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As director of the LSU Superfund Research Center, I would like to thank you for taking a few moments to visit our website.

The LSU Superfund Research Center team includes scientists at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, the LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans, and the LSU Health Science Center in Shreveport.

Our Center’s research focuses on newly-identified pollutant-particle systems, including environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) that may form from the combination of pollutants and particulate matter.

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LSU Superfund Research Center to Host 13th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects

NEW ORLEANS -- Make plans now to attend the 13th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects May 15-18, 2013 in New Orleans, LA!

Dr. Stephania Cormier of the LSU Superfund Research Center said the congress is open to everyone including the general public, as well as members of academia, industry and/or government. Junior faculty, postdoctoral and student travel awards are available. Cost is $250 to register. 

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Response, Recovery, and Resilience to Oil Spills and Environmental Disasters: Engaging Experts and Communities

BATON ROUGE -- The LSU Superfund Research Center will host a free symposium and workshop for community stakeholders, researchers and policy makers regarding Response, Recovery and Resilience to Oil Spills and Environmental Disasters Wednesday, Sept. 5 in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Environmental Health: Intersection of Chemistry and Biology

The LSU SRP Center will host a symposium titled, "Environmental Health: Intersection of Chemistry and Biology" during the 68th ACS Regional Meeting in Baton Rouge, Nov. 4-7, 2012. Click here to read more about the ACS 2012 Southwest Regional Meeting.

EPFR samples available for research

Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) are radical-particle systems present in airborne-particulate matter and other environmental solid samples. EPFRs, which are formed by reactions between transition metals and organic material, may affect respiratory and cardiac health.

Dr. Slawo Lomnicki and other researchers in the LSU Superfund Research Center's Materials Core laboratory have developed a method to synthesize surrogate samples of EPFRs with controlled particle composition and precisely 
controlled radical concentration number (spins/gram of sample). Such samples can be used in laboratory studies of EPFRs.

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LSU Superfund Research Program Publications

List of publications written by researchers in the LSU Superfund Research Center. Read these publications for information on: 

  • Detection of environmentally persistent free radicals at a Superfund wood treating site. 
  • Environmentally persistent free radicals decrease cardiac function before and after ischemia/reperfusion injury in vivo.
  • By-products of the Thermal Destruction of toxic chemicals by thermal treatment.

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