As we approach the end of the year it is always a good time to reflect.  Where did we excel, where did we fail, where can we improve and where would we like to go.

New Schedule for the New Year
12:00 CPY Nobo C2
4:30  One Boulder Fitness
Sports Conditioning
10:15 CPY Sobo C1
11:30 CPY Sobo C2
5:15 Little Yoga Studio Power Flow
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5:10 One Boulder Fitness Sports conditioning
3:30 CPY Nobo HPF
5:00 CPY Nobo C2
Hello Friends,
As we approach the end of the year it is always a good time to reflect.  Where did we excel, where did we fail, where can we improve and where would we like to go.  We all are on our own path, but we meet on our journey to inspire, motivate and support each other.  For me the physical manifestation of this has been my acroyoga practice and workshops.  It has challenged me both physically and emotionally.  Working in partnership and groups can be trying, but can also lead to tremendous growth.  In the workshops that I have led in the past year I have seen all forms of communication, breakthroughs and successes.  It has truly been an honor.  Click on the picture to see a short video my friends Sean Bacon and Kaitlin Saragusa made at my last workshop.

Recently, I have been teaching private acro and partner yoga classes.  I had the opportunity to work with a family.  The mother had told me that they were working on activities that would allow them to connect more as a family and thought partner and acroyoga might help.  I have worked with children since I was fifteen so I felt up to the challenge.  The hour flew by and all three were engaged the whole time.  That is except for when the daughter had to eat her one and a half bananas.  It was amazing to see how the three of them worked together, basing, spotting and flying.  We ended with a back to back to back triangle shaped meditation.  It was so great to see them supporting each other and breathing together.  The daughter was more engaged in that hour than she had been in a long time.  I look forward to working with them again.

I also had the privilege of working with two college students who were putting on a performance and wanted to work on some specific moves.  They had been working as a team for three years and were gearing up for their final project.  They had an incredible bond and could sense each others needs and strengths.  We took some video and I gave them some homework and they have told me that they did a run through that went great.
I have also started taking on students again in there personal practice.  It is really great to work one on one to find individual needs and goals.
I look forward to 2013 and whatever it may bring.  I hope to see or hear from you and wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.
With Love, Light and Flight,


Donation based class at CPY Sobo benefiting the Veterans Yoga Project.
Please join me at 11:30 for this Jolly Flow.

Private Yoga
Please contact me for information on partner, acro or individual yoga.
Limited time special price if you book before the end of the year.

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