September 18, 2015

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Mykki Blanco Presents C-ORE
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Billy Synth
Stars of the Lid (2 LP Reissues)
Elyse Weinberg
Dave Rawlings Machine
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Other Music: 15 E. 4th St. New York, NY
Facebook Event Page  // Free, All Ages

Led by former Grass Widow bassist/vocalist Hannah Lew, San Francisco's Cold Beat have just released their excellent new album, Into the Air, and will be playing a few dates in New York City, which includes an intimate in-store performance at Other Music this Sunday evening, September 20!



Other Music: 15 E. 4th St. New York, NY
Facebook Event Page  // Free, All Ages

We are very excited to welcome SK Kakraba, who will be appearing at Other Music for an in-store performance on Monday, October 5, to mark the release of Songs of Pappieye, out 10/2 on Awesome Tapes of Africa. (It's also the first release of newly recorded material that the label has ever put out.) The master of the gyil, an ancient Ghanaian xylophone, Kakraba's forthcoming album of solo pieces features entrancing compositions and improvisational modes that have been passed down by generations of hereditary musicians. His live performances are as stunning as his record -- no doubt this will be a very special evening, and we hope you will join us.

brooklyn flea record fair



90 Kent Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Facebook Event Page 

Back for its eighth year, the fall edition of the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair will pop up next to Smorgasburg on Saturday, September 26, from 11am to 6pm. Other Music will be setting up our tables alongside 50-plus vendors, including record labels (4AD, Captured Tracks, Domino, Matador, Rough Trade, RVNG, Sacred Bones, Secretly Canadian, and Warp, to name but a few), great record shops, and the city's most avid collectors. Crate-diggers won't want to miss, plus there will be special DJ sets throughout the day and a scenic beer garden overlooking the East River. Come by and join in the fun!

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Baby's All Right: 146 Broadway Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Vinyl Williams' excellent new album, Into, is out now on Toro Y Moi's Company Records imprint, and this weekend, the LA-based musician/artist will be performing his visceral experimental-pop at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right. Other Music is giving away one pair of tickets, which you can enter for your chance to win by emailing



St. Agnes Church: 433 Sackett St. Brooklyn  

Wordless Music is presenting a very rare live performance this Tuesday from Stars of the Lid at Brooklyn's St. Agnes Church. This influential ambient/drone duo will be accompanied by a string quintet along with projections from Texas visual artist Luke Savisky. Email for a chance to win a pair of tickets, and scroll down this week's Update to read Other Music's reviews of two SOTL classics, which have just been reissued on Kranky.

this week's update

La Di Da Di

Battles have come full circle on their superb third full-length, La Di Da Di. Once New York's finest purveyors of that ever-elusive genre known as "math rock," the band went pop while keeping their prog chops on the groundbreaking Mirrored from 2007, led by Tyondai Braxton's helium-sounding cartoon vocals. After Braxton left, the group went with a few guest vocals on 2011's underrated Gloss Drop. Now, on La Di Da Di, Battles have dropped all vocals but kept the gloss, returning to their math-prog roots and delivering a roller-coaster LP of thrilling, propulsive instrumental rock. What makes Battles so exciting is that the music is tight and never drags; most of the tracks hover around four minutes. They also don't forget melodies. Or to have fun. And the rhythms are dazzling. (Read More)

$25.99 LP
$15.99 CD

Edition 1
(Ninja Tune)

A studio project led by producer Kevin "The Bug" Martin with vocalists Roger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi, King Midas Sound moves from Hyperdub to Ninja Tune for their newest release, Edition 1. The first of four collaborative albums by this trio sees them wandering the wastelands with Austrian guitarist/electronic composer Christian Fennesz. Utilizing samples, unreleased material, and improvised guitar pulled from the Fennesz archive, Martin fashions a soft, subtle, and subdued sonic landscape that at times feels like a desert storm, with tiny pebbles of sonic textures that wash and spin, swirl and shift across the barren landscapes. Consider Edition 1 King Midas Sound's ambient record and then sit back and sink into the perfect pre-winter chill out. (Read More & Listen)

$23.99 LP
$15.99 CD


Manchester-based producer Joe McBride has 40 or so releases under his Synkro guise, and that's not counting the collaborative records he's made as Akkord with Liam Blackburn (a/k/a Indigo). Now comes Changes, his debut solo full-length issued on techno label R&S Records' ambient imprint, Apollo Recordings. Known more for productions that ride the drum-n-bass/dubstep line, Changes is a warm womb of sparse beats, analogue synths, cinematic landscapes, and a slow and steady pulse. This is a beautiful journey of melancholic tracks filled with mostly submerged vocal samples, except for the two full-lyric songs featuring Robert Manos and Lyves. Designed as a personal and intimate listening experience as opposed to a night out waiting for the bass to drop, Changes really does feel like one of those special albums that deserves to sit alongside Kuedos' Severant, Oneohtrix Point Nevers' R Plus Seven and Burials' debut. (Read More & Listen)

$25.99 LP
$15.99 CD


While his debut, Leech 2, and his sophomore EP, Nailed to the Floor, were under-the-radar missives from the underground aimed straight for the dance floor, DJ Richard's first album-length work, Grind, is a bird of a slightly different feather. As opposed to the stomping and often in-your-face nature of his previous productions, his latest takes on a restrained and frequently meditative quality unfurling with an appropriately album-based pacing. Overall, the syncopated and exuberant vocal samples and pounding beats of his EPs give way to reflective and ambient washes, sometimes noise bursts, and arpeggiated synth explorations. DJ Richard doesn't totally abandon his dance leanings though; both "Savage Coast" and "Screes of Grey Craig" pulse with a techno heart, with the latter being one of his most paired-down and sublime productions yet. (Read More)

$29.99 2LP
$17.99 CD

Soon Come Soon / Everyguy
(Big Dada)

Originally released late last year as a download and now available on vinyl, "Soon Come Soon" is Young Fathers' intermediate single between their debut and sophomore album. And it's a great one. Whereas the Scottish trio's first full-length, 2014's Dead, could be best described as "experimental hip-hop," last year's White Men Are Black Men Too veered more toward the political Afro-punk styling of, say, TV on the Radio. "Soon Come Soon" quite literally balances these two fields, featuring both a rap charged with dark imagery and a hook worthy of the R&B masters. Drawing on not much more than a dismal, clanging beat and sizzling bass notes, "Soon Come Soon" is simple. But still, very powerful. Many years from now, this 7" very well may be the missing puzzle piece in the early transformation of a very important rap collective. (Read More & Listen)

$9.99 7"

Mykki Blanco Presents C-ORE
(Dogfood Music Group/!K7)

Mykki Blanco has been on the rise over the last few years thanks to his mix tapes and digital releases, cresting in the wake of the gender-bending, fringe-loving artists that have been coming to the forefront of the Internet. The first release from Dogfood Music Group, the New York-based performance artists' new label through !K7, this compilation focuses on four artists, Psychoegyptian, Violence, Yves Tumor and Mykki Blanco, each possessing an appetite for destruction. I've actually been waiting for a crew to surface that would take the promise of Afro-punk to a new level, combing rap, grime, noise, and industrial -- just balls-out and shirts-off, sweaty and nasty, catchy and stupid, brash and unapologetic. This is definitely not for everyone, but if you want a glimpse into a section of the dark and agitated world of contemporary, underground, queer black music that's not just hip-hop or punk rock, here ya go. (Read More & Listen)

$23.99 LP
$15.99 CD

Skandha EP
(The Bunker New York)

Other Music's own Clay Wilson returns with his second record for the label arm of the Bunker New York, the city's own dance luminaries and party curators. The self-titled opening track lays down the foundation for the EP, as layers of rhythm and sound flow in and out, accompanied by hypnotic ringing bells, with the ever-changing atmospheric tones held together by an insistent techno beat. This is both dense and spacious modern dance music, which proves to be both beautiful and transportive. While it carries serious rhythmic thrust, Skandha is also an excellently paced sonic narrative, with closing track "Pict" serving as a moody and perfect denouement. (Read More & Listen)

$12.99 12"

Off the Deep End
(Mind Cure)

Billy Synth is a true American oddball and has long been the central figure in the small but deeply weird and worthwhile Harrisburg, PA scene. Off the Deep End was his first full-length with his backing band the Turn Ups; self-released in 1980, original copies don't surface all that much and the prices seem to keep creeping higher any time one does appear. The whole trip is tough '60s teen punk (and the Beach Boys) meets high-octane punk played by guys trying to destroy the boredom of everyday life. The material is split almost evenly between originals and covers that range from obscure to well known which are delivered with frantic energy that keeps even the most played-out of songs here sounding fresh. And Billy more than earns his "Synth" nickname, as most songs have healthy doses of synthesizer throughout, especially on confrontational originals like "Young Kids on Drugs," "Get Your Goddamn Hands Off Me" and "Low Class Boy." (Read More & Listen)

$17.99 LP

We Have Got to Make It on Our Own: Collected Tracks '78-83
(Mind Cure)

In addition to the reissue of Billy's first album, the folks at Mind Cure have also assembled another LP of fantastic central PA crud. Even though this record was compiled by pulling tracks from 7"s and Billy & the Turn Ups' second long player, as well as comp cuts and an unreleased Iggy Pop reworking, it is as solid and essential as Off the Deep End. Once again the material is split evenly between originals and covers. Iggy is well represented with a cool take on "The Passenger" and a stellar version of "Real Cool Time" rechristened here as "Demerol" -- the latter's tough, paranoid, spaced vibe definitely merits the new name. As with Off the Deep End, you also get two versions of a song, this time being the Billy original "I'm So Sick of It," and it's pretty much the defining anthem of synth-punk, railing against heavy metal, disco and mainstream culture. (Read More & Listen)

$17.99 LP

The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

Kranky offers two truly timeless pieces of drone-infused, spaced-out, dark-hole explorations, simultaneously reissuing two classic Stars of the Lid double-albums. The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid, originally released in 2001, continues the trajectory the Texas duo so masterfully introduced on 1997's The Ballasted Orchestra. Exploring long-stretching, subtly shifting melodic punctuations, Stars of the Lid excavate traces of piano, strings, and horns to oftentimes hallucinatory effect. Tired Sounds sparkles ominously with lavish, bewildering titles, such as "Requiem for Dying Mothers," "Austin Texas Mental Hospital," and "The Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)." This is essential, unsettling, slowly evolving stuff, basking in majestic, narcotic glory.

$37.99 3LP

Stars of the Lid and Their Refinement of the Decline

Just as you thought Stars of the Lid couldn't perfect their formula any further, 2007 saw them issuing this truly mesmerizing collection of micro-minimalist ambient escapades. It turned out to be the duo's final, crowning achievement (until now, at least). There's an incredible amount of beauty emanating from this record, a gesture that gets irreverently contrasted by the titles of the pieces, which are, again, masterpieces of tedious, sardonic joy. The closing track, "December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface," sums up all there is to say about the duo's remarkable compositional merits: a grand juxtaposition of precisely placed tensions (acoustic versus electric, hysterical versus subdued) played out across 17 minutes of seemingly endless drones without ever turning to cliché or dullness. A towering achievement.

$37.99 3LP

Greasepaint Smile
(Numero Group)

A previously unreleased '60s psych-folk record that actually deserves to be called a "lost classic." Produced by David Briggs and featuring scorching cameos from Neil Young and Nils Lofgren, Greasepaint Smile was the planned follow-up to the Elyse record, released in 1968 (and reissued back in the '00s by Orange Twin Records), but for one reason or another was shelved until now. As strong as her debut was, Weinberg delivers even stronger material here, from the gentle opener "What You Call It" to the absolute burner "City of the Angels," which is bolstered by some serious fuzz guitar action from Young. (Read More)

$21.99 LP

Nashville Obsolete

Devotees of Gillian Welch are a patient lot. Eight years separated the release of her last two albums, but the interim period between those records saw the debut from the Dave Rawlings Machine, A Friend of a Friend. Rawlings, who writes, sings and produces with Welch, is essentially half of the musical entity that is "Gillian Welch," and she provides ample backing vocals and guitar playing on their latest album, Nashville Obsolete. It's a similar mix of traditional and progressive, folk and country styles, with nods to singer-songwriters of the early '70s. On "The Weekend," Rawling's reedy croon aspires to, but falls just shy of classic Neil Young territory, however, things vastly improve on the congenial ramble that is "The Trip." Rawling's falsetto is used to fine effect on the eerily great "Bodysnatchers"; "Candy" is an effective new spin on traditional folk music (the kind of thing that Gillian Welch has always excelled in); and Rawlings capably channels Van Morrison on closer "Pilgrim (You Can't Go Home). (Read More)

$14.99 CD

Sound Advice
(Art Yard)

This reissue of baritone sax player Pat Patrick's only record as a leader is something of a rare event. Originally issued on Sun Ra's Saturn Records in 1980 in extremely limited edition, Sound Advice has never before been officially re-released. Needless to say, prices for the original are way beyond what any sane person would consider reasonable. Those expecting a far-out, Ra-inspired intergalactic affair -- as Patrick is best known for his indispensable contributions to the Arkestra -- might be in for a surprise. Although this is by all means an unusually baritone-heavy affair, with René McLean, Charles Davis, James Ware, Reynold Scott, and George Barrow joining Patrick on the lead instrument, the music, rather unexpectedly, is somewhat conventional, situated in a soulful, swinging post-bop idiom. Luckily, Pat Patrick also reaches for new ideas, which results in a rather straight sounding yet intense exploration of his singular instrument.

$49.99 LP
$19.99 CD

Body Parts for Modern Art

It's been five years since we last heard from Simon Dine's Noonday Underground project, and nearly 10 since he's made an album with vocalist Daisy Martey. The British producer has instead kept busy with some stellar production work on several Paul Weller solo albums (records which rejuvenated Weller's career). On Body Parts for Modern Art he's picked through his archives and pieced together a collection of 27 outtakes. The first third of the album features Daisy Martey, a vocalist who deftly plays Julie Driscoll to Dine's Brian Auger. Her pipes are a perfect match to Dine's meticulous constructions, which are composed entirely of samples and loops of obscure Northern soul and exotica sides. The middle of the album consists of short instrumentals, some of which were blueprints for better known material, while the final third is alternate versions of tracks used on his work on the first Adventures in Stereo record. As English as Marmite on toast, this compilation is ideal for fans of swingin' sounds from across the pond. (Read More)

$18.99 CD

also recommended

Ad Infinitum

"While many artists have made fruitful use of vintage sounds and production techniques in recent years, Ad Infinitum is a different animal. It feels less like a time capsule and more like a time machine. In the movie version of the story, Michael Lerner would stumble on his way down the stairs, hit his head, and wake up in 1983, and the only way he could get back to the present day would be to make a record using available instruments. Then he'd wake in 2015 to discover he'd been in his basement studio all along. And the record he'd made in that strange dream state would turn out to be Ad Infinitum, the most ambitious and assured Telekinesis release to date."  

$18.99 LP+MP3
$13.99 CD

The Diet

"As HeCTA, we take our approach seriously and are respectfully aware of the great electronic music created throughout its history continuing into the present -- so much so that when it came time to mix these recordings, we reached out to some of the central figures of the genre. Such greats as Morgan Geist, John McEntire, and Q all had a hand in shaping the refined sound we present to you. With invaluable creativity and engineering by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes in Nashville, we together created what we consider to be a collection of songs that move and move through you, from the dashboard to the dance floor, from Decatur to Dornburg, from Dorchester to Detroit."

$18.99 LP+MP3
$13.99 CD

vinyl back in stock

In Colour
(Young Turks)

The LP version of Jamie xx's debut solo album is finally back in stock! The London producer has truly mastered his pristine sound design, with his now-trademark blend of UK garage and Caribbean flavors, soul samples, tight and tumbling percussion, shuffling rhythms, filtered throbs, and soothing, oft-nostalgic melodic layers all in place and delivered with a distinctly uplifting flair. With a warm, summery, dancing-in-the-sun vibe from the get-go, the album is well-rounded and balanced between vocals (including guest spots from xx bandmates Romy and Oliver, dancehall up-n-comer Popcaan, and southern rapper Young Thug), instrumentals, up-tempo vibrancy and mid-tempo moodiness. (Read More)

$19.99 LP
$13.99 CD

also available

Negative Feedback Resistor
(Sacred Bones)

$16.99 LP
$11.99 CD ON SALE

The Presidents Tapes
(Gonzo Multimedia)

$18.99 CD

Cut with the Cake Knife
(Sacred Bones)

$16.99 LP
$11.99 ON SALE

Days Gone By

$23.99 2LP
$13.99 CD

Eternelle Idole
(Shelter Press)

$44.99 2LP

Actual Trio

$16.99 CD

The Scientists
(Numero Group)

$17.99 LP

Blood Red River
(Numero Group)

$17.99 LP

Prom King

$14.99 LP
$13.99 CD

Alone with Gary Wilson

$16.99 CD

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