JUNE 14, 2016

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In order to ensure that we can process all of your mail order purchases before Other Music’s final day of business later this month, this Thursday, June 16 will be our last day selling vinyl and CDs online. After which, we will continue to offer Other Music merchandise such as t-shirts and tote bags, along with releases on Other Music Recording Co. 

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A documentary chronicling Other Music's twenty-year history and legacy is in the works from former OM staffer Rob Hatch-Miller and his partner Puloma Basu. You can follow the progress of the film and the ongoing story of Other Music via the movie's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, or by visiting the film's website: If you have stories, photos or video that you want to share with the filmmakers, you can email them at othermusicdocumentary [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Steve Gunn
75 Dollar Bill
Space Echo (Various)
Nite Jewel
Xenia Rubinos
Boombox (Various)
Psychic Ills
William Tyler
Boston Creative Jazz Scene (Various)
Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane & 
Matthew Garrison
Guy Bernard
Count Ossie & the Rasta Family
Studio One Dub Fire Special (Various)
Klara Lewis
Big Thief
Radiohead (out this Friday)
Mogwai (out this Friday)

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Bowery Ballroom: 6 Delancey St. NYC
SOLD OUT // Facebook Event Invite

The final line-up for the Other Music Forever farewell concert was just announced, with Bill Callahan, Psychic Ills and the Tallest Man on Earth joining Julianna Barwick, Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Menahan Street Band, Matana Roberts, Sharon Van Etten, Yo La Tengo, and John Zorn's SIMULACRUM (with John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski). While this show at the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, June 28 is sold out, we do have another exciting event planned for earlier that evening, which will be free and open to everyone. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details in the coming days!



Daddy's: 437 Graham Ave. BKLN
Facebook Event Invite

After having so much fun last month at Doris, we've decided to do a second round of OM-spirited DJing -- this time at Daddy's Bar in Williamsburg! Hosted by OM alums Amanda Colbenson and Ryan Naideau, lots of Other Music's staff -- both past and present -- will convene to spin some their favorite records.  We hope you'll join us in this celebration!! More details + set times coming soon.

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Le Poisson Rouge: 158 Bleecker St. NYC

New album Kidsticks finds Beth Orton moving away from the more traditional, acoustic influences of her past decade or so of releases -- like her earliest records, electronic textures are back in the mix, floating and pulsing next to guitars, strings and drums. Far from a trip-hop retread, however, this is an adventurous new direction for the British singer-songwriter, and tonight, she will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge. Other Music is giving away one pair of tickets, so enter right now by emailing



Mercury Lounge: 217 E. Houston St. NYC

From Everything but the Girl to his ensuing role as a deep house DJ and label owner, Ben Watt's long career is as varied as it is successful. More recently, we've seen him returning to the singer-songwriter roots of his 1983 solo debut, North Marine Drive, and his latest album, Fever Dream, expands on this motif and 2014's Hendra, but with a full band on every track. This Friday, he'll be performing at Mercury Lounge, with a backing group that includes Bernard Butler (ex Suede) and Matthew E. White's rhythm section. Fans will not want to miss this show and to enter for your chance to win, email



LeFrak Center: 171 East Dr. BKLN
Facebook Event Invite

Ghostly International is curating this very special edition of Flavorpill's Magic Hour roller skate party. This Sunday, DJ sets from Xeno & Oaklander and Heathered Pearls will soundtrack your roller rink fun with Starchild & the New Romantic emceeing throughout the afternoon! We're giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner -- email for your chance to win!!

this week's update

Eyes on the Lines

Here's Steve Gunn's biggest record to date, and while it is missing a bit of the folk trappings of his estimable body of work thus far, and the journey that his music is often about, this entire album is the journey itself. Here, folk influences a clean yet lively electric ensemble, coloring and shading a sturdy set of rootsy rock, Gunn's world-weary voice bodysurfing through the chop like a seasoned pro. It's definitely a step forward career-wise, where Gunn and his compatriots underplay their strong improvisational instincts to support great, memorable rockers and ballads about life on the road. Gunn's picking up cues from both Wilco and Paul Simon here, among countless others, and it's his moment to shine. (Read More)

$19.99 LP
$13.99 CD

Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock
(Thin Wrist)

75 Dollar Bill is one of our very favorite local artists these days -- I guess that should be obvious since we released their debut LP -- and their second full-length, on the excellent Thin Wrist label, is another great step for this unusual duo. Che Chen's loping, bluesy microtonal guitar riffs and Rick Brown's junkyard polyrhythmic grooves make this unmistakably $75, but the new album is a much more expansive production than their earlier recordings, which have often reveled in a raw production style. Half of this LP was recorded in a proper multi-track studio (including some time with NYC legend Tony Maimone), and there are featured guest brass and string players to augment the minimal core. The vinyl is a stunning package as well, with a lovely cover painting by Chen -- grab this one before it's OOP like their debut! (Read More)

$15.99 LP

Space Echo: Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound
(Analog Africa)

Back in 1968, a cargo ship containing numerous Korgs, Moogs and Hammond organs left Baltimore Harbor headed for an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. Only, the ship and its cargo were found on the other side of the Atlantic, marooned near the coast of Cabo Verde, a tiny island off northwest Africa. As documented on Analog Africa's fascinating new comp, Space Echo, that new influx of technology energized a new generation of musicians overnight as the government delivered them to schools. Cabo Verde's music is already a heady blend of indigenous African folk dances and rhythms, spiced up by Latin salsa and bolero. Add to it a dash of American pop in the form of disco guitar and the invasion of these newfangled synthesizers and the result is a sound that is at once heavily tribal and rhythmic yet also futuristic. Recommended. (Read More)

$29.99 2LP
$16.99 ON SALE

Liquid Cool

Four years after Ramona Gonzalez's expansive One Second of Love, she dials things down a bit and settles back into the surefooted stillness of her debut. Highlights like the ballads "All My Life" and "Nothing but Scenery" open and close this album and remind me of the classic electro R&B melodies of Lisa Lisa and TLC while sounding nothing like her musical inspirations. Elsewhere, "Boo Hoo" is a great mid-tempo bedroom dance tune that comes across like an inspired pairing of Minneapolis '80s bump and Hi-NRG staccato synths. I've always maintained that Gonzalez is at her best when she gives in to her natural urge to experiment freely and refract her influences through her own unique musical prism. When she does, Gonzalez creates pop music that truly seems otherworldy, unclassifiable and singular. I'll leave it to the others to come up with a new genre term for this album; in the meantime I'll just call it really effin' good. (Read More & Listen)

$12.99 CD


Lone's new album finds the sounds and rhythms of drum & bass driving many of the tracks throughout. Although many producers have been embracing the double time and tumbling percussion with various outcomes, here the template seems like a perfect match. Lone's releases through the years have leaned more on the techno/IDM/house side of electronica, but his recent incorporation of the thick bass, snappy snares and forceful kicks adds a nice retro-flavored punch to his usually tasteful mix of dance-floor jams. Soft-synths still take the lead, however, with lots of hyper colors, filtered stabs, icy textures, warm pads, and buoyant melodies creating a web that floats and weaves through the breaks. (Read More and Listen)

$16.99 CD

Black Terry Cat

The newest album from Brooklyn-based Xenia Rubinos on ANTI- Records is an explosion of soulful vocals and a rhythmic, percussion-led amalgam of hip-hop, jazz and funk. She really is a prime example of an artist finding their own voice through inspiration (Erykah Badu and Miles Davis are constantly sited by Rubinos) and creating their own distinct style. It's important not to pin her down to genre or close in on her identity as a Latina, as Rubinos thrives in an experimental mesh of sounds and experiences growing up in a Boricua-Cuban household. Black Terry Cat is a political statement you can dance to in the summer heat; it's #browngirlmagic at its most powerful. 

$21.99 LP
$11.99 CD


Following Moodymann's excellent DJ-Kicks installment comes this mix from Dam-Funk, who takes us on a lovely journey through some deep crate-digging and roller-boogie jams from the past and present. Dam's music possesses a time-traveling aspect, from the melodies and hooks to his use of vintage gear and love of productions of '80s artist like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Prince, Rick James, Roger Troutman, and the like. His knowledge of the timeline of his sound goes deeper than those easy references, however. This mix moves effortlessly between decades. From mellow groove instrumentals, bubbly electronic soul and sweatbox house, to dubby Italo disco and cosmic new age excursions, the flow is flawless and the selections often have a blissful edge to them. Fans of Detroit greats like Theo Parrish and Moodymann should know that Dam-Funk is the West Coast equivalent, always expanding minds through his crate-digging powers of sculpting the modern groove. (Read More)

$16.99 CD

Boombox: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap
(Soul Jazz)

Boombox goes deeper than the usual collections of 'old school' rap, moving beyond the world of Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa. This plays like a lost time capsule of a long-forgotten era when rap was, first and foremost, about having fun. Although this genre would go on to conquer the music industry, hip-hop's nascent days were all about the many local talents and regional hits. Aside from the spirited rappers, Boombox also serves as an excellent glimpse into the independent start-up labels coming out of Harlem, including Paul Winley's Winley imprint, Joe Robinson's Enjoy and Peter Brown's P&P Records. The two-CD package includes a 40-page booklet filled with photographs, full artwork and, as we've come to expect from Soul Jazz, extensive liner notes. Essential! (Read More)

$24.99 2CD

Light Upon the Lake
(Secretly Canadian)

No, the band's name is not an homage to Whitney Houston, but the songwriting duo of guitarist Max Kakacek (ex Smith Westerns) and drummer Julien Ehrlich (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) is as soulful as any group hailing from Chi-Town ought to be. Apparently, Whitney is neither man nor woman but a particular mythic-space wherein West Coast twang, R&B, and power-pop meet in glory. Indeed, Light Upon the Lake sounds like what might have resulted were Neil Young's self-titled solo debut produced by a venerable black pop team like Gamble & Huff instead of Jack Nitzsche. Truly at times there is a feel of unearthed field recordings beamed in from a lost American landscape, majestic and simple. (Read More & Listen)

$18.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Inner Journey Out
(Sacred Bones)

On these suntanned explorations, Psychic Ills continue to exhibit a careful handle on distilling the essence of rock's bluesy, soul-drenched origins. A thorough affair at 14 songs deep, Inner Journey Out sees the now veteran NYC tandem stepping out from the musty caves where campfires had burned on 2011's Hazed Dream, and pouring this offering out like a barrel mellowed expression of 2013's One Track Mind. For broadening horizon, cuts like "New Mantra," "Hazel Green" and "Rah Wah Wah" go on drives into the desert dusk air, taking a nice gander at their surroundings. Even further, seasoning of song structure is found on "Another Change," a gem of charm where soul-gospel back-up singers lend spirited accentuation. (Read More)

$25.99 2LP
$13.99 CD

Modern Country

Nashville guitarist extraordinaire William Tyler has crafted another masterpiece with his latest LP, Modern Country. It's filled with spacious, widescreen instrumentals, conjuring up images of open roads and ruggedly beautiful landscapes. Check out the gorgeous opener "Highway Anxiety," which finds the common ground between Dylan's classic Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid OST and Eno's gently cosmic Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, and hangs out there for nine blissful minutes. Throughout Modern Country's seven tracks, Tyler shows off his gift for dreamy melodies that feel effortless and airy; "Albion Moonlight" is a laid-back beauty worthy of early-'70s Ry Cooder. Wherever he takes the listener, each song on Modern Country is a total joy. Tyler may not write lyrics, but he's got plenty of stories to tell. (Read More)

$19.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970-1983
(Cultures of Soul)

This compilation, accompanied by a lavishly illustrated 80-page book, documents the rich yet hitherto under-explored history of the Boston jazz scene of the 1970s and early '80s. Culled from privately issued albums that saw little to no distribution outside of Massachusetts, this collection delightfully merges jazz and spirituality. The music ranges from the profound, free-flowing ensemble of Phil Musra to Thing's irresistible funky avant-jazz, the electronic and metric structures of Stanton Davis to a truly remarkable final track by the Year of the Ear. This one must be heard (and read) by all means, as The Boston Creative Jazz Scene will without doubt become a hallmark for future research on this extraordinary local jazz scene. (Read More)

$34.99 2LP w/Book

In Movement

Jack DeJohnette, within his five decades of playing varying forms of music stemming out of the jazz tradition, is unequivocally one of the most musical drummers carrying his performance and composing to new heights. There is so much interconnectedness within this first recorded work with Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison. The three come from the same musical forest. DeJohnette sat in with John Coltrane when in his twenties, and here both John and Alice Coltrane's son, Ravi, and Coltrane quartet bass player Jimmy Garrison's son Matthew, both gifted and mature players on saxophones and electric bass respectively, join him. Indeed, In Movement is timeless and genre-defying in its musicality. In this respect, I would place it right alongside some earlier ECM classics like Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life, Kenny Wheeler's Gnu High, and Keith Jarrett's Facing You in its inspired intensity, forward thinking, and sheer virtuosity. (Read More)

$19.99 CD

Les Statues Meurent Aussi OST

Essentially a straight rip of the audio from this spectacular 30-minute French film by Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, this LP is a unique sound experience. A beautiful look at historical African art and the effects of colonialism on its perception, the 1953 film sets shots of masks and statues to an exotica-tinged score by Guy Bernard. There is some French narration, but it doesn't get in the way or render the music any less engaging. This is an evocative and singular work! 

$21.99 LP

Man from Higher Heights
(Soul Jazz)

Originally released in 1983 on the UK roots reggae label Vista Sounds, this Soul Jazz Records reissue marks Man from Higher Heights' first return to print in over 30 years. It is not known whether the recording took place before Count Ossie passed in 1976, with fuzz guitar and synth sounds overdubbed later on, or whether it is the work of his Mystic Revelation of Rastafari musicians carrying the torch during the years after, making a third and worthy tribute to his importance as the founder of Rastafari music. This recording has a more modern roots reggae sound than either of Count Ossie's first two releases, Grounation and Tales of Mozambique. With the exception of chanting on the album's classic opener "Africa We Want Fe Go," the record is entirely instrumental, and within the context of reggae music's time and place, a solid outing it remains, featuring traditional Nyabinghi drumming foremost. (Read More)

$21.99 CD

Studio One Dub Fire Special
(Soul Jazz)

The latest installment in Soul Jazz's long running Studio One series places the focus not only on the studio, but the actual address: 13 Brentford Road. This compilation at hand collects eighteen dubs that were recorded with Clement Dodd under his Dub Specialist moniker and features engineer Sylvan Morris along with the Brentford All-Stars (which counted Jackie Mittoo, Cedric Brooks, Leroy Sibbles and Freddie McGregor as members). Deep and raw with a heavy dose of bass and drums, these dubs capture those rare moments of magic in the studio that happen when every player is in top form.

$24.99 CD

(Editions Mego)

Klara Lewis surprised many by appearing, seemingly, out of nowhere and being responsible for one of the best albums on Editions Mego in recent memory: 2014's Ett.(It turns out that she is also the daughter of Wire's Graham Lewis.) This follow-up LP is even better than her debut, and adds subtle rhythmic patterns to her ominous, yet beautifully atmospheric moodscapes. 

$15.99 CD

Yoyogi Park
(Mule Musiq)

Lawrence a/k/a Peter Kersten is the co-founder of the legendary Dial imprint and the founder of the more humble yet deeper-diving Smallville Records. His early releases on Dial have helped define the label's immediately recognizable crisp sound, yet it's on his later offerings for Tokyo's Mule Musiq that he has been most notably carving out a musical path that has been as remarkably diverse as it has been consistently satisfying. Following 2014's ambient opus A Day in the Life, this new record sees the German producer returning to the dreamy house and techno he is best known for. Finding a remarkable sense of forward-motion and focus, Yoyogi Park expands Kersten's palette towards electro-funk, while oftentimes also hinting at the dance floor. Suspended between night and day, movement and thought, this might be Lawrence's most accomplished release to date. (Read More)

$26.99 2LP

(Saddle Creek)

Adrianne Lenker has one of those voices that stops you in your tracks. It's not acrobatics; Lenker's singing simply exudes personality and emotion, and after several intriguing solo releases and collaborations, with Big Thief she has clearly found a way to make that voice heard. Coming out of a folky NYC scene, many of Lenker's songs have a rootsy twang to them, but Big Thief is a loose, rangy rock band, unafraid to create a racket in the service of real emotion, and effortless with an earworm hook. Along with that voice, Lenker is a powerful storyteller, crafting deeply evocative tales that are bursting with love and youthful desire and ambition, and yet also somewhat world-weary. It all makes for one of the more assured debut albums that I've heard this year. (Read More & Listen)

$14.99 CD

out this friday

A Moon Shaped Pool
(XL Recordings)  

Out this Friday, June 17. A Moon Shaped Pool is Radiohead's ninth studio full-length and marks the end of the longest gap that fans have waited in between albums. Five years after The King of Limbs comes a collection of eleven songs that remains beautifully tame, through and through. Or it may first appear that way. Take "Burn the Witch," the record's first single and album opener. Thom Yorke's voice coos over one glistening guitar, neither of which quite erupts throughout the song. But tension has perhaps never penetrated a Radiohead tune so raptly. The majority of the songs on this record maintain the façade of flawless ballads (see: "Daydreaming") atop dark interiors. But outliers like "Ful Stop" and "Identikit" will appease any Radiohead fan desperate for a coarse, moaning Yorke and a skittering orchestra to back him. Three decades in, Radiohead's consistent streak in delivering spine-chilling albums goes unbroken. (Read More)

$29.99 2LP
$13.99 CD

(Temporary Residence)  

Out this Friday, June 17. Though guitarist John Cummings recently left the band, I'm relieved to report that Mogwai are still in fine form. Atomic, which is based on their soundtrack to a BBC documentary about the "horrors of our nuclear times," shows their ability to make a record with no vocals and still convey emotion and narrative. Some tracks sound like classic, epic Mogwai, with soaring, melodic guitar mantras, while others add electronics and take a more modern approach. Captivating seems like a strange word to use for such slow-moving, atmospheric music, yet it describes Mogwai's latest release perfectly. (Read More)

$24.99 LP
$13.99 CD ON SALE

Puberty 2
(Dead Oceans)

Out this Friday, June 17. "The follow-up to 2014’s Bury Me At Makeout Creek, Puberty 2 picks up where its predecessor left off. 'It’s kind of a two parter,' explains Mitski, 'It’s similar in sound, but a direct growth from that record.' Musically, there are subtle evolutions: electronic drum machines pulse throughout beneath Pixies-ish guitars, while saxophone lights up its opening track. 'I had a certain confidence this time. I knew what I wanted, knew what I was doing and wasn’t afraid to do things that some people may not like.'  In terms of message though, the 25-year-old cuts the same defiant, feminist figure on Puberty 2 that has previously won her acclaim." 

$18.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Wede Harer Guzo
(Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Out this Friday, June 17. "One key denizen of Addis' musical golden age, Hailu Mergia, was preparing a follow-up to his seminal Tche Belew LP with the famed Walias Band. It was the band's only full-length record and it had been a success. But his Hilton house band colleagues were a bit tied up recording cassettes with different vocalists. Still Mergia, amidst recording and gigs with the Walias, was also eager to make another recording of his instrumental-focused arrangements. So he went to the nearby Ghion Hotel, another upmarket outpost with a popular nightclub. Dahlak Band was the house band at Ghion at the time. Together they made this tape Wede Harer Guzo right there in the club during the band's afternoon rehearsal meetings, with sessions lasting three days."

$23.99 LP
$14.99 CD

also available

Milk 'n' Cookies
(Captured Tracks)

$24.99 2CD

Minor Victories
(Fat Possum)
*Featuring members of Editors, Slowdive & Mogwai*

$19.99 LP 
$14.99 CD ON SALE


Ha, Ha, He.
(Captured Tracks)

$23.99 LP
$15.99 CD

The Digging Remedy

$31.99 LP
$16.99 CD


It Came from N.Y.C.
(Numero Group)

$84.99 5LP 2/Book
$34.99 3CD w/Book

(Ghostly International)

$19.99 LP
$14.99 CD


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