April 1, 2016

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Matthewdavid's Mindflight
The Field
Frankie Cosmos
The Thermals
Thomas Köner
Pram (2 LP reissues)


Andrew Bird
Larry Levan (Compilation)


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Other Music: 15 E. 4th St New York, NY 
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Parquet Courts are back with a new album, Human Performance, out 4/8 on Rough Trade! Other Music is throwing a listening party on the eve of its release, Thursday, 4/7, and you’ll be able get your copy of the LP or CD signed by the group, as well as catch an early listen of the record, plus a DJ set from band members. It's a night not to be missed, so pre-order your copy of Human Performance here for guaranteed entry. One lucky pre-order customer will also win a pair of tickets to their release show the following night at the Bell House on 4/8!!


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United Palace Theater: 4140-4158 Broadway,  NYC

With Iggy Pop's new long player, Post Pop Depression, out now, the legendary godfather of punk is hitting the road with album collaborator Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)! This once-in-a-lifetime tour lands in NYC on April 12 at the United Palace Theater with Brooklyn's own Noveller kicking off the night. We're giving away one pair of tickets and to enter to win, just email



The Beacon Theatre: 2124 Broadway, NYC

Charles Bradley's excellent new album, Changes, was just released today, and on Saturday, April 23, the Brooklyn soul sensation will be performing at NYC's historic Beacon Theatre! Other Music is giving away one pair of tickets to this special night, and to enter for your chance to win, email

this week's update

Trust the Guide and Glide

Like a pure inverse of his beat-driven releases on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint, Matthewdavid has changed direction here, eschewing the toe-tapping, head-nodding path that he previously traveled, and exploring an inner sort of journey. Trust the Guide and Glide is the first full-length from his new project, Matthewdavid's Mindflight, and as the name and artwork implies, this is a rebirth of the era of self-awareness, floating and blossoming melodies, and a welcomed embrace of cosmic consciousness. For a true update of the heart, mind, and yes, soul of New Age, this 88-minute odyssey will definitely take you places. Perfect for those times when your ears are tired of the usual, Trust the Guide and Glide will ease and elevate you. (Read More & Listen)

$25.99 2LP

Documents 1975

This archival release of previously unissued cuts by Kraut’s very own super group Harmonia is an absolutely necessary purchase for all kosmische disciples. That is to say, for those of you who acquired last year’s Complete Works box set, this record will contain little to no surprises, as this is simply the separate release of one of the discs from that box. But to all other fans that want to complete their Harmonia collection, this clearly is essential stuff. The two 1975 pieces recorded at Forst are little short of magic, delivering that immediately recognizable, pastoral Harmonia drive, while the two 1973 tracks recorded in Hamburg offer a rare insight into the evolution of this blissful ensemble, containing jazzy meditations alongside motorische blasts. (Read More)

$19.99 LP
$15.99 CD

The Follower

Crafted from barely recognizable, repetitious loops of oft-times surprising sources (Lionel Richie, Cocteau Twins), Alex Willner's amorphous, flickering productions as the Field always captivate. With that said, the title track which opens his fifth album, The Follower, is unexpectedly heavy, utilizing a plodding kick and a menacing acid bass line. And the next two cuts, “Pink Sun" and "Monte Veritá," are just as club-focused. The latter half of the album sees the Field in a more exploratory mode -- from the ghostly aquatics of “Soft Streams" to the lush, slow-building bliss of “Reflecting Lights" in which a stark, Cluster-like atmosphere gets refracted through Kompakt’s minimalist lens.The Follower proves to be the Field’s most diverse outing yet, while also containing what one might imagine are subtle clues to Willner’s sublime journey ahead. (Read More & Listen)

$28.99 2LP (180 GRAM VINYL)
$14.99 CD ON SALE

A Mineral Love

Over a 10-year career, Bibio a/k/a Stephen Wilkinson has more or less created his own genre -- a rural take on electronica that weaves together the disparate influences of J Dilla, Boards of Canada and Nick Drake. From the outset of his seventh album's yearning "Petals," with its equable backwards-guitar melody and references to flowers and summer, it's apparent that we're in standard Bibio territory, but there are moments on A Mineral Love that attempt to tinker with the formula. The title track and "Light Up the Sky" approximate the breezy ‘70s R&B of Shuggie Otis or Bob James; "With the Thought of Us" revamps the sound of 2-step garage; and the splendid acoustic number "Saint Thomas" emphasizes the fact that Wilkinson is highly underrated as a guitar player. A Mineral Love is unlikely to turn Bibio into a household name but like its title, it's rock solid, and upon close scrutiny, sparkles with vivid detail. (Read More)

$24.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

Next Thing
(Bayonet Records)

The sound of Frankie Cosmos recalls everything from Kimya Dawson to Black Tambourine to Mirah, as well as contemporaries like Girlpool or Adult Mom, but it's all balled into singer Greta Kline's totally introverted and personal style of songwriting. Kline is the main focus here on the album's 15 tracks that play out as brief sketches rather than fully formed song narratives. Thematically, Next Thing deals with intense emotional moments of pure nostalgia, reflection, and processing. Frankie Cosmos' musicianship is tight and clean with pulsing, motorik drums, twanging one-note guitar lines, and soft synth washes, all giving plenty of breathing room for Kline's musings. Inside the plain-speak/singing facade of mundane life scenarios, however, is a deeper intention. After a play or two, it's inevitable that the listener will not only relate to Kline's lyrics but also be transported to their own deep well of unprocessed emotion. (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 LP
$11.99 CD ON SALE
$21.99 LTD LP (Sky Blue Vinyl w/Poster+Pin+Lip Balm)

We Disappear
(Saddle Creek)

Not long ago, I had written off the Thermals. After a few lackluster releases, the band seemed to have lost its bearings. But, hot dang, these grizzled Portland veterans have nailed it on We Disappear, their seventh studio LP. Led by Hutch Harris' snarling vocals and raw guitar playing, the group here delivers a sterling collection of fiery punk-pop that will please all those fans from their early days on Sub Pop. The buoyant, blistering "Hey You" is easily the album's highlight, an anthemic rocker with a rousing chorus and sinewy guitar work. "My Heart Went Cold" showcases the band's rhythmic and melodic side, proving that the Thermals can turn it down just as well as turn it up. (Read More & Listen)

$19.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Tiento de la Luz

Thomas Köner, on this second release in the three-part Tiento series, delivers an utterly breathtaking album of contemplative yet alluring ambient reveries, which from the onset fully grabs your attention. The tiento is a type of keyboard music that originated in 15th century Spain, comparable to the fantasia that thrived elsewhere in Europe. Abandoning the sparse interaction between electronics and solo piano of Köner’s first tiento album (Tiento de la Nieves, 2014), Tiento de la Luz is way more expansive, both in its emotive and musical scope, as it includes two piano parts, percussion, and viola da gamba, as well as his distinctive use of live electronics. The result is an altogether more dynamic record of increasingly intense and affective longing. (Read More & Listen)

$19.99 CD

The Stars Are So Big...The Earth Is So Small...Stay What You Are

Thanks to the Too Pure revival campaign currently being spearheaded by Seattle's Medical Records, music maniacs the world over are being reintroduced to one of the more underrated and overlooked bands of the era: Pram. Their inaugural release, 1993's The Stars Are So Big...The Earth Is So Small...Stay What You Are, is a great primer for understanding the kaleidoscopic sonic palette that these wistful Brits from Birmingham cultivated in their day. Pram shared with their contemporaries in Stereolab, Seefeel, Laika and Mouse on Mars a concerted attempt to marry beauty and chaos by incorporating elements of prog, post-rock, Krautrock and pop into a hallucinogenic swirl. Indeed, the two poles of band's sound are dichotomized perfectly on this record, with the first side illustrating their unique pop aspirations, while the second side falls into murkier, moodier post-rock territory. First time available on vinyl! (Read More)

$23.99 LP


The second installment from Medical Records' tandem of Pram reissues is 1994's Helium. Building on the prosaic neo psych-pop swirl that they cultivated on their debut, the Birmingham quartet hone in on their sound through higher production values, and arguably headier compositions. Tracks like "Dancing on a Star" illustrate their sonic thesis precisely -- hypnotic keyboards and guitars are set to a crazy Kraut drumbeat, with Rosie Cuckston's nigh-whispered, half-melodied vocals trip-sitting the whole experience. With "Blue," an absolute highlight of this record, Pram deliver a supremely blissful, narcotic jazz tune that prefigures much of the work that Trish Keenan and Laetitia Sadier would craft through the '90s. Devoted fans of Broadcast, Odyshape-era Raincoats and Robert Wyatt must not sleep on this. First time available on vinyl! (Read More)

$23.99 LP

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Are You Serious
(Loma Vista)

"With his new album, Are You Serious, Andrew Bird has widened the breadth of his art by directly reflecting his own human experience. With key contributions from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, Are You Serious attains a level of expression that's a personal, evolutionary leap. Are You Serious is the second record Bird has made with producer Tony Berg, following 2005's breakthrough The Mysterious Production of Eggs."

$19.99 LP
$14.99 CD
$29.99 DELUXE LP+7"
$19.99 DELUXE 2CD


"Intent on creating something that contrasted their own individual projects, Moderat — the trio comprised of Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) and Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) — complete the trilogy with III. III pairs an emotional pull with sensual imagery, creating dynamic sound and depth with sophisticated lyrics and themes as they direct their gaze inward. Apparat gives unfiltered insight into his personal take on the journey we call life – he is opening up, discussing his shadow, his fears and doubts. Modeselektor reach another level, develop an intoxicating energy with their distinct rhythmical textures. One of the best parts of Moderat is their use of electronics to achieve orchestral diversity. With III, they update the songwriting tradition with an intriguing palette, born of careful attention and skill, informed by their experiences with sounds of nearly 25 years of sub-and-club culture." 

$25.99 LP
$15.99 CD
$119.99 LTD 6LP+3CD

Genius of Time
(Universal UK)

"A unique and never before released collection which demonstrates the remixes and productions Larry Levan carried out when he wasn’t filling the dance floor DJing at the Paradise Garage. Larry Levan was a king of remixing and editing often adding that special “Levan” magic to some huge artists of the time like Gwen Guthrie, Smokey Robinson and Loose Joints amongst others. His studio talents didn’t end there, however, as Larry worked with and produced artists such as Grace Jones and David Joseph to name but a few."

$26.99 2CD

Amen & Goodbye

"Yeasayer recorded Amen & Goodbye to tape at Outlier Inn Studio in upstate New York, then brought on board Joey Waronker (drummer - Atoms For Peace / Beck) to deconstruct everything to make the final document. Yeasayer offered a peek into the world of Amen & Goodbye with ‘I Am Chemistry’, the first track to be heard from their highly anticipated album. Featuring guest vocals from the legendary folk singer Suzzy Roche of The Roches, ‘I Am Chemistry’ is a linear psychedelic journey proving Yeasayer still has the knack for writing very odd pop songs. Amen & Goodbye features Yeasayer’s trademark sound, without sounding like anything the band has done before. They have created a collection of strange fables from the Bible of a universe that does not yet exist."

$23.99 LP
$14.99 CD ON SALE

(On-U Sound)

"Over the course of the nine albums released so far, drummer Sayaka Himeno, basssist Yuri Zaikawa and guitar player Masako Takada have honed the Nisennenmondai sound in a manner similar to Factory Floor. Their early music betrayed open references to Sonic Youth, DNA and This Heat, but now Nisennenmondai are a much more rhythmically intense beast, with #N/A apparently sounding 'reminiscent in places of the classic Basic Channel sound' thanks to the addition of Sherwood. The international edition of the album due on Sherwood’s label includes two bonus ‘live dub mixes’ taken from a performance by Nisennenmondai and the On-U Sound man at Tokyo’s Unit club."

$24.99 2LP
$16.99 CD

Pussy's Dead

$27.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Ep C/B

$24.99 2LP



$24.99 2LP

The Wilderness
(Temporary Residence)

$19.99 LP (LTD Red & White Vinyl)
$12.99 CD ON SALE


Vibrant Forms II
(Subwax BCN)

$22.99 2CD

Empire Builder

$18.99 LP
$14.99 CD

From Joy
(Wild Oats)

$39.99 3LP


$18.99 CD


Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang/Windim Mambu
(Ideologic Organ)

$31.99 2LP

Everything You've Come to Expect

$21.99 LP
$13.99 CD ON SALE
$29.99 LTD LP (180 Gram+7")

Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind

$15.99 CD

The Sire Years
(Warner Bros)

$74.99 4LP BOX SET

Late Night Tales presents Sasha : Scene Delete (Late Night Tales)

$39.99 3LP
$15.99 CD

Illinois: Special 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition (Asthmatic Kitty)

$26.99 2LP

Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959

$59.99 BOOK+CD


$15.99 CD

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