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Governor Malloy Designates December 2-8, 2012
As Safe Teen Driving Awareness Week in Connecticut 
!MPACT is Recognized in Proclamation

Connecticut's Governor Malloy has designated this week as Safe Teen Driving Awareness Week in Connecticut.  This week also commences the ten-year anniversary of the series of crashes that took the lives of the teens whose parents co-founded !MPACT.

Within an eleven-day period in December of 2002, five teenagers were killed in three separate car crashes in Connecticut. Also killed was a father of three. The common factors? The drivers responsible for the crashes were teenagers. They were speeding. They were carrying passengers. They were inexperienced.

The repercussions of those three crashes are immeasurable. Six families lost children, siblings, grandchildren, uncles and nephews. Three children lost their father. A wife lost her husband. A boy was sent to prison and lost his freedom.

Three of those families also found something. One another and a cause. Kids were killing kids in car crashes at an alarming rate. We needed to educate ourselves and then change the world. We formed !MPACT. Our mission was to eliminate tragedies caused by inexperienced drivers through awareness, education and legislation.

Ten years later, !MPACT is no longer the face of three grieving families. Our mission is the same, but our membership has changed over the years. We gain members who have suffered similar tragedies. We lose members who must direct their energy elsewhere. We expand and contract. But our efforts never wane.

!MPACT is honored to be acknowledged for its work in the governor's proclamation.
Connecticut Safety Advocates to Honor !MPACT

We are proud to announce that on December 6, the Connecticut Safe Teen Driving Partnership will hold a ceremony at the law firm of Shipman & Goodwin in Hartford to honor !MPACT for its public service to Connecticut teens and their families. Special guests will include George Jepsen, Connecticut Attorney General; Melody Currey, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles; Jamey Bell, Child Advocate; and State Representative Timothy Ackert.

Schedule !MPACT's Safe Teen Driving Program 

If you plan to have !MPACT present its Safe Teen Driving Program at your school or organization, be sure to contact !MPACT as soon as possible to assure the most flexibility in scheduling. !MPACT's Safe Teen Driving Program is a 90 minute presentation offered to high schools at no charge. For more information, visit our website at

Raising Awareness -- Look for !MPACT Billboards on Connecticut Highways
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