IMPORTANT: Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)
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Elite Emergency Data

I promised you, that when my elite friend told me the time for the crash to take place, that I would tell you! - Chaplain Lindsey Williams

My Elite friend has told me when the collapse of the banks and the crash of the dollar will take place.

There are TWO other collapse which you must know about that will affect you and your family more than the collapse of the dollar.

If you haven't already listened to Pastor Williams' radio interviews regarding what is about to happen in a relatively short time, please check out:

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BREAKING NEWS! Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)...

There is a financial event planned by the Elite (IMF!), possibly within the next three months. When I was briefed on this by my Elite friend a few weeks back - I was sworn to secrecy until I am told that I can talk.

PLEASE MONITOR LINDSEYWILLIAMS.NET. I will tell you everything soon. Hopefully you will have time to take action.

My Elite friend sent me the following email, the excerpt below I am allowed to give you:

"We have to remember this is the biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years at least from my perspective. Every person on the globe will be affected. It will cause starvation, riots and possibly even martial law. This is a big big event!" - My Elite Friend
Lindsey Williams
If you haven't already read '10 Steps To Avoid The Crash' it is time to do so. Take Pastor Williams' warnings seriously and prepare accordingly.
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