I can’t imagine a better place to live, or a better community to be a part of.

Free Intro to Acro *

November 11, 3:00-4:30 Corepower South Boulder

Please join me for this exploration of the fusion of acrobatics and yoga.  Come play, fly and join the community!
All levels Welcome.  No experience necessary.  Come alone or bring a friend.
Hello Friends,
It's been quite a month.  I completed my 40 day challenge, taught four acro and four partner yoga workshops and celebrated another revolution of the sun around this wonderful Earth we live on.  When I first started my 40 day challenge I had no idea what it would be like.  The idea sprang from a couple different ideas.  I had been slacking on my own personal practice and needed something to kick start it back into action.  I had also started a program at the yoga studio where I teach.  I set up a Google doc to have all the teachers take each other's classes.  Then there is the theory that it takes 40 days to make a sustainable change.  So with all these signs I decided to jump in.  The idea was to get back into my own personal practice, re-inspire my teaching and challenge myself.  It began as 40 days of yoga in a row and quickly turned into much more.  Over 40 teachers, 50 classes, 12 styles, 8 studios, two festivals and one DVD.  While I knew it would be challenging, I really didn’t have any idea how it would push my edge, affect my body and strengthen my practice.  There were days where I took multiple classes and days where the last thing I wanted to do was practice asana.  My body went through stages of soreness and increased strength.  Through it all, with each new teacher and each new class my drive was reinvigorated.  I feel so grateful to be in a community of such caring, devoted and inspired teachers.  

Along with my challenge, I had my regular teaching schedule.  I also lead four Acroyoga workshops and three Principle Based Partner Yoga workshops.  I taught two Acroyoga workshops in Denver, two in Boulder and had the honor of teaching partner yoga to four different teacher training groups.

                                                                                                         photo by Rob Frost

I am also celebrating my 38th birthday this month.  The past year has been amazing and I look forward to the year ahead.  I can’t imagine a better place to live, or a better community to be a part of.
With Love, Light and Flight,
Yoga Pod Acro Series: December 1st 2:00-4:00 - Come to the third in the three part Acroyoga series.  Our last installment will be a practice in transitions.  Move seamlessly from pose to pose with skill and grace.  We will also introduce partner counter balances.  All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.  Come alone or bring a friend or two!


Acro at Corepower: December 2nd 2:45-4:45 -Let Acro take your yoga off the mat.  Come experience the joy and playfulness of Acroyoga.  All levels are welcome, beginners to advanced.  We will play with flying our traditional yoga postures.  Take your dancer into mid-air.  Same with horse, prasarita, shoulder-stand and many more.  You will base, fly and spot.  All levels welcome!  No experience necessary.  Come alone or bring some friends.


New Class Schedule

Tues. 10:15 C1 CPY Sobo, 11:30 C2 CPY Sobo, 7:30 Reggae Fusion CPY Hill

Wed. 1:30 Yin Sobo, 5:10-5:50 Winter Conditioning OneBoulderFitness

Thur. 3:30 HPF CPY Nobo, 5:00 C2 Nobo

Fri. 10:30 HPF Nobo, 1:30 C2 Nobo, Happy Hour Yoga OneBoulderFitness

*workshop is free for Corepower members.  Contact me for details.

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