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Hello Green Gymers 

Winter comes to Winsford Gardens

(and it's a bit soggy)

On our last session in December we enjoyed a delicious winter BBQ and mulled wine which was very welcome on a chilly but dry day.   Now in January we look back to last year and see some very different weather.  Last year we were battling through the snow with icy fingers trying to dig holes in the solid ground.  This years winter has come (as you will all know) in the form of days and days of rain making the ground very muddy under foot.  Unfortunately this means that the area around the shed has turned into a mud pit and the rest of the grass is also suffering.  The grass will return in the spring but it is difficult not to cause damage to it whilst the weather is so wet.  On the plus side the temperature has remained very mild which has meant we've been able to get on with various jobs in the garden.


We have started to build a new seating area near the shed.  This is being created from donated wood and wood that was bought for the balance beams in the play area.  It will give us a place to have a sit down when we have our cup of tea and we hope that the locals will enjoy the new seats in the spring time.

A new dead hedge is also underway near to the compost bins.  This will stop people from cutting across the flowers beds which have now been planted with spring bulbs such as Narcissus and native bluebells which were kindly donated by Bromley Council.  

Even in the depths of winter the garden continues to offer up beautiful colours and shapes.  In particular the Winter Jasmine gives a real splash of unexpected colour.
New Volunteers
We are excited to welcome a number of new volunteers to our group.  We are always looking for new volunteers and hope to see many new faces in the coming year.  
Growwild UK 
We have now submitted our application for funding for the bog garden from Growwild UK.  We wait to hear if we have been successful.  If so, we can start to plan this exciting project which will regenerate the old concrete pond system which has been lying empty for many years.  

We are also looking at other awards which will hopefully help us realise new projects in the coming year. 


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