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March | April 2017 issue of

The March - April 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS was mailed to members on Thursday, 09 February 2017. 72 pages, plus covers in full color including historical information, member news, Shards of Wisdom, History's Corner, book reports, show news, bottle articles and stories, member photo gallery, lost & found and so much more. Articles included in this issue include The Beginnings of the Antique Bottle Collectors' Association (ABCA) George Wagoner 10 Sanford Petts of Boston and the "Spirits of 76" Jack Sullivan 16 Edward Roome Tobacconist Eric McGuire 22 California Favorite: The George Wissemann Company Steve Abbott 38 A Variety of New England Flasks Mark Vuono 54 …. Remember to renew in a timely fashion and get a friend to Become a member of the FOHBC

FOHBC 2017
Springfield National
Antique Bottle Convention & Expo

Contracts and reservations far ahead of previous year records. Please make your plans now!

Springfield Armory Reception

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Bringing Back Room Hopping 

Membership Breakfast

History's Corner

 Bottle of the Month

3. “THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY” / BUST OF WASHINGTON - “GEN TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS” / BUST OF TAYLOR, (GI-39), Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ca. 1848 - 1855, medium pink color quart, open pontil, sheared and tooled lip. A 1/2” by 1/4” chip is off the side of the lip. Also the impression is somewhat weak. Wild unbelievable, and probably unique color, unlisted for this mold. Forget the flaws, it’s the color here that counts! Ex. Charles Gardner and Ed Blaske Collection. Current Glass Works Auction #114. VISIT

  Manville NJ Show Big and As Crowded As Ever

Last February 5th, Linda and I traveled to the 21st annual New Jersey Antique Bottle Club’s Antique Bottle Show and Sale, held again this year at the Manville VFW hall. The site is just about right for the 100 tables that show always has. Bob Strickhart took over the duties as show chairman four years ago when the show was about to be canceled by the club. Lack of volunteers and members was a huge issue. So Bob decided to take it on alone if need be to save the show. He has more than saved it, it has grown. READ MORE

Official 2017 Springfield National Photographers

The FOHBC is extremely pleased to announce that the husband-wife team of Carol & Bill Petscavage will be the official convention photographers for the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo this coming August 3rd thru 6th. READ MORE

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17 & 18 February 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Columbia, South Carolina - 44th Annual South Carolina Bottle Club Show and Sale, FOHBC Member Club

17 & 18 February 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Aurora, Oregon – Bottle, Antique & Collectibles Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

24 & 25 February 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Phoenix, Arizona – 34th Annual Phoenix Antiques, Bottles & Collectibles Club ShowFOHBC Member Club

25 February 2017 (Saturday) Grand Rapids, Michigan - The West Michigan Antique Bottle Club presents its 27th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

26 February 2017 (Sunday) Enfield, Connecticut - 46th Annual Somer's Antique Bottle Club's Antique Bottle Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

10 & 11 March 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Chico, California – 51st Annual Antique Bottle, Jar, Insulator & Collectable Show & Sale

10 & 11 March 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Des Moines, Iowa – Second Annual Mega Mudder Stoneware & Bottle Show & Sales Event

11 March 2017 (Saturday) Allentown Pennsylvania – Lehigh Valley Antique Bottle and Breweriana Expo

12 March 2017 (Sunday) Baltimore, Maryland - Baltimore Antique Bottle Club’s 37th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

17 & 18 March 2017 (Friday & Saturday), Morro Bay, California – The San Luis Obispo Bottle Society’s 49th Annual Antique Bottle Show and Sale, FOHBC Member Club

19 March 2017 (Sunday) St. Louis, Missouri - 47th Antique Bottle & Jar Show by the St. Louis Antique Bottle Collectors Association, FOHBC Member Club

19 March 2017 (Sunday) Flint, Michigan - 48th Annual Flint Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show, FOHBC Member Club

24 & 25 March 2017 (Friday & Saturday), Deland, Florida – Annual Deland Florida Collectors 47th Antique Bottle, Insulator & Table Top Collectable Show and SaleFOHBC Member Club

25 March 2017 (Saturday) Daphne, Alabama -  The Mobile Bottle Collectors Club’s 44th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

25 March 2017 (Saturday) Seattle, Washington – 28th Emerald City Insulator & Bottle Collectors Get Together and Potluck Show

01 April 2017 (Saturday) St. Clairsville, Ohio – The Ohio Valley Bottle Club’s Annual Bottle & Table Top Antiques Show

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Hutchinson, Kansas - 10th Annual Kansas Antique Bottle & Postcard ShowFOHBC Member Club

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Wilmington, Ohio – The 3rd Annual Wilmington, Ohio Antique Bottle Show & SaleFOHBC Member Club

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Bloomington, Minnesota - 46th Annual Minnesota Antique Bottle, Advertising, and Stoneware Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Tylersport, Pennsylvania – The 23rd Annual Bucks-Mont Bottle Show & Sale

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Enfield, Connecticut – Yankee Polecat Insulator Club, Antique Insulator, Bottle & Collectibles Show

02 April 2017 (Sunday) Cicero, New York – Empire Bottle Collectors Association 47th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

07 & 08 April 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Antioch, California – Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society’s 51st Annual ShowFOHBC Member Club

08 April 2017 (Saturday), Kalamazoo, Michigan – The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club’s 38th Annual Show & SaleFOHBC Member Club

09 April 2017 (Sunday) Dover, New Hampshire – 51st New England Bottle Club’s Annual Show & Sale. FOHBC Member Club

22 April 2017 (Saturday) Salisbury, North Carolina – Piedmont Bottle & Pottery Club proudly presents their 11th Annual Show and SaleFOHBC Member Club

29 & 30 April 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) Erie, Pennsylvania – 4th Great Lakes Beach Glass & Coastal Arts Festival

30 April 2017 (Sunday) Rochester, New York - The Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Association's 48th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

05 & 06 May 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Central Point, Oregon – 2017 Jefferson State Antique Bottle & Insulator Expo, FOHBC Member Club

06 May 2017 (Saturday) Gray, Tennessee - The State of Franklin Antique Bottles & Collectible Assoc. 19th Annual Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

06 May 2017 (Saturday) Antioch, Illinois – Antique Bottle Club of Northern Illinois 42nd Antiques, Bottles and Collectiable Show and Sale

06 & 07 May 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) Santa Rosa, California - 51st Annual Northwestern Bottle Collectors Antique Bottle Show, FOHBC Member Club

07 May 2017 (Sunday) Harrisonburg, Virginia – Historical Bottle-Diggers of Virginia 46th Annual Antique Bottle and Collectible Show & SaleFOHBC Member Club

13 May 2017 (Saturday) Mansfield, Ohio – The Ohio Bottle Club Presents the 39th Mansfield Antique Bottle ShowFOHBC Member Club

19 & 20 May 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Lake City, Florida - The Florida Antique Bottle Collector 4th Annual Antique Bottle & Collectable Show and Sale

20 May 2017 (Saturday) Coventry, Connecticut – The Museum of Connecticut Glass 12th Annual Outdoor Bottle and Glass Show

20 May 2017 (Saturday), Lake City, Florida – Florida Antique Bottle Collectors 4th Annual Bottle & Tabletop Collectibles Show & Sale

21 May 2017 (Sunday) Washington, Pennsylvania - Washington PA Washington County Antique Bottle Club presents their 43rd Annual Show & Sale

21 May 2017 (Sunday) Batsto Village, New Jersey – The Batsto Citizen Committee will be sponsoring an Antique, Glass, and Bottle Show

21 May 2017 (Sunday) Ellendale, Delaware – Delmarva Antique Bottle Club Show and SaleFOHBC Member Club

27 May 2017 (Saturday) Aiken, South Carolina – The Horse Creek Antique Bottle and Pottery Club will hold its 9th annual show and sale

03 June 2017 (Saturday) Smyrna, Georgia - 47th Atlanta Antique Bottle Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

04 June 2017 (Sunday) Ballston Spa, New York – Annual Saratoga Bottle Show

10 June 2017 (Saturday) San Diego, California – San Diego 2017 Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show & SaleFOHBC Member Club

16 & 17 June 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Tallahassee, Florida – Tallahassee Antique & Bottle Show

24 June 2017 (Saturday) Tulsa, Oklahoma– The Tulsa Antiques And Bottle Club’s 40th Annual Bottle and Antique Advertising ShowFOHBC Member Club

19 & 20 May 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Lake City, Florida - The Florida Antique Bottle Collector 4th Annual Antique Bottle & Collectable Show and Sale

03 - 06 August 2017 (Thursday - Sunday) Springfield, Massachusetts - FOHBC 2017 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo - Northeast RegionFOHBC National Convention - Northeast Region

12 August 2017 (Saturday) Lincoln, Alabama – 2nd Annual Lincoln Bottle Show

15 & 16 September 2017 (Friday & Saturday) Aurora, Oregon – Bottle, Antique & Collectibles Show & Sale, FOHBC Member Club

17 September 2017 (Sunday) Depew, New York – 19th Greater Buffalo Bottle Collectors Association Annual Show and SaleFOHBC Member Club

02 - 05 August 2018 (Thursday - Sunday) Cleveland, Ohio - FOHBC 2018 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo - Midwest RegionFOHBC National Convention - Midwest Region

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