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Pastor Lindsey Williams

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No President of the United States has ever died from Cancer.
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President Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Colon Cancer while he was President. He imported a substance that was illegal to be used in the United States at that time. He never had a reoccurrence.
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Pastor Lindsey Williams received two emails today (20th June 2013) from his elite friend bearing some startling news that could mean collapse.
Email #1
‘A large Chinese bank just last night ran out of liquidity and was bailed out by the government. Furthermore: “The seven-day repo rate, the benchmark rate for funding costs between banks, surged to 12.33% Thursday afternoon from the 8.26% rate at Wednesday’s close. It had averaged around 3.30% this year before the liquidity crunch began at the end of last month.” This is the same phenomenon that occurred globally in September 2008.’
Email #2
‘The U.S. market has DECLINED over the past month, the Japanese stock market has recently dropped 20%, the U.S. bond market sold-off, gold (GLD) is down 20% year-to-date (YTD), Chinese stocks (FXI) have fallen 19.69% YTD, emerging markets stocks (EEM) have depreciated 11.3% IN THE LAST MONTH, copper—a premiere asset considered to indicate growth or contraction, has contracted 18% YTD, etc… Investors should not ignore this massive deflation in global markets and assets.’
Please take warning, Pastor Williams said  he doesn’t know how far this will go, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Please share this information with everyone, because people need to know what is going on. To find out more please visit:
Also, check out this important radio interview, Pastor Williams' first interview regarding these revelations: 
Pastor Williams' Emergency DVD 'New Signs Of The Elite' will also help you understand what is going on around the world relating to the elite and what they have planned:


Gold hit a historic low of $1,202.50 an ounce on Thursday 27th June 2013! The threshold of $1,250 was broken earlier in the day.
An ominous warning has been issued by John Williams of "U.S. Dollar Remains (the) Proximal Hyperinflation Trigger. The unfolding fiscal catastrophe, in combination with the Fed’s direct monetization of Treasury debt, eventually (more likely sooner rather than later) will savage the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate, boosting oil and gasoline prices, and boosting money supply growth and domestic U.S. inflation.  Relative market tranquility has given way to mounting instabilities, and severe market turmoil likely looms, despite the tactics of delay by the politicians and ongoing obfuscation by the Federal Reserve.
This should become increasingly evident as the disgruntled global markets begin to move sustainably against the U.S. dollar.  As discussed earlier, a dollar-selling panic is likely this year—still of reasonably high risk in the next month or so—with its effects and aftershocks setting hyperinflation into action in 2014.  Gold remains the primary and long-range hedge against the upcoming debasement of the U.S. dollar, irrespective of any near-term price gyrations in the gold market.
The rise in the price of gold in recent years was fundamental.  The intermittent panicked selling of gold has not been.  With the underlying fundamentals of ongoing dollar-debasement in place, the upside potential for gold, in dollar terms, is limited only by its inverse relationship to the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar (eventually headed effectively to zero).  Again, physical gold—held for the longer term—remains as a store of wealth, the primary hedge against the loss of U.S. dollar purchasing power.”
As Pastor Williams has said, please make sure that you have any investments in physical assets, gold, silver as well as land and seeds. Anything tangible that you can use. However, it is also important to consider your health, so please check out Pastor Williams' new DVD "Healing The Elite Way", it saved his life and may save yours. Please hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If Pastor Williams' elite contacts information as well as other dedicated researchers trends analysis is correct, we are in for an incredible ride and you need to be prepared. Check out this article regarding why the price of gold has dropped in recent months:
Please visit Lindsey Williams' website for latest news, interviews and DVDs at:
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