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Hello Green Gymers,

Great News! Waitrose Beckenham has chosen to support Penge Green Gym throughout February under its Community Matters scheme, and you can help us to gain valuable funds over the coming year.

Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between three local good causes, and in February 2013 the Beckenham branch has selected Penge Green Gym! Even if you don’t usually shop in Waitrose Beckenham, this month treat yourself. At the checkout, you’ll receive a green token, just slot it into Penge Green Gym’s box on your way out and you’ll be helping to sustain this soon-to-be community group over the next year. The more tokens Penge Green Gym receives, the bigger the donation and the more materials we can buy, meaning lots of amazing improvements to Winsford Gardens and lots of happy volunteers!

Thank you!

Penge Green Gym has worked extremely hard over the past two years to transform Winsford Gardens from a sadly neglected space that attracted antisocial behaviour and deterred the local community, into a cared for and valued community and wildlife garden. In the process the volunteers have formed a tightly knit group and steering committee. At the end of March The Conservation Volunteers will be handing the reigns over to the group (sniff!) and Penge Green Gym will be run by the committee as an independent community Green Gym (lovely!). To celebrate this huge achievement The Consrvation Volunteers will be holding a launch event for the group. Watch this space for launch event news… All Penge Green Gym supporters welcome!

There are lots of opportunities to become involved with this exciting project, so please email to find out more!
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