ISSUE: 2019 – July
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As we edge ever closer towards the end of the academic year. we hope that you can all (teachers, parents and students alike) look back on year and see how much progress has been made and feel proud of yourselves. For those of you who sat important exams this year (or helped students to prepare for them), we hope that all your hard work has paid off and you get the results your hoping for later on this summer. 

The outreach team have, as always, had a very busy year. In the past month alone the team have led a planetarium roadshow in primary schools across Enfield, run three summer schools (including Pathways to Medicine and the Y11 STEM Challenge) - with more to come, hosted multiple chemistry taster days, had a busy weekend at The Great Exhibition Road Festival, hosted a dance production/workshop on microbiology and been on hand during the June open days!

In this edition of the newsletter we have a couple of fantastic opportunities for you to get involved in over the summer and beyond.

Best wishes,
Outreach Team


How to make an element

5 August; 15:15 - 16:30
Imperial College London

Year 10 - Year 13 students

We are excited to be hosting Kit Chapman, an award-winning journalist and science communicator, who will be delivering this nuclear physics lecture.

Ever wanted your name on the periodic table? Discover the secrets of creating a new chemical element, exploring a world where atoms are so unstable they exist for the blink of an eye.

The lecture is aimed at GCSE and A Level students. 

For more information and to book your free ticket, visit our Eventbrite page.
If you would like to book group tickets, please contact us directly.

Outreach Programmes

Pimlico Connection

Apply now to have Imperial students work as Pimlico Connection Tutors in your school

State schools within 30 minutes of South Kensington can apply to have Imperial students visit their schools as Pimlico Connection Tutors.  Tutors are volunteers and visit weekly, from November 2019 to March 2020. They can work on science or maths with any age group.  Tutors normally visit on a Wednesday afternoon for between 1 and 2 hours. 

To find out more please visit our Mentoring and Tutoring webpage, and complete our online application.  There is no charge to schools to have tutors placed with them.

The deadline for applications in 21 October 2019.

Competitions, Activities & Resources

New London Architecture STEM Holiday Course

Deadline 15 July 2019
8- 12 Year olds 

New London Architecture are hosting a STEM programme over the summer on designing cities. 

Who are the people who make cities? From architects to engineers there are a huge range of people with the knowledge and skills need to design and build the places that we live.

In this hands-on practical workshop we’ll learn through designing our own plans for an area and learn more about how London’s development has been shaped by a huge range of talented citizens over its history.

Find out more and register on their Eventbrite page.

STEM Summer Bytes 2019

The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park
Dates throughout the summer

The National Museum of Computing are holding a range of different coding activities over the summer for children and families. 

Find out more and register on their Eventbrite page.

STEM Girls Day

The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park
10 October 2019

Schools are invited to register up to 12 girls from their school to attend the STEM Girls Day.

This is an opportunity to explore hands on activities and the Musuem in order to inspire girls to look to consider STEM roles in the future. 

Find out more, including who will be there and the programme for the day, and to register visit their Eventbrite page.

Departmental outreach

National Heart and Lung Institute

Find more about the National Heart and Lung Institute's activities on their public engagement page.
Physics Department
Find out more about the Physics department's activities on their Outreach page.
Bioengineering Department
Find more about the department and their activities on their Facebook page.
Computing Department

Find more about the Computing department's activities on their Outreach page.

General resources

Visiting Imperial

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