Acro Playshop at the Little Yoga Studio. Sunday March 3rd, 2:00-3:30. Come alone or bring a friend. No experience necessary. Sunday Funday!!! 

Acro Playshop
at the Little Yoga Studio
Sunday March 3rd 2:00-3:30
Come alone or bring a friend. No experience necessary. 
Sunday Funday!!! 

Hello Friends,
     I hope you are staying warm.  Winter has finally arrived here in Colorado.  Aside from the early morning scraping I love to see the snow.  Of course I say that knowing that spring is right around the corner.  I couldn't be happier about that.  That means getting outside hiking, slacking and of course more Acroyoga.  Speaking of I am starting a monthly workshop at the Little Yoga Studio in March.  The details are given right at the top of this newsletter.  Last month's workshops were awesome.  I led two sold out Valentine's Day partner yoga workshops and a great Acro workshop in Denver.  The Boulder/Denver area Acro community is growing and getting so strong.  Keep on practicing your flying, basing and spotting.   We also have an incredible burgeoning circus acrobatic scene.  In February I saw two different amazing performances.  The Visindi Circus put on a show to benefit the science program at Sunset Ridge Elementary.  The circus was created by two science teachers and included fun scientific facts and demonstrations along side of stilt walking elephants, partner acrobatics and incredible feats of strength.  All the participants donated their time and 100% of the proceeds went to the school.  I also saw the Moth Poetic Circus in an stunning performance to the live music of a Pink Floyd cover band playing Dark Side of the Moon.   I hope that these two shows are signs of what is to come. 
     I know spring isn't here but it's time to start thinking about summer and Boulder's own Hanuman Yoga and Music Festival.  Now in its third year you know   it's going to be amazing.  Once again I will be assisting the incredible Tiffany Cruickshank.  I will also be teaching Slackro, the fusion of slacklining and  Acroyoga with the Yogaslackers after returning from the teacher training in May.  The full lineup of the festival will be announced March 2nd.  Be sure to get your tickets soon.
     Through the month of March I am offering a special price for private Acro lessons.  What could be better than 75 minutes of play, connection and growth with your partner or friend for only $60!  I will leave you with a little video of me and Mia.  Acroyoga is a constant play of creative process.  We are always trying new things, some succeed more than others.  We call this Camel Carousel, the merge of Catherine's wheel and camel pose.

Super Free Star in the Living Room
Have you ever tried Yin Yoga? Core Restore is an excellent compliment to our power yang practice.  It is a restorative and meditative way to deepen your practice.  Come give it a try at 1:30 on Wednesdays at South Boulder Corepower and 10:45 on the Hill.

I have just ended my two year ambassadorship with Lululemon.   I want to thank them for their extraordinary support. 

Start your week off right with my C2 at noon at North Boulder Corepower.  Come sweat, move and breath together in a powerful and energizing flow.  If you can't make it Monday we do it again Tuesday at 11:30 at South Boulder Corepower and 5:00 on Thursday back at North.  Three chances a week to master the flow!

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