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8-week Mindfulness Series for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Dates and Time 
Tuesdays May 6th to June 24th, 2014
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Valerie Repta,
Mindfulness Instructor

Fee $40.00

Let Your Hands Do the Talking - Level II

Dates and Time 
Tuesdays, May 13th to June 17th, 2014
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Jacquie Ballantine,
Speech-Language Pathologist

Fee $60.00

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Questions & Answers Regarding CISS Intake

Is there information about our service that you may wonder about or think you know but are not entirely sure?

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Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom: What Makes a Difference?   
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Magic With Music: Building Children's Communication Through Songs & Rhymes

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Family is Family: Everyone has the Right to Travel the World with Pride

Is travelling with children with special needs really that different? Not really. When we travel with our six children, five of whom have special needs, we are more careful in the planning and execution of our vacations. Because we require two hotel rooms, we always contact the hotel directly and request connecting rooms. 

A Big Step: Our Family’s Transition to School (Part 2)

Following an enjoyable summer, a week before school started, we met with our son’s school team; kindergarten teacher, Resource Teacher and Educational Assistant.  Everything was in place: a designated change room, as he was not yet potty trained, a room for his physiotherapy, occupational therapy and time away from the classroom.  

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Mindfulness: What’s the Buzz?

Just about everywhere you turn these days, mindfulness has become the new hot item. In fact, mindfulness has become so popular that sometimes it seems as though it is ubiquitously applied to just about everything – physicians can use it to improve patient care, athletes to improve their game, and yes, parents to reduce distress and prevent burnout. 

Interview with Children’s Village at Stoneway

Pina, Resource Consultant from CISS interviewed Brenda Fick-Kahler, Program Supervisor, Bernie Seville and Darren Walker, educators at the Children’s Village at Stoneway. The purpose for this interview was for them to share their process in contributing to Team Service Plans. 
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Your Library Can Help Children Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play every day!

With 33 Branches, 2 Bookmobiles and a strong online and digital presence, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is in your neighbourhood, your child care centre, your child's classroom and your home.  With core values that include “access and inclusion”, “bilingualism”, and “love of reading”, OPL and its employees are great resources. 

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Inclusion Ideas Corner – Job Chart, Greeting/Goodbye Apron and Classroom Accountability System

Job Chart
At Gardenway School Age Program, we have been implementing many aspects of Conscious  Discipline©. This is a comprehensive self regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline.

One of the tools we have successfully implemented is a Job Chart for the children. It is important for these jobs to be meaningful.  Every child has their picture on the job board.  Each job has a corresponding picture.  
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