Hellooooo everyone! Welcome back to campus! We hope you all had wonderful breaks! Hang in there - we're almost at the end of the semester! Check out our events this week, and check out our instagram: @295crown. We have teams introducing themselves there!

"Hi everyone, we are the Alumni Engagement Coordinators, otherwise known as the "alum plums!" We work hard to connect YOU to Asian/Asian American alumni who have all done incredible work in their respective diverse fields." --Rocky, Agnes, and Rohan


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AACC Fashion Show
Boundary Breaker: Major Cho
Meet Min Jin Lee
Immigration and Reproductive Rights: In Conversation with Planned Parenthood
A Hike to East Rock
AACC Emotional Wellness Support
Yale Librarian Satellite Office Hours
Through Their Eyes: Homelessness, Art and Advocacy
Asian American Studies: A Townhall
ASA 50th Anniversary Planning Committee
Working with Self-Doubt through Chan Meditation with Dr. Rebecca Li
GPSS & GSA: Relax & Chill
Holiday Wrapping Party
Tsai CITY Announcements
Young Global Scholars Summer Job Opportunity
Urim Fellowship
Richards Center for Emerging Scholars Summer Mentoring Program
Asian American Health Advocates
Volunteers Needed for After-School Tutoring at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School
POC Meditation Switch to La Casa for November
AACC Fashion Show
The AACC Fashion Show will be a showcase of many of the professional clothes that have been donated to our AACC Career Closet (see more info below). There will be food (including Bonchon!), there will be music, and there will be many people; so come on by and enjoy the show! Please RSVP using the following link to reserve you seat today:
Facebook event here
Boundary Breaker: Major Cho
Join us on 11/28/18 at 5pm in the AACC for an intimate conversation with Major Cho, an army major in the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, who strives to promote sustainable peace on the Korean peninsula. She’ll share her own leadership journey and how she’s overcome challenges, and will offer advice to students interested in innovation and social change. Light refreshments will be provided.

This event, produced in partnership with the the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) and the Asian Network @ Yale (ANY), is part of the Global Innovation Series, an exciting new partnership between Yale’s Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale(Tsai CITY) established by 2017 World Fellow and Tsai CITY Innovator in Residence Baljeet Sandhu. As part of the Knowledge Equity Initiative, the series involves a set of events and discussions hosted around Yale’s campus to explore and celebrate the innovative work of groundbreaking global changemakers across industries, geographies, and cultures. Each event is built in partnership with other centers across the university to connect World Fellows with the community and to encourage multidisciplinary debate and knowledge exchange.
Davenport Tea with Min Jin Lee
Immigration and Reproductive Rights: In Conversation with Planned Parenthood
Join RALY and AACC on Thursday 11/29/18 from 7-8pm at the AACC for a conversation with Planned Parenthood fellow Joseline Tlacomulco (see bio below) about the intersections of immigrant rights and reproductive rights. We will discuss Joseline's own activism and work in this area, engage in an issue-based conversation about the topic in general, and learn how to get more involved with Planned Parenthood. 

*Dinner (Thai food from Basil) will be provided!

Joseline Tlacomulco was born in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and migrated to New Haven, CT at 8 months of age with her parents. Her story as a baby carried across borders and desserts has inspired her to become involved and passionate about issues regarding immigration as it affects her life as an undocumented woman of color. Currently, she is an undergraduate attending the University of Connecticut double majoring in Latin American Studies and Human Rights. In addition to being an undergrad student, she is also an activist and community organizer for CT Students for a Dream, a statewide organization lead by undocumented youth to advocate for undocumented students and their families and is currently working as a fellow for Planned Parenthood. Joseline organizes primarily at the Storrs campus by working with the administration and students to further develop resources to undocumented students. Her current work and focus is to ensure the Latinx community at UConn has the information necessary to be able to seek help and resources at Planned Parenthood and the importance reproductive health is to the Latinx community.
A Hike to East Rock
Join the Lifestyle & Mental Health Team and leaders from Yale Outdoors for a chill hike up East Rock! We'll be meeting at the Women's Table at 9:30am before heading out, and we'll be back before brunch!
AACC Emotional Wellness Support

The AACC is thrilled that Eunice Yuen, MD, PhD, has volunteered to serve as an additional resource for our community as it relates to navigating mental health challenges unique to the Asian and Asian American community. If you would like to schedule a meeting with Eunice at the AACC, please do so via this link: Please note, however, that this does not substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.
Yale Librarian Satellite Office Hours
Bass Library is pleased to offer a new drop-in consulting service at the AACC for all students. Office Hours will be held approximately every other week on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 4 – 6 PM at the AACC Library. No registration is necessary – users will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis.
Fall office hours schedule:
  • Tuesday, December 4, 4 - 6 PM
  • Wednesday, December 12, 4 - 6 PM
Get to know your librarian:
Kelly Marie Blanchat is the Undergraduate Teaching and Outreach Librarian at Yale Library, and is also a fellow at Benjamin Franklin College. In her spare time, she does printmaking and pottery and writes proposals to get new emoji characters approved by Unicode.
Through Their Eyes: Homelessness, Art and Advocacy

The Indonesian Yale Association in collaboration with the Yale School of Public Health will be hosting a reception for an exhibition entitled "Through Their Eyes: Homelessness, Art and Advocacy" on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, at the Asian American Cultural Center (295 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06510) at 6:30pm. 

This exhibition presents the photography of ten Indonesian street children from Makassar, Indonesia, and will feature a panel discussion with members of the Yale School of Public Health and Y2Y-New Haven, a Yale-affiliated youth homeless shelter, concerning ways to creatively address homelessness in New Haven and beyond. This exhibit runs between Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, and Wednesday, December 5th, 2018.

The event will be catered by Basil Thai and is funded in part by IYA (Indonesian Yale Association) and SAYPH (Student Association of the Yale School of Public Health).

Many pieces in the exhibit focus on finding beauty in everyday life or imagining a brighter future that is presently inaccessible. Most artwork predominantly feature the image of “home,” something that so many of us take for granted. This project shows that art is a potent form of resilience, rationalization of circumstance and escapism. In this way, art is a powerful outlet for children to escape the harsh realities of homelessness and poverty and reclaim their childhood, giving them an opportunity to process reality and creatively express their dreams.

We look forward to seeing you there! For more information, please contact Ryan Sutherland at

FB group:

Asian American Studies: A Townhall
Do you want to take more Asian American-focused classes? Did you take Asian American History, 1800-Present and find yourself saddened by the lack of classes you could take afterwards? 

Well, you're in luck! Come to the AACC on December 4th from 4-5pm to learn about the YCC's Asian American Studies Project, and meet with Professors Grace Kao, Mary Lui, Gary Okihiro, and Sunny Xiang, all of whom are Asian Americanists here at Yale, to discuss potential courses they could offer next calendar year.

***Student attendance is CRUCIAL for this project to succeed!***
If you have any questions about this event or this project, contact Katherine Hu at!

Background Information: 
Professors here at Yale have expressed willingness to teach more Asian American-specific classes. The process is also relatively easy — professors are generally willing to teach a class if it falls into their field of research, and just need to tell Yale College that they're planning to teach that course. This means that we could get classes as soon as next calendar year. However, that can't happen unless students don't demonstrate interest through this townhall, and meet with professors about what they'd like to see taught! 

The short-term goal is to have more Asian American-specific classes by next calendar year, which is extremely feasible. Attendance at this townhall is crucial for that. 

The medium-term goal (in 2-4 years) is to have enough courses so that students can declare Asian American Studies as an Academic Concentration under the ER&M department. This requires 6 courses, at least. 

The long-term goal is to push for an Asian American Studies program in 5-10 years, if attendance in Asian American classes increases alongside declarations under ER&M.

AASA 50th Anniversary Planning Community
AASA 50th Anniversary Planning Community

The Asian American Students Alliance will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in April 2019! We will be hosting a weeklong series of student-centered discussions, speakers, collaborations, performances and other events that culminate in a weekend conference for students and alumni. We would like the planning process to be as open as possible, so we are reaching out to our community (you!) for your help. Do you have any ideas you would like to see realized during the 50th? Or maybe you'd just like to volunteer at some events in April? Fill out this form to express your interest!

Teams will likely begin meeting after Thanksgiving Break, and the bulk of the planning process will be in 2nd semester. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns!
Working with Self-Doubt through Chan Meditation with Dr. Rebecca Li

Working with Self-Doubt through Chan Meditation
Harkness Tower, Branford College
Tues, Nov. 27, 6:30 PM

Self-doubt can be paralyzing and painful.  The practice of Chan meditation allows us to cultivate clear awareness of the cognitive and emotional dynamic of self-doubt.  The insight gained from the practice helps us work with self-doubt to cultivate compassion and wisdom. 
DR. REBECCA LI is a Dharma heir in the lineage of Chan Master Sheng Yen.  She trained with and served as interpreter of the Master from 1990s until his passing in 2009.  She is the founder and guiding teacher of Chan Dharma Community and a sociology professor. Her talks and writings can be found at  
GPSS & GSA: Relax & Chill
Holiday Wrapping Party
Tsai CITY Announcements

Social Innovation and Faith-Based Civil Engagement Series
(11/27, 4-5:30pm at Yale Divinity School):
In this event, Yale Divinity School's Dr. Willie Jennings will be in conversation with CITY Innovation fellow Baljeet Sandhu, a trailblazing human rights lawyer, to discuss how she confronted immigration injustices, contended human rights violations, and engaged the lived experiences of community members to effect political transformation. This event is also the launch of Divinnovation, a new student group open to all Yale community members. Learn more and register here.


Spring Accelerator Info Session (11/29, 4-5pm at Tsai CITY):
Do you have an idea that you want to take to the next level? Come learn more about how Tsai CITY's spring Accelerator can give you the knowledge, mentorship, and $1,000 to make it happen. Register here.

Young Global Scholars Summer Job Opportunity
Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is hiring for paid, full-time, seasonal instructional staff positions! If you are interested in teaching, mentoring, and inspiring high school students from countries around the world, and enjoy working collaboratively, YYGS may be the right place for you. Every year, YYGS hires 100+ undergraduate and graduate students to teach, mentor, and supervise participants both in and out of the classroom.  Our instructors gain valuable experience in teaching and curriculum development and build skills in teamwork and organization. To learn more, check out our website, read our YYGS Employment Prospectus, or contact us at
Urim Fellowship
The goal of the Urim Fellowship is to light up Jewish life at Yale. We will do this by training a select cohort of students in the fundamentals of human-centered design thinking in order to develop projects that will expanding the reach of Jewish activity on campus.This training will be provided in partnership with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY), which will offer an initial intensive workshop followed by ongoing project support. Rabbi Dan will focus on the Jewish and communal elements of the fellowship.
I haven’t really been involved in Jewish life at the Urim Fellowship right for me?
YES! You’re exactly who we’re looking for! We are deliberately building a community of students with a diverse array of experiences. We want fellows with energy and tenacity who are excited about the possibility of broadening the scope of Jewish life at Yale. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of Jewish knowledge and background.
What will I do?
  • Apply the principles of human-centered design thinking to develop and execute an innovative project that will engage a broad constituency of students in Jewish life
  • Meet with at least 20 peers for one-to-one conversations as part of the planning and implementation of your project
  • Meet regularly with your cohort, Rabbi Dan, and staff from Tsai CITY to workshop your projects and to build your fellowship community
What will I receive?
  • Specialized training and ongoing support in human-centered design thinking from Tsai CITY
  • Project support and Jewish community from your cohort and Rabbi Dan
  • A $100 coffee budget for your one-to-one conversations with your peers
  • A $150 stipend
This all sounds amazing! How do I apply?
The application deadline is Sunday, 12/2. You can apply at this link:
I want to learn more. What should I do?
Come to our information session at Tsai CITY (254 Elm Street) at noon on Monday, 11/26! Or email Rabbi Dan ( to set up time to talk.
Richards Center Emerging Scholars Summer Mentoring Program
Interested in pursuing doctoral study in the discipline of history? Consider the Richards Center Emerging Scholars Summer Mentoring Program, a one-week summer residential program (June 23-June 28, 2019). Students will participate in a simulated doctoral seminar and attend workshops on a variety of topics, including writing, digital research, and graduate student life. All expenses including travel, housing, meals, and course materials are provided by the university.
Asian American Health Advocates
Interested in making a difference in Asian American communities through healthcare advocacy? Asian American Health Advocates (AAHA) is a new organization seeking to decrease the health disparity in Asian American communities through increasing healthcare knowledge. This is done primarily by translating and disseminating public health ads in order to provide accurate and up-to-date health information to Asian Americans communities. If interested, please email
Volunteers Needed for After-School Tutoring at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School
Co-Op is a a New Haven public school just down the street from Yale at the corner of College and Crown, with a Magnet theme of the arts. Co-Op is currently looking for volunteers for its after-school tutoring program. The work ranges from general reading/ writing support to college counselling support (reading college essays, helping to fill out financial aid forms etc.). Volunteers with specific skills, be it in areas like the natural sciences, foreign languages (mandarin, spanish, and french) are welcome to bring those skills into the after-school tutoring sessions. 
After-school tutoring happens from 2.30 to 4.30 pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Ideally, volunteers would come in at least once a week for a two-hour period. 
Additionally, we are looking at planning a more structured after-school tutoring/ enrichment program for the co-op students that looks at integrating the arts with math. If you're interested in being a part of this initiative, and planning the curriculum/ program for it, do let me know as well! 
Email if you have any questions or are interested in tutoring at co-op! 
POC Meditation Switch to La Casa for November
For the month of November, the POC/Indigenous Meditation will move to La Casa Cultural (301 Crown St), starting on Thursday, November 1st at 7pm. Expect hot tea, warm community, and fully guided beginner-friendly meditation.
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