. They are passionate about sharing Jesus and love working with children. They must be energetic, well organized and a good communicator. Position to begin in January 2020.

Contact: Susan Featherby 
729 Cordova Bay Road 
Victoria, BC V8Y 1P7
Phone: (250) 896-6755


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