IMPORTANT: 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash
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I promised you, that when my elite friend told me the time for the crash to take place, that I would tell you! - Chaplain Lindsey Williams

My Elite friend has told me when the collapse of the banks and the crash of the dollar will take place.

There are TWO other collapse which you must know about that will affect you and your family more than the collapse of the dollar.

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10 Steps To Avoid The Crash!
By James Harkin

Pastor Lindsey Williams has confirmed that there will be be a worldwide economic and financial crash slated for 2015 after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) is fully enacted. The act is not a healthcare bill but works hand in glove with the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001 (HR 3162) for total control of the USA and ultimately the world in one swift move.

The word is control and their ultimate goal is to enslave the entire population of the planet. The plan is so ingenious and simple it’s incredible. This is not a theory, this is the truth and verified by the very highest echelons of the elite.

The crash must happen, the economies of the world are already on a knife-edge one piece of bad news and it will come crashing down taking all the banks, investment banks and pension funds with it. Chaos will reign and out of the chaos order will come. It is taking place so the elite can come to the rescue and that will see the initiation of the new world government and the debasement of the US Dollar.

The crash that is coming will make 2008 look like a minor financial correction. Imagine all companies, all businesses, all mortgages all owned by the elite unless you prepare. Its a very real threat and you only have a short window in order to protect yourself from it.

This is why I have taken Pastor Lindsey Williams steps to avoid the crash as he shared in his new DVD “Elite Emergency Data” and expanded them into an extensive article to hopefully explain what is happening, why and how you can protect your family from it, even prosper from it. What I discuss is only a fraction of what Pastor Williams tells us in his new DVD, so I thoroughly recommend that you purchase a copy and share it with your friends and family as soon as possible.

In the article I talk about gold, its manipulation and why you must buy it now rather than waiting; Why you have to get out of debt and what will happen if you do not; The worldwide economic collapse and how they will do it and why you need to get out of paper assets; The importance of owning your own home without a mortgage; Why preparing for the worst now will see you prosper after the crash; Why cities may not be the best place during the collapse and where you should go; Why you need to take responsibility for your own health and why you must get your spiritual house in order.

Its important to read through all of the steps and then make your decision if you want to beg the elite for hand outs, or take responsibility for your families health and wellness. That is what it comes down to. This is not to strike fear into you, although fear seems to be the only motivational mechanism for action for some people. This important article has been written to help you. You don't have to follow everything laid out if you are unable to, but do prepare as much as you can in your own way.

A lot of people will take light of the subject, even complain that their lives as they know it will change considerably and not want to change. Besides they have had it good up until now haven't they? How many times have people said that and seen their lives destroyed by financial collapse, even war. Their apathy, abdication and wilful ignorance will ultimately see them being under the total control of the elite, a controlled drone, a slave to do the elite's bidding - which is what this entire New World Order is about.

I have outlined the 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash in several sections to make it easier to digest, please read it and follow the steps as best you can:
Do not take anything written in the 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash article at face value, do your own research. Please realise that what Pastor Williams has been saying for years is happening now. Time is nearly up. We only have a small window of opportunity to prepare...

The article 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash is so important that I have turned it into a 100 page PDF E-Book, it is available to download and share for free here.
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