Acro Playshop - The Little Yoga Studio April 21st   2:00-3:30

Acro Playshop
The Little Yoga Studio
April 21st   2:00-3:30

Make a date with a friend or YOURSELF for this playful, wonderful class.
All levels workshop blending Acroyoga, partner acrobatics, handstands, and counterbalancing.
$15 drop in!

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring as much as I am.  For me its flip flops, riding my bike and playing in the park.  I love getting out on a morning hike in the crisp cool air, spending days slacking and practicing my handstands in the grass.  I missed sending out a newsletter last week, but I feel I have a good excuse.  On March 4th I married Mia, the love of my life.  We met through yoga and deepened our relations through our mutual joy of Acroyoga.  She will be forever my flyer, and I her base.

I have spent the last six months on a committee creating a Yoga program for the Boulder Valley School District.  The committtee is made up of myself, two other yoga teachers from the community and two leaders in the Athletic Department at Boulder High.  Later this month we will be presenting to P.E. teachers from every high school in the district.  The program will include both a stand alone classes as well as an opportunity to infuse traditional sports and traditional P.E. classes with yoga.  Yoga in schools is a national movement that is building momentum all over the country.  This past Easter, President Obama set up a Yoga Garden for families at the White House. 

I am excited to announce a new class that I am creating and will begin teaching this month that I have named ,"Kickasana Vinyasa, Flight School!". This is a level 2 vinyasa class that blends in arm balances and inversions and gives you the tools to grow strong in your practice. Once a week, treat yourself  by working on those postures that build courage and balance on your feet and upside down..  We will flow, sweat, get upside down, on our hands, and anything else we can think of.  It will be part workshop, part playtime.  Come out this Thursday night and every one after that to the Little Yoga Studio 6:30-7:30!

In Love, Light and Flight,

Here's me as a flyer.  Thank you Austin and Jonathan for being my very steady bases.
M - 12:00 C2 Nobo, 6:15 C1 Sobo
Tues - 10:15 C1 Sobo, 11:30 C2 Sobo, 7:30 Reggae Fusion Hill
Thurs - 3:00 HPF Sobo, 4:15 C2 Sobo

The Little Yoga Studio
Tues - 5:15 Power Level 2
Thurs - 6:30 Kickasana

One Boulder Fitness
M - 4:00 Sports Conditioning
W - 5:10 Sports Conditioning

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