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Hello Green Gymers

Wow! What a beautiful day at Winsford Gardens yesterday! The group were treated to bright warm sunshine bringing out the stunning autumn hues, one of those days to remember…

To make the most of this beautiful sunshine, the opportunity was taken to clean out the greenhouse, scrubbing it from top to bottom to clear out the algae build up, get rid of any pests hanging around, and let lots of light in. We now have a wonderfully organised, clean greenhouse ready for the spring.

Some green gymers got inventive with the left over willow and had a go at weaving trellises. Despite the willow being a little older and more brittle than ideal, some works of art were produced. These will be used next year as supports for climbers to grow up and add vertical interest to the gardens, including runner beans, sweat peas, clematis and jasmine.

The work to collect up all those fallen autumn leaves was continued. These will be stored for at least a year and broken down by fungal action until they form a crumbly leaf mould which can be used as a mulch or seed sowing mix.

Next week we'll be beginning work on the children's natural play area by carefully marking out the plans and removing turf. We will also be continuing the harvest of the autumn leaves and making more willow structures. Do come down and join us!

See you then...

Save Our Magnificent Meadows

The Conservation Volunteers in the South East region of England are working with partners locally to develop a project called Save Our Magnificent Meadows – it’s about meadows, and grasslands…
This is part of national project, co-ordinated by botanical conservation charity Plantlife. 
To support this project to secure a grant of around £2.5M for the partnership from the Heritage Lottery Fund please help us prove that the public value grasslands by completing the following short survey

Thank you!
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