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Elite Emergency Data

I promised you, that when my elite friend told me the time for the crash to take place, that I would tell you! - Chaplain Lindsey Williams

My Elite friend has told me when the collapse of the banks and the crash of the dollar will take place.

There are TWO other collapse which you must know about that will affect you and your family more than the collapse of the dollar.

It is imperative for you to get this information now before its too late. The DVD is shipping NOW. You can order "Elite Emergency Data" from Prophecy Club:

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Lindsey Williams on Call To Decision speaking with Pastor Butch Paugh on 21st October 2013 talking about the signs that will come before the collapse of the American economy.

A summary of what he discusses in this relatively short, but vitally important interview is as follows:

Pastor Williams discusses:
  • When the worldwide financial collapse will be.
  • What the collapse will not be.
  • The PATRIOT Act & the Affordable Healthcare Bill are not for the benefit of the American people.
  • What the Affordable Healthcare Bill really is.
  • Proof that his elite friend's information was correct from over three years ago.
  • Syria, the October surprise, the Government shutdown and raising of the debt ceiling.
  • Electric smart meters, Interbank interest rates, Chinese bank liquidity, $300 Trillion losses on the derivatives market & $151 Billion bond value losses at the Federal Reserve.
  • Hugo Salinas Price's revelations relating to major bankruptcies and what will bring down the derivatives market.
  • Chase bank preparing for the collapse, the limiting of cash withdrawals and suspending of international wire transfers and the affects of this on gold dealers.
  • Gold will not be outlawed or confiscated.
  • The elite will not tell you that you cannot buy gold.
  • Gold will become unavailable because the gold dealers will not be able to buy in the international market and be forced to use what is already existing in the US.
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act stating that your money in the bank is no longer yours.
  • A sign of the collapse is the confiscation and nationalisation of federal, state and private pension funds, IRA's and 401k's.
  • Devaluation of the American Dollar being another sign.
  • One other sign being that the US Dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world.
  • One world currency will bypass the Amero.
  • The elite will not lose anything by collapsing the world economy. 
The interview is just under 40 minutes and is vital information for everyone. This is why we have decided to send this email to you today because you have to listen to what is about to happen within one to two years. It is very important that you listen to the interview and understand that we only have a short window to prepare. We have the time to prepare so don't be discouraged, but you must start preparing now.

The articles that Chaplain Williams discusses in his interview with Pastor Butch Paugh are as follows:
I was shocked at what is about to happen in the world that earlier in the month I decided to write a free 100 page e-book called "10 Steps To Avoid The Crash" expanding on the steps that Pastor Williams reveals in his new DVD "Elite Emergency Data". You must carry out these steps if you are to survive, even prosper during the collapse. It contains some great information relating to gold and how the gold market has been manipulated to stave off the crash of the American Dollar.

Pastor Williams has done a number of other interviews this week and they are available to listen to here:
These are already up at Lindsey Williams' website. If you wish to find out where Pastor Williams will be being interviewed next please check out his Radio Interview Schedule page.

For the latest information from Pastor Lindsey Williams please visit:
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