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Illuminated slabby perfection

March Missions

So many good days this March and so many pics to go with this newsletter.
The Peak pumped for 2 weeks straight. When the guests could muster up the energy to venture further than their front door step they rewarded with more perfection. Recent guests and well seasoned global surf travelers - the Atkinson Brothers -  claimed it up there as some of the best surf of their lives.

If you want to score some of the best surf of your life then take advantage of our 10% discount for bookings in April 2016.

Only Aura Surf resort has the experience and knowledge to navigate your way around this tricky island and find the best waves for the conditions and your surfing level. Check out our new website to see just whats on offer when you're staying at a place created by surfers for surfers.

Big ups to Charlie Cullen for this months photos.

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See you soon
Fruit salad Peakiness
Pfizzle has got this wave sorted
Jungle cam
You'll need Aura knowledge to get here
Time to bust out the step up
Morning light
Jeff committed
The good stuff
What you came here for
Breakfast view
Peak left
Pete setting up
Pfly innit
Perfect Peak
Booties optional
Earlybird cameraman
Later in the day
Squid fishing boat chillin
Freddy with some wall
Glass works
Off the boat and into this
Side boob
Caught out
Racing behind the trees
Getting all arty- nice print for the wall perhaps?
The soccer pitch coming along nicely
Under grey skies
Peak local
Another Peak local
Gazebo cam
You haven't already seen this pic- it just does this all day
Coral cam
A few 10% discounts for bookings in April 2016 still available.

Quit stalling and get here!

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TUES- THURS 5ft- 3ft
FRI - MON 3ft - 4ft

Light variable winds
15-18 sec swell period
Copyright © 2016 Aura Surf Resort, All rights reserved.
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Copyright © 2016 Aura Surf Resort, All rights reserved.
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