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Hello Green Gymers 

Autumn arrives with lots of new projects

We have certainly felt the changing season with a bump at Winsford Gardens.  There is a chill in the air in the mornings and dew on the ground.  But with the change of season come a bumper harvest of pears, crap apples and elderflowers of which the local wildlife can take full advantage.  We also still have colour in the garden, the Snap dragons have decided to make a home for themselves in the rose bed.


With a small window in the weather, this week we were able to finish the repairs to the interpretation board and see it back to it's full glory.  It's fiddly job but Laura and Dave were experts with the scalpel and sponge!  Also this week, the dead hedge came on a pace using up lots of discarded foliage, branches and twigs.  This should certainly help protect the 3rd rose bed.The lawn was also given a good raking (scarryfing) to remove any dead grass and allow air to get into the roots to promote vigorous growth next year.

Looking Ahead

As we head towards winter we have been putting together a list of projects that will see us through the cold months.  First and foremost being the bog garden which is to be built in the old concrete pond. We are in the process of putting together a proposal to send to possible funders as the project will be quite expensive due to the cost of a liner and other materials needed to make it water tight.  We are also looking at building a composting toilet and putting some picnic tables in our seating area.  All of these things will be keeping us busy over the next few months so why not come down and see what we're doing


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