November 2016

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Winter time is coming and with it the unique vibe of the Christmas markets and everything else that makes Germany special and different during that season.
In addition, we have also highlighted some of the best ways to fit in easiest in Germany, discussed the Citymapper app., compared booking ahead or playing it by ear and of course brought to light the Christmas markets and some of their history in a few German cities. We hope to see you soon so you can share this very special season with us.
Christmas in Germany is Amazing

Christmas Markets in Germany

One of the best countries to spend Christmas and its season in happens to be Germany. The long traditions of Christmas markets are showing and tourists love them. If you can make it to Germany during Christmas, check out which Christmas markets are the best here.

Citymapper App

Rarely have I seen app users as happy with an app as I have seen them with Citymapper. It is unfortunately only present in a few cities, but expanding and yes, Berlin IS one of them: Citymapper: If they cover the city, use them!
Germany: Fitting In Made Easy

Germany: Fitting In Made Easy

The world is full of misunderstandings. And sometimes a few little hints can prevent a potentially confusing situation by making it a pleasant one from the get-go. If you are new to Germany or planning to come, continue here.
Germany: Ready for your Adventure?

Going To Germany: Plan Your Trip Ahead Vs. Play It By Ear

There are countries where travelling without planning and playing it by ear is 90 percent of the adventure and fun. But is Germany one of them?
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