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Hello Green Gymers 

Autumn colour at Winsford Gardens

Autumn has arrived in earnest and with the changing season comes changing colours in the garden.  Having had such a warm summer the harvest of berries and fruit has been amazing this year which will help the small animals and insects through the dark winter months.  

And for the volunteers in the gardens it now means raking leaves and then raking some more leaves!  But all this hard work will not be in vein as we are collecting all this wonderful leaf litter which will make for wonderful soil enrichment next year.  We already have last years leaf mould bagged up and waiting to put on the beds.

Many thanks to Bromley Council

We would all like to say a big thanks to Bromley Council and in particular Steven Tinker for donating 2 large bags of bulbs to Winsford Gardens.  We have a bag or Narcissus and a bag of english bluebells.  We have all been hard at work finding interesting spots to plant them and hope they will make a big splash of colour in the new year.  

Resilience Workshop

We would also like to thank Roberta Antonaci the TCV  Green Impacts Officer for coming down to Penge to run a fun and enlightening workshop for us.  We learnt a lot about our strengths as group of volunteers and Roberta helped point out how we could improve the running of the group going into the future.  We would also like to thank Sainsburys for letting us use their training room and we hope that they might let us back as long as they didn't mind the muddy footprints we left!

The Winter Months

As we prepare to head into the colder months we are working towards some different projects.  We plan to put another seating area up towards our shed so that we can sit down and have a cup of tea.  We also want to add some picnic tables to the other seating area and in the urban orchard.  These projects are designed to keep us active and warm during the winter and also improve the general surroundings of the park.  




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