Acro Playshop at Amana Yoga Sunday, September 28th 12-2 :)

Acroyoga Playshop at Amana Yoga
Come to the Grand Opening Celebration for Amana Yoga and stay for the first of many AcroYoga Workshops. Sunday, September 28th from 12-2. Come alone or bring a friend. All levels welcome. All you need is yourself and a willingness to play!
Hello Friends,
Happy fall! There is a wonderful crispness in the air, the leaves are starting to change and the days are getting just a little bit shorter. It is a great time of year for reflection and drawing in. I have begun a morning practice of yoga, meditation and mantra that has really set me up for the day ahead. Is there anything you have been wanting to start and just needed that extra push? Well, here it is :) Go for it, do it, make it happen. It does not have to be a giant undertaking, start small and go from there. Keep me posted on any successes or challenges or let me know if you if you'd like to chat about some ideas.

I just got back from an amazing weekend up in Estes Park for the Yoga Journal Conference. The picture above is of Mia and I demoing on stage during the lunch break. I also assisted Jason and Chelsea's Acro workshop. I was reminded of two themes from the workshops I attended: subtlety and creativity. In my own practice I have noticed that by making minor refinements in engagement or focus I have the ability to access more space or length in my body. In my acro yoga workshops I like to incorporate a section called creative process where the students are given time to create their own partner poses.  I find this to be one of the most impactful and memorable sections of any workshop. Here's a clip from a workshop from June. It is called "Birds".

I am getting set to lead my last 200 hour teacher training of the year. If you'd like to join me for this incredible journey please contact me. It starts October 8th!

With love, light and flight,

Red Rocks Handstand!

My New Schedule
M 5:30 C2 Sobo
Tu 7:30 Reggae Fusion The Hill
Wed 10:15 C1, 2:30, HPF, 4:00 C2 Sobo
Th 12:00 All levels CAC
Fri 12:00 C2, 3:30 HPF Nobo

Liana in Reclined Side Star!

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