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Thank you to the thousands who attended Councilmember Huizar's Bringing Back Broadway 6th Anniversary! #DayOnBroadway was a huge success! (photo by Hunter Kerhart)
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January 24, 2014 Edition

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Pedestrian Enhancements are Coming to Broadway!


What: Streetscape Master Plan Phase I “Dress Rehearsal” Project

When: February 3, 2014 - June 16, 2014

As part of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway’s Streetscape Master Plan, which was initiated in 2009, portions of Broadway, between 2nd and 11th Streets, will soon be transformed. The implementation  of this iconic destination will be done by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, in conjunction with Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative in phases over approximately five months starting February 3, 2014. Through the plan’s Phase I “Dress Rehearsal,” traffic lanes will be reconfigured and consolidated to one lane southbound and two lanes northbound. New plaza spaces will offer expanded pedestrian areas for gathering and public activities. Other benefits include shorter crosswalk distances for pedestrians, full time parking/loading, streamlined bus service, calmer traffic flow and increased pedestrian activity.

WHAT TO EXPECT: During implementation, sidewalks will remain open. Impacts to traffic circulation and driveway access will be minimized to the extent possible, but can be expected for short periods of time during installation. During planter installation, certain blocks at certain times may be restricted to local access only. 

CONTACT: For questions, comments or more info about installation of the Broadway Streetscape Dress Rehearsal project, contact:
Margot Ocanas, Pedestrian Coordinator, LADOT
(213) 972-8628

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Bringing Back Broadway Celebrates Six Successful Years

Six years after its launch, a large crowd of participants were on-hand Saturday as Councilmember José Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway rang in its 6th Anniversary with a “Day on Broadway” – an event filled with a clue-solving race, craft-beer classes and tours of the street’s historic theaters that Huizar is helping to restore.
Bringing Back Broadway is a public-private partnership – an ambitious 10-year plan led by Councilmember Huizar to revitalize the Historic Broadway corridor in Downtown L.A. Goals are to provide economic development and business assistance, reactivate Broadway’s historic vacant theaters, as well as more than one million square feet of vacant commercial space and increase parking and transit options, including bringing the beloved streetcar back to downtown Los Angeles.
Where at least two previous City efforts in years past to revitalize Broadway have failed, Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway has had marked success and met several benchmarks. Development on the block has increased dramatically, witnessed by the openings of The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles at the historic United Artists Theatre; Urban Outfitters at the historic Rialto Theatre; Acne Retail; Figaro Bistro; Umamiburger; Ross Dress for Less; jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino’s Sparkle Factory and Ari Taymor’s Alma Restaurant (best new restaurant in US), just to name a few.
“After six years, the momentum we have created to revitalize this historic street through the Bringing Back Broadway initiative is undeniable,” said Councilmember Huizar. “Gone are the days that we ask potential partners to imagine what Broadway will look like one day. More and more, they are seeing for themselves that marquees are lit up, storefronts and upper floors are open, restaurants and retail are thriving.  From public policies to new businesses and job creation, we’ve made incredible strides through the Bringing Back Broadway initiative and have met our goals along the way. Our job is not finished by any means, but Broadway is once again becoming an important destination in the City of Los Angeles.”

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Industrial District Green and Councilmember Huizar
invite you to their Kick-Off Event 
What: Industrial Green Kick-off

When: Thursday, February 13th from 7pm to 9:30pm

Where: 13 Handsome Coffee Roasters
             582 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Councilmember Jose Huizar and Industrial District Green want to invite you to the inaugural Kick-Off Event for the ambitious new project to create a cohesive "green infrastructure". The plans are to expand the current initiative to beautify and "greenify" the area between the Financial District and the East River -- a project that has already planted dozens of trees in downtown this year. 

We want you to be a part of this revolutionary transformation of the Industrial District. This family friendly event encourages you to browse the work of Industrial District Green over appetizers and drinks. To RSVP to this event, please email or call (213) 293-1425. 

The Industrial District of Los Angeles is undergoing a revitalization as Councilmember Huizar has ushered in a host of new projects to make this once neglected area a haven for artists and young Los-Angelios. Huizar's capstone initiative for the area is the new 6th Street Viaduct Replacement Project. The plan calls for more than just a new bridge; the project will create new green spaces, walking paths, and safe bike routes. For more information on this project, please visit
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New York fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar 
borrows LA's Broadway for Photo Shoot
Last week, hundreds of people came to enjoy A Day on Broadway, the celebration of the 6th anniversary of Councilmember Hiuzar's initiative to restore Broadway back to its original gory -- a hub for fashion, business, and entertainment. The area has received national attention as new hotels and businesses begin to open on Broadway once again. 

Although based in New York City, fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar decided to travel cross-country in order to use our Broadway as the location for their latest photo shoot. The clothing, created by some of the top fashion designers in the industry, reflected the retro styling and historic look of Broadway. 

More importantly, we see that the Broadway Initiative has opened the door to new economic development. Fashion companies and businesses continue to flock to Broadway, bringing with them great jobs and economic benefit to Downtown Los Angeles. To view the photo shoot, please click here to visit their website. 


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Restaurant of the Week: Cafe Nine
Walking down Spring Street it's easy to miss Cafe Nine. There are no signs or any indication that the 9th floor of this office building hides a hidden LA gem. This cafe has a down-to-earth feel as well as down-to-earth prices -- perfect for a quick lunch or late breakfast.

The Cafe Nine menu contains a widespread selection of light lunch-fare, including their delicious turkey sliders and salmon burgers. However, Cafe Nine's specialty is their wraps. The selection of wraps varies from turkey to buffalo chicken, but each is stuffed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados. Every meal is prepared from scratch, so be prepared to wait around ten minutes while your chicken is being cooked to order. If you live or work in the area, Cafe Nine is a perfect option for those looking for something health and affordable on their lunch break. 

453 S Spring St, Los Angeles  
9th Floor

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California's Driest Winter in 119 Years: What You Need to Know
Governor Jerry Brown recently announced a drought emergency, as California is experiencing its worst drought since weather records have been first recorded in the area. Click here to watch a video of how The LA Dept. of Water and Power is asking residents to take advantage of these money saving rebates to help save both water and money. 

LAWDP offers rebates for efficient appliances and devices. Nevertheless, It is estimated that 40% of LA's drinking water is used for irrigation. During this time of drought, LAWDP wants to reduce this number, making more drinking water available for residents.  The "Cash for Grass" program now offers up to $2 per square foot for customers who replace water-thirsty lawns with California Friendly landscapes. For those who wish to keep their lawns, please remember that house numbers ending in odd numbers should water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Customers with even numbered addresses should water their lawns on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  Regardless of your address, all outdoor watering is prohibited between the hours of 9am and 4pm. 

In addition, LAWDP asks residents to take shorter showers and be mindful of wasting water. More information on LAWDP's water conservation programs, regulations and rebate incentives can be found at

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We Want to Hear Your Voice at the Downtown Community Plan Meetings! 
       Meeting 1: Monday, February 3
       Meeting 2: Tuesday, February 4
.      Meeting 1: Cooper Design Space - Penthouse
                           860 South Los Angeles Street 
       Meeting 2: Union Church of Los Angeles
                           401 East 3rd Street

The Department of City Planning staff will be hosting two community meetings open to the public as part of the New Community Planning and Transit Neighborhood Planning efforts. Any and all interested residents, businesses, or other stakeholders are invited to join the meetings for a discussion about the future of DTLA. 

As you know, the cityscape of Downtown Los Angeles is constantly evolving. Help shape the city into the place that you want! Topics of discussion include: Building Design, Public Art, Visitors Amenities, Neighborhood Character and Park Planning. In the past, residents have advocated for more park space, and have made real changes in the planning and development of DTLA. Your voice has an impact! 

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Update on Regional Connector Transit Project

What: Utility Relocation 
Where: Along 6th St at Lebanon St
When: February 1st, 2014 for 4 Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.

There will be exploratory excavation work taking place to confirm the location of underground utilities on 6th St at Lebanon St. Access to pedestrians, businesses and driveways will be maintained during work hours. There will be a lane reduction on 6th St between Figueroa and Flower Street and Eastbound traffic on 6th St will be detoured southbound at Beaudry Avenue to eastbound Wilshire Blvd. But 6th St thru traffic will be maintained. 

What: Utility Relocation 
Where: Along 2nd St and Broadway
When: Tues., February 3rd for about 5 weeks. Monday-Friday from 9am to 3:30 pm and 8am to 6pm Saturdays.

As part of ongoing relocation efforts of a Southern California Gas line on 2nd St, work will resume on 2nd St from Hill St to Broadway and on Broadway from 1st St to 3rd St. Relocation efforts include excavation of a trench, welding and installation of new gas lines. Temporary crosswalk closures at 2nd St and Broadway are anticipated during work hours. Pedestrians will be rerouted to the next available crosswalk. The bike lane on 2nd St between Hill St and Spring St will be restricted during work hours. Cyclists will share the lane with vehicular traffic. Access to businesses and driveways will be maintained during work hours.

Southbound bus stop on Broadway south of 1st St will be temporarily relocated. Bus drivers will be directed to the next available bus stop.  Monday through Friday work requires westbound 2nd St traffic to be detoured at Broadway. Eastbound traffic will be maintained at all times. On Saturdays, intersection work at 2nd St and Broadway requires 2nd St thru traffic to be detoured. Eastbound thru traffic will be detoured at Hill St. Westbound thru traffic will be detoured at Main St. Broadway will be maintained with at least one traffic lane in each direction. 

If you have any questions please visit

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Come and Enjoy Dozens of Exciting Events and Workshops 
This February at Los Angeles Central Library!
Photo: Even my son Simon joins in on a thumbsup to Los Angeles Public Library re-opening on Sundays at 9 branches including Central and Arroyo Seco thanks to voters and Measure L!
Last week, Councilmember Huizar proudly attended a ribbon-cutting at the Los Angeles Central Library to celebrate the restoration of Sunday hours at Central Library and eight regional branches (1-5 p.m.). Restoration of Sunday library service is made possible by voter-approved Measure L. The  Los Angeles Central Library hosts dozens of events and classes for the public to attend throughout the year. There are events for kids, teens, and adults with topics ranging from using 3D printers, how to start your own business, "what they don't teach you in school", or simply playing video games on the Xbox 360 and Wii. 

Click here to view the entire list of events calender for the Los Angeles Public Library, narrow down your search to the Central Library and enjoy an immense assortment of events to please all ages! 

Councilmember Huizar encourages you and yours to enjoy a nice Sunday book session at your local library and journey into the world of countless hidden treasures waiting on library shelves.

If you don't already have a library card, fill out this form and take to your local library or pre-register at this website to join the thousands of patrons of the Los Angeles Public Libraries!

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My Gangfree Life(R) Academy
Photo: Even my son Simon joins in on a thumbsup to Los Angeles Public Library re-opening on Sundays at 9 branches including Central and Arroyo Seco thanks to voters and Measure L!
The Gang Alternatives Program (GAP) will be holding its Gangfree Life® 3-day Academy Training and Certification Series beginning on Wednesday, January 29 to Friday, January 31, 2014. This event is scheduled to be held at the Holiday Inn in Harbor Gateway, CA and participants from Los Angeles and all over the United States are invited to attend. Participants will be provided with access to the academy, meals, networking reception, post conference field trip, certification of completion and a Gangfree Life® grab bag.

GAP’s vision is to prevent young people from joining gangs. The GAP mission is to eliminate the base of gang membership by having a generation of young people say “No” to gangs and “Yes” to positive lifestyle choices. GAP is excited to provide this first of its kind certification and training academy program to other local and national partners. My Gangfree Life®, is a State of California Principals of Learning approved in class gang prevention program and is based on the City of Paramount’s Gang Resistance (G.R.I.P) model. According to the USDOJ, Office of Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention, the program model is touted as a “Best Practices” program, which is a nationwide comprehensive gang strategy to address community gang problems.

We invite you to participate! Proceeds from this academy will be utilized to help keep kids out of gangs and graffiti off of our streets by training and certifying Gangfree Life® professionals. GAP is one of the best gang prevention programs ever conceived with many years of successful outcomes! 

There are several ways to get involved and to help. Sponsorships are available at three levels. In addition, you may purchase individual or group (3 or more ) scholarships for those who you would like to sponsor as a gangfree life® professional. See the enclosed for the detailed benefit list for each sponsorship level and for information on scholarship opportunities. We encourage you to register your sponsorship soon to receive the maximum visibility for your marketing dollars. 

Please contact  Victory Medina or SueAnn, GAP’s Public and Governmental Affairs team, at (310) 684-2059 or if you have any questions or need additional information. They would be delighted to include your company on our list of Academy supporters. The children of our communities count on people just like you! 

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Climb for Healthy Lungs and Clean Air at the AON Center 
What: Fight For Air Climb
Who: American Lung Association
When: April 5, 2014 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: AON center, 707 Wilshire Blvd. 

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Over 100 years of research and public service in the cause of lung health has defeated tuberculosis, and helped keep tobacco advertising away from our children.

Funded in part by the Fight For Air Climb fundraising events, their research awards and grants program helps scientists discover new treatments and cures for lung diseases such as asthma and lung cancer. Their educational programs support those who wish to stop smoking and give people with COPD the tools to live fuller lives. And their advocacy team is committed to working with state and local leaders on issues such as smoke-free environments, enhancing tobacco prevention and control programs and reducing air pollution and global warming. 

The Fight For Air Climb is a unique national fundraiser for the American Lung Association taking place in prominent sky scrapers, stadiums or arenas across the U.S. Sometimes called a “vertical road race” teams and individual participants use this event as a fitness target as well as to honor or remember a loved one affected by lung disease. The Los Angeles climb is taking place on April 5, 2014 inside Los Angeles’ 2nd tallest building, the Aon Center. Supporters climb all 1,391 stairs (63 floors) of the building to reach the roof top, where they are met with 360 degree views of Los Angeles. After the climb, enjoy refreshments, massages, team photos, music, a beer garden and awards. Join close to a 1,000 climbers of all ages and athletic levels in support of improving lung health and preventing lung disease

Registration Fee (per person):
$25 – January 1, 2014 - April 2, 2014
$30 – April 3, 2013 – April 5, 2013 *registration available on-site April 5, 2014
Fundraising Minimum (per person):
$100 (Does not include registration fee amount)

Please go to this link to register and get more information on this exciting event!
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Northridge Earthquake Anniversary Reminder to be Prepared for 'The Big One'
Displaying Eblast Photo_Earthquake tips.jpg
Friends, on the 20th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake, Councilmember Huizar wants to remind you to please take a moment to review these earthquake safety tips to keep you and your loved-ones safe during a major earthquake:
Before an earthquake - be prepared:
  • Know the earthquake plans for all buildings you occupy regularly.
  • Practice your earthquake procedure - drop, cover, and hold. Pick the safest place to do so in each room in your home, work, and/or school.
  • Make sure your home is securely anchored to its foundation.
  • Create and maintain an emergency supplies kit and keep in a convenient location.
During an earthquake:
  • If you are indoors, duck and cover, preferably under a sturdy table or desk, holding onto a leg in case it moves. Avoid doorways, as they are no stronger than any other part of the building structure and swinging doors may cause injury. Do not run outside - you risk being hit by falling debris.
  • If you are outside, find a clear space, drop, and remain there until it stops. Move away from buildings, power lines, trees, and streetlights.
  • If you are in a car, pull over and remain in your car. Getting out will put you at risk of being hit by another car.
After an earthquake:
  • Expect and prepare for potential aftershocks, landslides, or, less frequently, a tsunami. Aftershocks can occur minutes, days, weeks, and even months after. Drop, cover, and hold.
  • Check yourself for injuries before assisting others.
  • Look for and extinguish small fires, the most common hazard after an earthquake.
For more information on earthquake safety, please visit
To request an Earthquake Preparedness Handbook (available in Spanish), visit
To plan a drill for your school, organization, or company through The Great California Shakeout, visit
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Enjoy Food And Exercise At Grand Park

When: Every Tuesday

Where: Grand Park

Join us every Tuesday from 10am to 2pm in Grand Park for the new and exciting farmer's market! The market will be in the park between Spring St. and North Broadway.  Additionally, there will be a boot camp held every Tuesday from 5:30 - 6:30 pm.  Designed for all fitness levels, Grand Park's Boot Camp is the perfect Tuesday stop on your way home. Take some endorphins to go.

For more information, visit the Grand Park website.

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April 5, 2014 9:00am- 12:00pm
2014 Fight for Air Climb
AON center, 707 Wilshire Blvd

Every Tuesday 10:00am - 2:00 pm
Grand Park Farmer's Market

Every Thurday, 5:30 - 8pm
Get-Out-of-Work Thursday
Grand Park



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